Myths About Applying Oil on Your Face

This time I thought why not share some beauty secrets rather than writing a review. People these days use oil as a pre-conditioner for hair before washing it with shampoo. It sure does help but people have forgotten that face also needs pre conditioner before being exposed to harsh sun, pollution, chemicals in face wash, makeup etc. There is a fear amongst people I have seen regarding application of oil on their face. Here, in this post I will try to solve this problem.



Oily Skinned People Should Not Use Oils:
The first place why your skin is producing oil is because it needs oil for moisturizing. I agree there are more pores on an oily skin than a dry skinned person but washing oils again and again will result in excessive production of sebum by the glands.
If a proper moisturizer or oil is used for moisturizing skin then the activity of gland will automatically decrease.

Not all oils are very greasy. There are oils whose composition is closer to natural oil i.e ‘sebum’ secretion by skin (jojoba oil, argan oil, tamanu oil, rosehip seed oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil). Amongst these, oily skin can apply jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil and argan oil. Two drops should be sufficient on wet face. Dry skin can use avocado oil, argan oil, tamanu oil and evening primrose oil. Three to four drops on wet face should be sufficient.


All oils do is moisturize:
Let me tell you, apart from moisturizing oils have a lot of properties which benefit you. Oils like coconut, avocado, olive oil etc. these have SPF up to 4-5. Carrot seed essential oil and red raspberry essential oil have SPF 30-40 and SPF 28-50 respectively. Hence these can provide excellent sun protection too.
In addition to these oils have micronutrients essential for skin like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fatty acids, linoleic acid, oleic acid etc. which give skin collagen restoration or cell reconstruction ability.
Oils have anti aging, anti blemish, spot improvement, sun damage repairing abilities in them.


Oils will block your pores and cause acne:
First of all acne is a manifestation and not a disease. 99% of the time acne is caused by poor lifestyle, eating habits, unfit stomach and hormonal changes. Oil has nothing to do with it.
Oils are rated and divided for their comedogenic properties. Comedogenicity of an oil means tending to clog pores and encourage the formation of blackheads. So if somebody has a condition of extremely sensitive skin that person can avoid comedogenic oils on face and body.

Applying oils will attract dust making face a dirt magnet:
In today’s pollution levels if we travel outside we are bound to become a dirt magnet, so its better to apply something on our skin to prevent from direct damage or chemical damage. Instead of putting hundred and one chemicals on face replace them with one natural oil, which is always a better option.

spoon of dry lavender and aromatic lavender oil
spoon of dry lavender and aromatic lavender oil

Benefits of using oils:
1) You are getting rid of many chemicals being put on your body. Oils can replace these artificial moisturizers from your regime:
• Makeup remover
• Night cream/serum
• Day moisturizer
• Sunscreen
• Body lotions
• Hair mask
• Hand cream
• Lip balm

2)You can use all-purpose oils like Argan oil for travel purpose and replace your huge toiletry luggage with only one item.

3)Oils like evening primrose oil, carrot seed essential oil, and pomegranate seed oil have ability to reduce scarring and alter sun damage.

4)You can keep aging of your skin miles away. If your skin is well moisturized then you have lesser tendency to have wrinkles

5)Few oils have been found to have anti acne properties like extra virgin olive oil. They can reduce inflammation without leaving any scar.

6)Oil pulling is a very effective method of taking care of tooth decay. 15 -20 minutes of rinsing your mouth with 2 tsps. of mustard/coconut/sesame/castor oil increases the life of tooth and gums.

7)If you are fond of long hair, thick long eye lashes and thick eyebrows then you should try using castor oil on them. Castor oil mixed with almond oil can help with hair/eyebrow/eyelash length. Apply oil with the help of ear bud or Q-tip to your eyebrows and eyelashes.


First few days you will feel icky if you do not have habit of using oils but gradually when you will start getting results, trust me, no one would be able to stop you from oil addiction.

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  1. I would say that oils work well for me, in removing makeup and in keeping acne condition under control, good post Ankita 🙂

    1. Yep Sheetal, Did a lot of research and my body care, skin care, makeup removal, cleansing everything includes oil. 🙂

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