NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black Review

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This is a new launch by NYX and most of the eye products from this brand have good reviews online and they have never disappointed me, hence I bought this product because I wanted to try out a new product and second, I need a liquid eyeliner. Here’s more on this product:

NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Product Details:
Rock and roll with our pure shine liquid liner! The extra fine flexible brush helps ensure a flawless even line with a high gloss finish.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black


My Take on NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black:

I have tonnes of black eyeliners in form of pencil, gel, liquid, and so on, but it never deters me from buying more black eyeliners because a girl can’t have enough of these black beauties, they can transform you into glam dolls instantly. This eyeliner comes in two forms – glossy and matte finish, and it has a very attractive packaging.

Packaging:  It’s a long cylindrical tube which looks like a felt tip pen, but it’s a regular liquid liner bottle. Three fourth of the bottle is a cap which holds a slim, flat brush and the smaller one-fourth section holds the liquid product. The brush has very fine bristles which give a very precise thin line and it’s perfect to make winged eyeliner look. It is better than using a felt tip liner which gives a more sheer finish and have a short life time.

Color:  Solid black color which gives an opaque line in a single stroke.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Pigmentation:  Very good pigmentation for a liquid liner, only one stroke gives an almost opaque brilliant black color. Multiple strokes are not required except if one wants to intensify the look a little more, but it doesn’t really make a lot of difference.

Shimmer and Shine:  It does not have shimmer particles but gives a glossy black finish; NYX gives the same product in matte finish which is desired by some.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Staying Power:  After I did a swatch on my hand, I left the product as it is just to test its wear time and if I get good results off my hand, then I would obviously get a better wear time on my lash line. The liner stayed on my hand for two solid hours after which it started to fade. It does not smudge or peel off as day progresses and stays put in the precise line as I apply in the morning.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black

This product is only $7 and is well within the range of a drugstore eyeliner and one must buy it if they like liquid liners with good color and stays put the entire day. The precise brush can be used to apply a thin black line on the outer edge of water line to get a more intense, smudge proof look.

Pros of NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black:

  • Good packaging, looks classy and easy to store.
  • Available in both glossy and matte finish.
  • Very good pigmentation.
  • It is smudge proof and waterproof.
  • Brush bristles are packed in the form of a thin line and gives a crisp, precise line and is good to get a winged look.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Give opaque black finish.
  • Totally affordable.
  • Easily available.

Cons of NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black:

  • Quantity should have been a little more.

Would I Repurchase NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner in Black?
Yes and would get the one with matte finish as well. I totally recommend it to all the readers who love black liquid eyeliners.

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