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Hi everyone ,

I am really excited :pompom: to write this post since this was my first online purchase ever and I shall be sharing my experiences with you all on the same , i must say that online shopping is so much easier, i always refrained from it since I dont have a credit card nor do i have a paypal account and also trusting someone with the money( debit card or net banking) whom you don’t even know doesn’t get along too well with me. But reading all your nice experiences with online shopping I was curious to do some online shopping myself.

cosmetix website

While surfing through IMBB 10 days back, i noticed the add of, though I did visit the website infact quite liked it also since it had the option of cash on delivery I still dint order anything because of unexplained apprehensions but I couldn’t control myself for long and again went to the same website after few days and ordered these four items on the 27th July at almost midnight.

Though whatever I wanted was out of stock( Maybelline gel eyeliner and faces pencils), i still went ahead and picked up a few things randomly, they were:

1. Lotus Strawberry Lip Balm
2. Lotus Kiwi and Grapes revitalising skin polisher
3. Himalaya Neem Scrub
4. Lotus Herbal hair root tonic

I had to make the order more than 500 to avail free shipping otherwise the shipping charges are flat Rs 60.

When I had visited the website for the first time, they were offering 8% introductory discount on the bill but later when I ordered there was no such discount. However they have some discount on the individual products. The actual cost of all the products is 585 but after discount I got the same for 525

Also, it says that there is an option of COD but while filling the shipping information, I go to know if I availed the same I would have to pay additional Rs40 so to avoid that I made the payment through net banking though very reluctantly.

As soon as I placed the order, I received a confirmation mail from them.

This order was placed at 11:30 in the night , the very next day i.e on the 28th July, I again received an email that my package was in transit and i shall receive the tracking number soon.

I was quite curious about the whole thing and the whole new experience. On 30th July at 2:30 in the afternoon, I received my package: package

It came in a cardboard box and the carrier was bluedart, As I opened I found this:

The products were placed in a translucent polybag and covered with paper strips, lots of them

Shopping experience with

All my products were in perfect condition but it would have been better had they used cotton wool and bubble wrapping instead of paper strips. For some delicate products like eye shadows etc. this packaging might not hold good.

Coming to the pros and cons:
What I liked about
1. Super fast delivery, I received my order within 72hours of placing the order :thumbsup:
2. All the products are at discounted price :yahoo:
3. Very prompt service, I was provided with my order tracking number within two days :haanji:

What i dint like about
1. Packaging needs to be improved :waiting:
2. They are charging Rs40 extra for cash on delivery option whereas in some of the websites like, there’s no such charge.
3. They have limited stock of products, I check their website daily but still faces eye pencils are not available :pan:

Lotus Herbals Skin Care products

Will I repurchase?

Oh definitely, a pandora’s box has been opened for me, infact I have already placed the order for my second purchase :toothygrin: :jiggy1:

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53 thoughts on “Online Shopping Experience with

  1. I have ordered 8 times, i am more than happy !!! They included colorbar products after two day when I had mailed them to add products from colorbar and faces :yahoo:

    1. rati, i ws just talking to my bhabhi tht i m soo used to online shopping nw , its sucha TASK for me to go out n shop 😛 😛 i was wondering if thrs a website selling rakhis 😛 😛

              1. 😀 😀 😀
                hawww……sanjeev, u shud rather invest in developing an e commerce site…. 😀
                me no like rehab adea :sidefrown: :shout: 😯 :struggle: :tremble:

                1. I am very kind-hearted soul furfurriya… think about those people whose credit has expired or reached the credit limit, and who cannot shop online anymore and experience anxiety disorders. Unka kaun sahaara hai?

                  My rehab would provide a soothing atmosphere to them. On enrollment, they would be given dummy credit cards and a laptop with lots of dummy ecommerce sites..and they can order all day long. O:)

                    1. also u shud arrange for fake courier guys who come to deliver them huge boxes wid dummy cosmetics or other things…. 😀 😀 😆 😆 😆 😆

                    2. Yes yes, I have already planned that…I would also keep couple of cheerleader girls and aunties who would pretend to be jealous and try to steal the couriers from the consignee. O:)

                    3. waah waah.. yeah sahi hai…pehle ablaa nariyon ko provoke karo din raat shopping karne k liye fir rehab bhi :vampire: :vampire: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    2. thanks rati :shying: but they really have limited brands n limited stuff wih them, i to ordered aiwe hi for fun sake u c :toothygrin:

  2. gr8 post shivani.. i too chked this site just for Faces but yeah Out of stock prob remains here often…. u bought all lotus products… thts gr8.. njoy now.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. yes siri n i got the skin revitalizer polish after seeing it on ur blog only :toothygrin: :toothygrin: hope it works for my pores n oily skin :methinks: n they sent it from bangalore still received within 72 hours, I still havent received ur courier siri :((

  3. Hihi!~ Great shopping na? 😀
    Hope your second installment will be just as great…or even better!! :jiggy2:

  4. Oh wow…..Shivaaaaaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiiii you already ordered things from….I had seen their adverts here on IMBB’s page and it has so much in there…..I am placing my order too….I am hope they add Body Shop items also….bechari rati had to buy body shop for me and send it across :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

    1. yes jomu just cudnt resist after reading so many good reviews about online shopping…. n i also asked my didi to get body shop things for me, she is in bangalore na, my stuff would come in the next 15 daz….. but u to must be having body shop outlets there in hyderabad ?:) ?:) n rati is a swthrt , i am sure she wudnt hav mind sending u the stuff

  5. Please take me into your rehab… husband wants to fill out the first admission form and he is asking whether there are any long-term 5-year admit plans :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame:

  6. Thanks tap :)) actually i ordered the products for fun sake, i havent used most of them but was too eager to try online shopping, will try urban touch next time.

  7. Hi Rati,

    WOuld you be able to help me? I had ordered lipglosses from on 20th June 2011. But I havent received my parcel and they say that it must be stuck in customs. Do you have any idea on how to contact Mumbai customs and retrieve my lost parcel. Its been till date that I havent received anything.

    Thanks a million


    1. Hi Neeraj, I would have no idea about customs. Also, I have never shopped from strawberrynet so i dont have any clue on that front as well. Really sorry! 🙁

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