Nyx Round Lipstick – Hestia

Nyx Round Lipstick – Hestia

By: Nicolette Wong

Ever since I bought my first NYX round lipstick product during a school bazaar, I was on the search for another kiosk that sold these lipsticks. When I stumbled upon another stall while on a date with my boyfriend, I immediately looked for a brand new shade that I can add to my collection. The round lipstick line of NYX is one of my go to lip product because it is affordable. And as a student, price is something I value. And in addition, packaging is durable and simple! The clear part on the bottom of the packaging makes it easier for us to choose which shade to wear. I found this dark reddish shade that worked well with my light/medium yellow skin tone – Hestia by Nyx.

NYX Round Lipstick Hestia (5)

Price: Php 150 (Roughly 200 INR)

Shade: LSS 526 Hestia

My Experience with Nyx Round Lipstick – Hestia:

NYX Round Lipstick Hestia (3)

My lips have the tendency to chap. The creamy formula of NYX round lipstick moisturizes my lips very well. I always apply lip balm before I apply any lipstick; however, I can say that I don’t need to when using this! I really enjoy the shade of the lipstick because it compliments my light/medium yellow skin tone. Usually red lipsticks don’t match well with teeth that are a bit yellow, but hey, my teeth aren’t pearly whites but the shade, Hestia, still looks great on me! It would last around 2-4 hours. I really enjoy the NYX round lipstick line and it’s just a matter of choosing what shade you prefer.
NYX Round Lipstick Hestia

Pros of Nyx Round Lipstick – Hestia:

• Affordable.
• Highly pigmented.
• Moisturizing (creamy formula – does not dry the lips).
• Good for dry lips.
• Wide range of shades.
• Goes well with light/medium yellow brown skin tone (Hestia shade).
maroon lipstick

Cons of Nyx Round Lipstick – Hestia:

• Formula melts too easily.

NYX lipstick

NYX Round Lipstick Hestia swatch

* Tip: keep away from sunlight and better store it in the refrigerator. No, it will not affect application of the shade.

maroon lipstick

IMBB rating:

maroon lips


Yes yes yes! I would totally recommend this product to everyone. However, if you are not pleased with the shade, do not worry! They still have a variety of other shades for you to choose from. This product is worth the try 🙂

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