NYX Brush On Lip Gloss – Natural Review

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss – Natural Review

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss

Product Description:

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss is formulated with lanolin oil to moisturize and protect lips while offering a rainbow of beautiful color for your lips. Famous for its unique and stylish packaging, the gloss comes with a long black handle and a brush applicator for smooth and soft application. Featured multi-color to choose from including clear and shimmering color. Soft felt tip for easy application to give a flawless even gloss on lips.


Rs. 300 for 7.5 ml.

My Experience with NYX Brush On Lip Gloss – Natural:

Just recently, I did a small haul from NYX when I saw some new stuff and this gloss was a part of that haul.  I have heard a lot about NYX mega shine lip glosses, but most of them have a lot of shimmer, but there are certain popular shades which are shimmer free and pigmented, but are not easily available in India. So, when I spotted this one, I got it simply for the color despite the unattractive packaging.

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss

The gloss comes in a transparent square-shaped tube with a very long black cap, the cap is literally double the size of tube itself, and I do not know what they were actually thinking while designing it, as it does not look very pleasing. The packaging itself is not very compact and slightly longer to carry around. The cap has a brush applicator which is very good and applies the gloss precisely.

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss

As I said before, I got it solely for the shade and it is a nice and natural color, very pigmented and completely shimmer free. It has a nice glossy and slightly creamy finish, not as glossy as other lip glosses I have used, but it gives a nice polished look. The color is a light brown shade with pinkish mauve undertones; it is not too light and milky and hence does not look very pale against my medium skin tone. The shade is almost the same shade of my natural lip color, but a tad bit more mauve, and hence it washes me out slightly when used on its own. It is a very subtle shade and perfect for to be paired with heavy eye makeup and blush. I really like this shade as it works very well with many lip liners and lipsticks.

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss

The texture is very smooth and creamy, not too thick, but within five minutes of application, the gloss settles into lip lines as seen in the swatch when worn on its own. Thankfully with a base underneath, I did not face the same problem. It is quite moisturizing on its own and lips do not feel dry. It feels very comfortable and lightweight and there is absolutely no stickiness in it.  As I said before, it is quite opaque and highly pigmented for a lip gloss.  To me, it feels almost like a glossy liquid lipstick. I feel it would cover pigmented lips with ease due to the opaque texture. It has an average lasting power of 2-3 hours.  With a meal in between, it vanishes completely, but one can always reapply.

NYX Brush On Lip Gloss

Another thing I dislike about it apart from the packaging is the smell, there is a slightly weird artificial fragrance which feels strong during application, but vanishes soon.

Pros of NYX Brush On Lip Gloss – Natural:

  • Pretty neutral shade.
  • Smooth and creamy texture.
  • Feels lightweight and comfortable on the lips.
  • It is not sticky.
  • Has no shimmer.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Decent staying power for a lip gloss.

Cons of NYX Brush On Lip Gloss – Natural:

  • Unattractive packaging.
  • Has an artificial smell during application.
  • Settles into lines a lot if used alone without a base.

Do I Recommend NYX Brush On Lip Gloss – Natural?

The lip gloss itself and the color are pretty good, but the packaging is a major drawback.  If you are fine with the extra long brush, then you can definitely give this shade a try once 😛

IMBB Rating:


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