Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub Review


After my favourite cleanser ,I am so eager to tell you all about my favourite scrub, NEUTROGENA’S DEEP CLEAN GENTLE SCRUB. It’s been almost an year since I have been using it and it has worked like a helping hand with my cleanser in removing my acne . 🙂

I picked it along with the cleanser one day since I was so impressed by Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser . And since the scrub said the word ‘gentle’ ,I wanted it even more badly .Those apricot scrubs never suited me,no matter what brand I used,they would always ended up breaking me out . 🙁

Neutrogena deep clean facial scrub

When I saw this scrub in the market,the packaging was seriously so boring I had no hopes from it at all but since the cleanser had worked so well for me,I decided to give it one and it did not let me down.It has been my favourite scrub since the first time I used it. 🙂


What it Claims : Cleanses deep into the pores,gentle yet effectively and clears blackheads
Price : Rs 79 for 50g

It has very small orange coloured beads,my camera couldn’t really catch it . It is very soft and gentle on the skin as it claims. Since the beads are small,they aren’t harsh at all for the skin.

Neutrogena deep clean facial scrub

It contains Beta Hydroxy, which has been proven to clean deep down into your pores. This is awesome to get rid of acne,dirt and grime. Even though it has the Beta Hydroxy and is an exfoliate, it doesn’t dry your skin out unlike the cleanser. And ofcourse Salicylic Acid is known to cure acne so there is nothing to say about that much

PROs of Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

  • It is a very mild scrub,it can even be used as an everyday scrub. I prefer using it every altenate day
  • It has a very orangy kind of smell which I totally love
  • Leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth
  • Did not break me out at all.Infact it helped me with my acne
  • My pores are less visible
  • Cant say anything about the blackheads because I never had any
  • Very cheap,a 50g tube lasts me for a month
  • Suits all skin types.I have recommended it to a lot of friends with different skin types and they all love it

CONS of Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

  • It is hard to take out the scrub when the tube gets half empty,may be because the air fills inside
  • No other cons other than that,I love this scrub !

RATING : :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* for this 🙂

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