Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge Review

Skin Tone: Medium to Dusky

Hello girls,

Today I am going to review an affordable beauty sponge from Morphe called the Stiletto Beauty Sponge. So let’s get started with the details.

Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge Review

Price: $ 7.95
Product Description:
The spiked tip of this sponge only looks dangerous, but when wet has a soft, bouncy texture and a precise shape for reaching the smallest areas of the face while the round bottom gives you flawless blending.

My Experience with Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge:

Morphe has recently launched a bunch of affordable beauty sponges in various shapes, designed to ensure flawless makeup blending. The Stilleto Sponge is shaped like an hourglass with a very pointed tip, designed to get into the nooks and corners of the face. The round base works great for seamless blending – just like a regular blending sponge. This sponge is latex-free and comes in a reddish pink colour.

Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge Pointed Side

This sponge is a bit dense compared to the Beauty Blender, but when wet, it expands in size and becomes bouncy and soft. I would say the softness is almost like Beauty Blender. There is just point five difference between the two sponges. I found its shape effective as I can hold it properly and it won’t slip out my hand. Also, it is really very easy to blend near the eyes with the pointed tip.

Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge Top

This sponge makes blending of the foundation a breeze and gives an airbrushed finish. As I said before, the pointed side of the sponge makes blending your concealer an easy process. This is a multi-tasking sponge, which can also be used for baking the face with powder and the sharp edge also helps in contouring the face and nose. The cleaning of this blender can easily be achieved with a brush cleaner or mild baby shampoo.

Morphe Stiletto Beauty Wet Sponge in Hand

However, just like any other sponge, it also soaks up some product but nothing too intense. Overall, I am in love with this affordable little blender. Can we say Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge is the perfect dupe to the real Beauty Blender? Well, I can’t really say that, but both of these sponges are very much alike. I’d say it’s the next best thing to the Beauty Blender. I will definitely repurchase and recommend it to everyone.

Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge with MAC Foundation

Pros of Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge:

• Lightweight and soft
• Gives an airbrushed effect
• Blends like a dream
• Blends concealers easily
• Pointed tip helps to reach nooks and corners
• Can be easily cleaned
• Affordable

Cons of Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge:

• Absorbs some product

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Morphe Stiletto Beauty Sponge?
Yes, of course. This is the closest affordable match for the original Beauty Blender.

Bye friends. Stay positive.

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