Natio Powder Brush Review

Investing in good skin care is of prime importance, but investing in good makeup is equally important. Skin and makeup are like canvas and paint – both should be good to make a beautiful painting, provided you use the right tools – yes, I am talking about brushes! I see facial brushes as skin care, the good ones may not be found easily, but a bad one can scar you in a minute. I regard the powder brush to be of utmost importance since that’s the one which gives the final touches and seals everything in. This led me to indulge in The Body Shop Face Brush and I had happily retired with it for life. Unfortunately, I lost it soon and decided to give another brand a try before I plunged into TBS again, so please welcome Natio Powder Brush!

Natio Powder Brush

Product Description:
Natio Powder Brush allows flawless powder application. It is ideal to gently apply pressed powder, loose powder and bronzer over face. Made from Static free bristles, it gives perfect finish. Apply any powder over foundation with this brush for flawless look. Extremely soft powder brush for effective and flawless powder application. Static-free bristles pick up and disperse fine pigments for an effortless, perfect finish every time.

Natio Powder Brush

Available in India for INR 895/-. Got it at a compounded discount of 28% (15% on 15%) @ INR 646/-.Online Shopping Zindabad!

How To Use:
Load brush with powder, tap to shake off excess and apply to face in circular motions. For a smooth flawless finish, try using the Powder Brush when setting your foundation with pressed or loose powder. Remember to wash
brushes regularly in warm soapy water. Allow to dry completely before using again.

Natio Powder Brush

My Experience with Natio Powder Brush:

I found the brush to be pretty in its packaging – it appears all white and glass due to the frosted plastic look. They have got the length and girth of the handle just right for the fan of the brush. The brown soft bristles are a good contrast to the white handle. They are long and fluffy, soft and smooth with just the right density of hair to provide a feathery light cover up with a nice velvety touch.

Natio Powder Brush

Just imagine a scenario, where you have this absolutely fabulous dewy glow on your face (thanks to the new foundation), but setting the face with your regular powder mattifies the whole effect. You end up cursing the powder most of the time, but have you even pondered what if the reason is your tool. This brush is an amazing fit for such scenarios. Though it appears bushy, somehow it doesn’t densely pick up the powder. This is one of those brushes, which helps you avoid any mistake in the first go and simply refuses to dust too much powder. It helps you achieve this in multiple attempts, so that you can realize when to stop. Though this is a powder brush, I feel it will do fantastically well for powder blushes also. Further, a beginner cannot go wrong with this since it will ensure that you stop before you look like a washed-out clown 😛

Natio Powder Brush

Natio Powder Brush

I like those brown bristles. They dirty up visibly so that I can judge when to take them for cleaning. It was easy to clean with oil and shampoo. That was sufficient to get rid of all the muck. There was no shedding and the bristle pattern remained disciplined even after the wash. Drying any brush upside down is mandatory. This one too attained its original shape once dried and was back to performing as earlier.  I have been using it for the last 2 months and washed it thrice in between. It always goes back to its shape and performance and I admire consistency in things!

Natio Powder Brush

Natio Powder Brush


Well, I bought it as a substitute to my TBS one, and wanted it to behave like that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mimic it, but fortunately it has its own USP. I always used to wonder why people own more than one powder brush. And now, I own two myself, I bought TBS one again nonetheless. This one is of equally good quality and has unique attributes which deserves a place on your dressing table.

Pros of Natio Powder Brush:

  • Helps achieve a feathery light coverage, fantastic for gradual build up.
  • Will adequately powder up the face, but without unnecessarily caking up the face.
  • Soft and non-scratchy brown bristles.
  • Beautiful handle packaging.
  • Returns back to original shape after washing and even after wrong storage.
  • A good buy at the discounted price.

Cons of Natio Powder Brush:

  • Store availability difficult, only available online.
  • Not as dense as I wanted it to be (but may not be a con for you).

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Natio Powder Brush?

It is always recommended to invest in a good piece of brush. If you are just beginning your makeup journey and need something to help you, pick this one up. If you do not have the budget to indulge in Body shop or similar brushes, pick this up (of course with discount). I will ensure I do not end up losing this one, so it should last me many years before I repurchase.

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