Necklace- Types of Necklaces

necklaceIn this article I will take you through some unknown facets of necklaces and possibly spills in each and every thing about necklaces.

So let me start with the types of necklaces. Yes Necklaces do have types. 😛

There are broadly 7 types of necklaces

• Collar: It’s around 12 to 14 inches long. The collar is worn high on the neck and usually has multiple strands. If have a thin slender neck opt for a collar necklace. The collar looks great with V necks and off shoulder tops. You can wear them casuals but save them for those elegant evening parties.

collar necklace

choker necklace• Choker: The Choker is around 14 to 16 inches long. The choker is worn below the collar bone but it is stiff around the neck. It is usually single stranded. If you do not like the stiff collars, opt for chokers. Please do not wear chokers if you do not want to focus on your neckline or neck.

princess necklace• Princess: It is 17 to 19 inches long and it’s one of the most popular types of necklaces. It’s worn below the collar bone and looks awesome when accompanied with pendants. You can wear the Princess necklace with any tops or dresses which have collars either above the necklace or below it.

matinee necklace• Matinee: It’s one of the most versatile types of necklaces which can be used for both, casual jamming and formal business meetings. The Matinee is supposed to be breast bone long so pick them for your extremely high necklines or the extremely low ones. And always remember to wear a dress or top which does not have a decorated neckline, decorated necklines will hamper the beauty of your necklace. These are the best picks for formal wear.

opera necklace• Opera: If you like the dramatic look, you will surely love these. The Opera necklaces are about 28 inches to 34 inches long. They can proffer a very classy and dramatic touch to your entire look. You can simply double the loop at your neck for an elegant touch. Be in the formal blouse or the elegant gown, the opera necklace only accentuates its beauty. The Opera necklace highlights your bosom, so make a choice to wear it or no.  😛

rope necklace• Rope: Ok if you like experimenting, if you like the hip chick look then you ought to love them. The Rope necklaces are around 35 to 45 inches long. No they are not supposed to be worn like that, I mean so long. You can knot them in the front, or have multiple loops. You can also wear them as a bracelet.

If there’s this special occasion like your anniversary or your best friend’s wedding, the Rope completes your attire. The Rope necklace grabs attention directly to your curves sweeping down to your torso. So ahan, sweat out all your flab before wearing it.

• Lariat: These are the extremely long ones. They are more than 45 inches long. Now it totally depends on you how you are gonna wear them.

Determining the length of the necklace if a tough job, trust me. The outfit’s neckline plays a very major role in doing so. The necklace can actually get the heads turning in both the good ways and the bad ways.

Golden rules for determining the length of the necklace:
• Consider the occasion you are buying the necklace for. For instant an understated necklace for the day and a gem studded one for the evening.
• If you have a deep neckline, wear a necklace which sways at your chest.
• A high neckline always demands a shorter necklace.
• If you are wearing your necklace above your outfit then wear a longer one to make it evident that you want it above your shirt and visible.
• If you are buying a necklace for all occasions then choose an average length one which you can wear anywhere and anyhow.

Now Ladies wait for my next post on necklines and necklaces, you ladies are surely gonna love it…ma ma miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

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