Oriflame Giordani Gold White Gold Mascara Review

Oriflame Giordani Gold White Gold Mascara Review

Mascaras have caught my fancy just recently in the past 1-1/2 years or so. Through IMBB posts and tutorials, I realized that mascara is an important tool in makeup and without mascara an eye makeup is not complete. Actually, I stopped using mascara a few years ago when I had a bad experience of itchy eyes with the Streetwear mascara. I also felt that mascara accentuates my acne scars. But, it was only after I started using the Maybelline Colossal mascara that I realized that a right mascara can open up the eyes to a great extent and add drama to the eyes. I just recently got the Giordani Gold White Gold Mascara and here’s the review for it.

oriflame giordani gold mascara


Delightfully rich, volumising and caring mascara for voluptuous, unforgettable lashes. Enriched with pro vitamin B5, this supremely smooth formula conditions your lashes and delivers the finest colour for beautiful, glamorous eyes.


oriflame giordani gold mascara brush

PRICE: Rs. 498 for 8 mL.

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Giordani White Gold mascara comes in a classy silver packaging that it’s hard not to get impressed with it. The mascara itself is a big, long, and plump one with a long brush. The bristles are short and tightly packed together such that each lash gets coated with color. Maneuvering and applying mascara with the long brush and handle is so easy. There is just the right amount of product that sticks on to the brush after I pull out the brush from the tube. There is no clumping seen even after I apply it multiple times over my eyes. There’s not much in the way of curling effect or lengthening of the lashes. The color is richly pigmented and blackest black. Coming to the most concerning aspect about mascaras, though this is not a waterproof mascara, it does not bleed badly upon contact with water. It does smudge, but not the way that it would give me raccoon eyes. After a few splashes of water, the mascara completely vanishes without leaving traces behind. It does open up my eyes, but not in the way that the VeryMe ClickIt Mascara costing Rs. 159 does. Though the ClickIt Mascara does clump a little bit, but what I get in the end is much better than what I get with Giordani White Gold Mascara.

Giordani White Gold Mascara does not stick lashes together neither does it stiffen them up. The eyelashes are coated with a rich black color with voluminizing effect.

Another important factor is that it does not cause any itchiness to the eyes. I was mighty scared with my Streetwear experience, but this, I can wear all day long without any problem. I also noted that there was a little bit of drying in the tube. This is a normal everyday mascara to wear, but if you need some drama and definition to the eyes, you can always go back to Maybelline Colossal mascara.

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• Heavily pigmented and rich black in colour.
• Does not clump the lashes.
• Does not stick the lashes together or stiffen them up.
• Dries up quickly.
• Does not bleed badly. Though water takes it off the eyelids, but it’s not a bad loser and fades away quickly without much fuss.
• Good for everyday use where you don’t need much drama to your eyes.

wand giordani


• Does not play up the eyes significantly.
• There seems to be some drying in the tube.
• Does not open up the eyes adequately.
• Does not define the eyes perfectly, I found the Oriflame ClickIt mascara much more defining than this one.
• This mascara is not waterproof.
• Does not curl the lashes adequately, no lengthening effect seen either.

WILL I BUY THIS AGAIN: No, I will continue with Maybelline Colossal and Oriflame ClickIt Mascara.


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24 thoughts on “Oriflame Giordani Gold White Gold Mascara Review

  1. Hey Jomol..thanks for the review…
    I ordered this first from this June flyer….but the person to whom i have ordered through told me that these are really from very old batches of product…so asked me to buy Oriflame Lash Explosion Mascara which I found also to be dried up inside the tube… :shocked:

    can any1 give me any soln….?? I have somewhere read on IMBB to heat up the mascara bottle in warm water??? Should I do that??? ?:) ?:) ?:)
    My first oriflame buy is not at all worth it !! :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:
    Would stay away from them for a while!! :methinks:

    1. yeah pooja, try putting the bottle in warm water but its a temporary solution.. dont take masacara aise hi.. better swatch n take..or read reviws first.. :yes:

  2. Agree with all the cons Jomol di…my frnd has the same comments abt this mascara… :sarcasm:
    And me happy with click it wala…its good na…. :teeth :toothygrin:

        1. its me Rati :preen: ………now a days concentrate on my eye make up :jalwa: so trying to show off my big eyes after make up 😉 …….. :huh: 😉 😉

  3. Wand is similar to maybelline one na??? Me like this mascara !! :thumbsup: My first mascara was streetwear, it didnt give itchy eyes, but I was not satisfied with it, it had horrible smell ! :yuck: :yikes:

  4. jomol… i want mascara ka review wid b4 n after pics….. :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:

  5. my vote goes for maybelline too… not that i bother much with mascara – it seems a waste to do all that eye make up and then hide it behind glasses like i do!

  6. Jomol I too was eyeing oriflame giordani mascaras..will not buy this one..btw hows Oriflame ClickIt Mascara? Can you pls review it? :thanks:

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