Origins Mega Mushroom Face Serum Review

Origins Mega Mushroom Face Serum

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If you’ve read my posts here on IMBB, you know I fancy myself somewhat of a natural product junkie. Indeed, after “Sale” and “Free Shipping,” my favorite phrases are “Phthalate Free” and “All Natural.” And while a number of cosmetics companies are now trying to get people like me to buy their products, I am usually drawn to ones that have stayed committed to using natural ingredients since the very beginning. Origins is one such brand and today I will be reviewing their Mega Mushroom Face Serum for y’all.

Origins Mega Mushroom Serum

Product Background and Description

Created by Dr. Andrew Weil, Mega Mushroom Cream is sold and distributed by Origins, a popular natural cosmetics retailer. It is described as a “concentrated serum featuring Dr. Weil’s famed mega-mushroom blend to slow signs of visible aging” and “best for redness and sensitive skin, this serum works best when used before your favorite moisturizer. “

The serum is light and has a very strong mushroomy, ayurvedic smell to it. But unlike the Mega Mushroom cream, this smell isn’t pleasant or comforting to me; rather, it smells like some rotting substance is mixed with turmeric. It also has a really peculiar greenish-brown color.

Origins, unfortunately, does not provide all the ingredients used in this product. While I understand the need to protect proprietary formulas, I think it’s a little unfair that I spend much so money and don’t get to know what exactly is in this serum, Anyway, I was told by an Origins customer service rep that I can fill out a form online to request the full list of ingredients. While I work on that, here are the key ingredients that are listed on the website:

Tonic Mushroom, Sea Buckthorn, Ginger, Turmeric and Holy Basil

Mega Mushroom Serum 3

$68.50 (Approximately, Rs. 3750) for a 1.7 oz/50 ml bottle.

My Experience with Origins Mega Mushroom Serum
I had used this serum in the past and gotten great results for my acne prone, combination skin type and decided to resume its use with Origins Mega Mushroom Cream. The two products, together, I figured would accelerate the improvement of my skin issues. I soon gave up using the two together, because they felt too heavy on my face and decided to use the serum at night.

The serum is pretty light and absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves skin glowing without any immediate oiliness. Even though the formula is loaded with potent ingredients, it doesn’t aggravate any breakouts or redness on my face and has a very soothing effect on the skin. The only thing that bothers me when I first apply it is the strong smell, which disappears after a while.

Mega Mushroom Serum 2

Mega Mushroom Serum 4

As amazing as the immediate effects of this serum are, they don’t seem to carry through the night. If I treat the Mega Mushroom cream as a yardstick to measure this serum’s performance, it just doesn’t measure up to the former. I don’t get the same plump, calm skin with the serum’s use. My skin does feel smooth to the touch immediately following application and this doesn’t make me breakout, but my skin, especially the nose area, is super oily in the morning and the skin feels dull overall. I understand that the serum is specifically formulated to deal with wrinkles, but since that isn’t an issue with my skin right now, I can’t comment on its efficacy in slowing down the aging the process.

– Lightweight. On its own, this absorbs quickly and won’t weigh your skin down.
– Doesn’t cause acne or breakouts.
– All natural ingredients.
– Doesn’t contain parabens and phthalates.
– Instantly brightens the face.

– Makes my skin really oily after a few hours of wear.
– Smells really nasty.
– Expensive.
– Limited Availability.

Mega Mushroom Serum 5 Swatch


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  1. I really want to try origins products and you are totally tempting me to try them. I guess this would suit my dry skin. 😀 lovely pictures and nice review. 🙂

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