Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser Review

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

I got this Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser few months back when my face started looking very dull and oily after the lunch hours. Also, I wanted a cleanser in a small bottle so that I can carry it with me while going to work. I didn’t want to pick the clean and clear one as my friend said she was not very happy with it so this was the one that I could see in the stores. Neutrogena

When I was reading the bottle it said it was for normal to oily skin. It claims ‘It is a penetrating and through cleanser that improves your complexion.’

Cleans so deeply and thoroughly that it improves the look and feel of skin. Skin is left clean with no pore- clogging residue. Your complexion looks fresh and healthy, feels smooth and soft from deep within.

  • Oil-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Dermatologist tested.

Directions: Wet face, pour into hands and work into lather. Massage face gently, avoiding contact with the delicate eye area. Rinse thoroughly. If you experience dryness or irritation, use less frequently.

Price Rs.85 for 50 ml bottle.

This is one product about which I got reviews of both extreme. My friend who has a combination to oily skin tried this product and she was very much disappointed. She said she didn’t feel fresh after cleansing with this lotion and at the same time it also did cause breakouts. I hadn’t got her review before I got this for myself, only after a month’s time she saw me using this and said how it was a trouble for her skin. She urged me to stop using it immediately.

Controversially, this product didn’t ruin my skin at all. It did take out the excessive oiliness from my face, the reason for which I got it.  I use it once everyday [I have normal skin with the oily T zone] and the results are just what I want. Sometimes I felt it leaves my skin dry so I don’t use it more than once a day and also I make sure I take a little amount for my face and neck. The bottle is tiny and compact.

The cleanser is a yellow color liquid and it looks very similar to the clean and clear cleanser. The smell is very mild and it smells of a face cream, I think Fair and Lovely. Since the smell is mild it doesn’t bother much. Swatch <


48 thoughts on “Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser Review

  1. Aarthi
    Thanks for the review. Been thinking of Neutrogena Cleansers from when they launched here a year ago.
    I have used it way back outside India and felt all the variations made my skin dry.
    But now, I have no idea what my skin is. maybe its monsoon and thats why i find it too oily for normal.

    I was tempted to try this when i was half way through your article. but probably not as you said. What confuses me is you said it reads “for normal to dry skin” but still takes oil out and makes your skin dry?! :S

    I was using Dabur Uveda Facewash (for normal skin) and had picked up the clarifying one by mistake during the second buy. But i used it as i feel my face oily now-a-days. I think its working well. Surprisingly i also think it has a slight “clarifying” and “pore closing” effect (I may be imagining ;)) And Its 90/- for 100ml – maybe worth a try!

    1. hey gaea
      i used uveda normal one
      but very keen to pick up the clarifying one
      will surely do after reading ur take on that!
      thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Gaea, Im sorry that was by mistake I typed as ‘Normal to Dry’, it actually says ‘Normal to Oily skin’. Rati can you correct it please. 😕

  3. hey aarthi!!!!use it few months back….i have oily skin & it worked great on my skin….. :-))

    1. I have to agree! I have oily skin n this clears it and makes my face fresh n bright! I would definitely recommend this to people with oily skin. Also my skin’s always been prone to acne but this is zaps them away! Also love the Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Face Wash! Instant brightness! Love it! In fact i would go as far to say these 2 are my holy grail face cleanser and face wash! :-*

      1. So the conclusion is people with oily skin try this but Neha even you have oily skin dont you?

  4. Wow… You know the last time i went to buy a face wash, i picked this up but kept it back… For no apprent reason… So glad I didn’t buy it…. :-)) :-)) :-))

    And I already have dry skin…. 😯 😯 😯
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Grand giveaway at IMBB!!!! =-.

  5. I think Aarthi you should try the Clean and Clear face wash yourself once. It comes in a tiny bottle priced at Rs. 38 and you can carry that easily to work. Also, there is something in it that does not dry your skin out and cleanses the skin thoroughly. 🙂

  6. I was so tempted to try this after seeing all those fancy ads but glad I didn’t pick this up. As it is I am not a huge fan of Neutrogena brand. I have used their eye cream and suncreen. Both have been a big disappointment for me. I think it’s more of a hit or amiss brand. I have seen people raving about it as well.

    Thanks a ton for the review. 🙂

    1. Agreed…I think Neutrogena is an extreme brand…either ppl love it or they hate it!!! You wouldnt hear neutral reviews abt it…

      I have heard alot of ppl with oily skin rave abt their facewash but at the same time the Neutrogena sunscreen brokeout my friend so badly!!

