Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil Review

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Today’s review is about Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil. Let’s see how it fared.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil Review 44

Price: €3 for 200 ml
Product Description:
Do you want a pampering that pampers your skin and senses? Then discover the new fragrant NIVEA Sensual Care: Vanilla & Almond Oil, Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil, Cocoa & Macadamia Oil, Rose & Argan Oil. Developed with the experience of over 100 years of skin care, NIVEA has combined precious natural ingredients with nourishing oils in one lotion: NIVEA Sensual caring lotion Cocoa & Macadamia oil.
• Pampers skin and senses with the gentle smell of cocoa
• Combines precious macadamia oil with a fast-absorbing lotion
• Provides 24 hours of rich moisture without sticky skin
• Turns dry into supple skin
• Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

Aqua, glycerin, dicaprylyl ether, alcohol denat., glyceryl stearate se, isopropyl palmitate, cetearyl alcohol, macadamia integrifolia seed oil, dimethicone, carbomer, sodium cetearyl sulfate, sodium hydroxide, trisodium edta, phenoxyethanol, bht, parfum

My Experience with Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil:

Here is one more body lotion from Nivea. This lotion has extracts from cocoa and macadamia oil. I am a not a big fan of cocoa, so I made sure I smelt the product before buying. I could not find overwhelming notes of cocoa in this one. Plus, added macadamia oil also offers so many benefits. Other essential oils in the ingredients list also impressed me.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil Front 33

The macadamia nut oil is very lightweight and nutty in nature. It is a good source of fatty acids. The oil is also non-greasy in nature and its properties make it a perfect choice for mature or dry skin. It also helps reduce itchiness and inflammation.

The bottle is kind of similar to their new take on Nivea beauty range. The lotion is packaged in a light blue plastic bottle with a dark blue flip cap. The cap bears the typical Nivea logo. The flap cap is as thin as a coin but very sturdy. The cap is easy to open and close. The lotion comes in a 200 ml packaging, which is perfect for travels. It does not take too much space.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Coco aand Macadamia Oil Back 11

The body lotion itself is white in colour. The consistency of the product is medium thick and is extremely creamy. The lotion spreads like satin all over the skin. The lotion is quite light and hence leaves a thin layer on the skin. Also, it does not feel heavy, oily or greasy at all. The product also gets absorbed by the skin within a few seconds.

My skin looks very healthy and supple after application. A little goes a long way. My skin is quite dry and sensitive but it tends not to get dry during summer months. Hence this lotion is sufficient for my normally dry skin. I need to apply it once a day. The moisturising effect of this lotion is just amazing.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil Cap 22

I guess it’s because of the presence of macadamia oil. It’s well moisturising despite being light; I think it will work well in autumn, too. I would not use it during very cold winter days with negative temperatures. For a drugstore brand, the price is slightly on the higher side, also the quantity is less. Overall, I am very happy with the product and the results are impressive.

Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil Swatch

Pros of Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil:

• Travel-friendly packaging
• Gets absorbed very quickly
• Doesn’t leave any greasy residue
• Skin looks hydrated, fresh and healthy
• A perfect product for spring/summer months
• Paraben free
• Lovely nutty and cocoa fragrance
• Contains macadamia oil and other essential oils

Cons of Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil:

• Not suitable for extremely dry skin
• Not suitable for very cold months
• Slightly expensive

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Would I Recommend Nivea Oil in Lotion Cocoa and Macadamia Oil?
Definitely. It’s a good body lotion with impressive results.

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