      1. I had this whitish cast problem. Both sunscreen and eye cream used to leave the whitish cast on my face, it used to look weird.. 😐

      2. That was really surprising HD, when I heard it from people here in IMBB that they really love it 🙂 It works in both extremes for people with different skin types !!!!

    2. Really Rati, this one is not for you. I’m glad that I reviewed this product and warned you and Mrun at the right time 🙂

  7. hi arthi….
    i have combination skin…which is acne prone but i love CETAPHIL as it is ACTUALLY SOAP FREE….works great for me….want details….???

  8. haaw.. im sad you dint liked it.. it worked wonderfully for me and its because of this particular product that ive strtd using facewash religiously..

    infact i was thinking of reviewing it myself but had i done it.. it would have got 4 stars..!!!

  9. removes oil n is light..i like it…but yes pricey for a small bottle n skin gets oily back in 2 to 3 hrs….rather use avon acne clearing face wash or garnier…they r better…

    1. Wow.. so many suggestions !!! Im confued now as always 😉 Thanks a lot Radhika I’ll try to get Garnier as I didn’t find Avon yet in Chennai.

  10. hi arthi
    this ones for you…..
    CETAPHIL is a soap free cleanser from GALDERM company…u can get it from any chemist shop….
    it DOESNOT cinatain SODIUM LAURETH it doesnot lather at all…thats one feature i love but few out there totally hate….

    usege is like ..wt ur face ..apply a little amount of cetaphil to ur face,rub gently in circular motion.. remember it wont lather….then either rinse with water or u can also wipe it with wet cotton swab…

    its excellent for acne prone,combination,super sensitive skin….

    pediatrists(docs for babies) sometimes prescribe this product fr babies also so u can imagine how delicate and safe this must be..

    i had loads of acne but now i have none…

    its priced at 115 rs for 120 ml…

    i wud like to mention few other things also…..
    it doesnot remove heavy makeup,i use cleansing milk/baby oil to remove makeup…
    it will not give u that squeaky clean feeling if u are used to that dry feeling that comes after using regular face washes as it doesnot strip ur face of necessary sebum(oil)

    have used countless bottles of cetaphil and will never change it for anything….but cleansers are an entirely personal choice…try it then decide fr urself….gudluck

    1. Shilpa Thanks a ton for this elaborate explanation about Cetaphil. Suits super sensitive skin too !!!!! Wow and babies too !!!! No SLS !!!!! I am really tempted to try this one. Hope I get it in a chemist shop. Now I have to try Clean and Clear, Garnier and Cetphil 😉 Will let you know how I liked it 🙂 Thanks Shilpa

  11. hi arthi….
    give cetaphil a try for sure….
    and remember wen u go to chemist shop ask for cetaphil cleansing lotion as cetaphil moisturiser is also available….so check the lables…cleansing lotion has blue lable and moisturiser has green lable…..
    gudluck….wud love to hear u out wen u try it…

    1. Hey thanks a lot for all those suggestions Shilpa. Once I try it I shall definitely let you know. 🙂

  12. hey…i was eyeing this face wash but it doesn’t seem so good after all..
    can you however suggest me a face wash that is deep cleaning as i get a lot of blackheads..
    i have a combination skin type..

    i’d be glad if you could help!

    1. As per the suggestions from our IMBB friends these are the cleansers I would want to try
      1.Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion
      2.Clean and Clear

      I have great hopes on the Cetaphil one and for black heads use some walnut scrubs from the market. That should help to get rid of the black heads 🙂 Hope this was helpful Paki.

      1. yeah thanx a lot!!
        1 more thng if u dont mind! 🙂
        any idea about the new range of lakme face washes? berry lush, citrus rain & melon melt?
        the add seems pretty tempting.. 😉

  13. hey my skin has whiteheads and i have heard that it is because of oiliness then should i buy this one or anyother else….i have heard that by using it some skin torned ..i m scared because of this news, so should i use it? :panda: ?:-)

  14. This is my first post to this blog. BTW I totally love this forum and your material!! Super like !! :yes: 😎

    I have been advised by more than two dermatologists to stay off J&J products- clean and clear, neutrogena face wash, etc. They make the oily skin appear clean after use but activates sebaceous glands so you keep breaking out and keep using the product. My personal experience is not very good with the products.

    These days I am using Sansha’s Oxygenating Egyptian Rose & Honey Face wash along with Himalayan Honey and Oat Creamy Clay Milk Fairness Pack from Sansha. And I just love them.
    I have oily skin with enlarged pores and this product has done wonders for my skin.

    I happened to visit Sansha’s spa on our recent vacation at Neemrana and bought the products there. They are a li’l expensive 550/- for face wash and 580/- for the pack, but totally worth it.

    I would highly recommend it. 🙂

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