Outfit of the Day: Casual Camouflage Pants and White Shirt

Outfit of the Day: Casual Camouflage Pants and White Shirt

Hello Wonderful people,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.  You all know me by name or through my LOTDs and EOTDs so far.  Now, for the first time, I am doing an outfit post for you guys.  I hope you would like me, and a big thank you to Rati – my fashion guru and the IMBB team for encouraging me to do an outfit post.


Outfit post is not just related with the dress, it requires fashion sense, way of styling things and the attitude on your face, so thank you so much IMBB for believing that thing in me.


So, here I come:

I am heading to a birthday party and this is what I was wearing – casual camouflage pants with white shirt.  I wanted to keep the look simple as well as classy.  For a simple look, I just paired my camouflage pants with a plain shirt and playing with the concept of blue camo pants, I paired shades of red.

Red shoes

I just added a neck piece and watch.

Silver Necklace

As I’m a student and it’s just a birthday party, I didn’t think of adding any bag or any more accessories.  I am just going for lots of chit chatting with my girls, so all I need is a cheerful mood and lots of gossip.

White Shirt

I think I found my perfect red lipstick.  If you like my lipstick, then I am going to review it super soon!

Red Lipstick

Camouflage Pants

Thank you so much for reading!

Outfit Details:

Trouser : Zara

Shirt : Mango
Footwear: Clarks
Watch: Miss Jo
Sunnies: Esprit
Neckpiece: Gifted

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89 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: Casual Camouflage Pants and White Shirt

  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyy! meri baat maan li tune! :* <3 u look too good for words, waaaaaaaaaay better than any of those supermodels! 😀 i officially faint! :') love ya!

  2. U look like a model!!
    How could u hold back for so long not doing OOTD posts??
    Very chic yet classy look.
    N yes, that’s a perfect red lipstick! Do review it!!

    Expecting more OOTDs now..

  3. Viniiiiiiiiii am fainting wt a gorgeous gal u are my god.. 🙂 Hw come u r single jhoothi.. 😛 m damn sure wherever u go there must be hundreds of eyes following u till u get out of their sight.. :p lol
    If i wud have been a guy i wud have stalked u every single day.. 😛 god loved ur ootd.. I wonder why u were always behind lens, u need to come forward gal.. 🙂
    keep posting more ootds dear.. loved ur ootd kasam se,.. 🙂 U r my valentine know yayyyyy.. <3

  4. the red lippy is indeed very good and looks good on you . Its not like the other ‘get me on couch’ kind of garrish red lippy 😛 hehe pardon my way of describing 🙂 its a classy red lippy . good going vini 🙂

  5. he red lippy is indeed very good and looks good on you . Its not like the other ‘get me on couch’ kind of garrish red lippy 😛 hehe pardon my way of describing 🙂 its a classy red lippy . good going vini 🙂

  6. OMG Vini … first OOTD & Super duper hit 🙂 Lovely sunnies , shirts, Neckpiece, trousers, shoes .. I forget something? Ofcourse your Red Lipstick 😀 I must say “Maar hi daloge” 😛

  7. ooooo… emmmm… geeee….. i absolutelyy loved this… you are a stunning beauttyyyy… :* :*
    while opening this post, when i saw half of the pic, i was like wooowww.. and was waiting for it to open up fast… like aparajita and neetu i would say keep coming with lots and lots of ootds… hugs to you… it is one of the awesomest ootds at imbb… 🙂 🙂

  8. Vini.. you are a stunner.. loved your shirt it fits you so well..
    and the neckpiece is to die for.. infact yesterday after liking your pic on FB I was thinking if I can make it on my own.. 🙂 🙂

  9. I can’t take my eyes off you…. m in love with your neckpiece, your pants and of course the red lipstick!!! the pics are amazing….you look super stylish and pretty!! 🙂

  10. I can’t take my eyes off you.. you look super stylish and pretty… these pants, the neckpiece and your red lips are hawwwttttt !!!!! 🙂

  11. looking absolutely gorgeous vini. so glad you did OOTD. I also went crazy about these camouflage pants. Looking absolutely fab on you. Love how you added hints of red to your outfit. 🙂

  12. u are absolutly gorgeous Vini…..ur skin is so clean n fresh and OOTD with White shirt n Cmflug pants made is absltly worth..keep more posting Vini….share ur skin scrt too beauty

    1. Jomol thank you so much for the appreciation, you guys encouraged me and I think I’m on cloud 9 this time, I was not sure of doing this but because of you guys I did and got so many compliments…
      Thank you for your kind and Support .. IMBB rocks 😀

  13. You look absolutely STUNNING Vini! I loved the entire look and the pics are pretty awesome too! Liked it on FB too 😀
    You must do some more OOTDs 😀

  14. Wow vini you look so pretty!!PLease post your skin care regine and your red lippie ka post. One of the best combinations that one cud wear on summers must say.

  15. omg.. omg… where was this pretty face so many days.. glad u decided to do OOTD and hopefully many more in the future…. love ur cool and casual style Vini <3

  16. OH MY FREAKING GAWD. You are drop dead gorgeous Vini :O
    Love your outfit, jewellery, shoes, wait, love you also <3 :*
    Gorgeousness :O 🙂

  17. Wow Vini you look drop dead gorgeous here! Never thought of military pants and ethnic jewelery combo! 🙂 You have an awesome sense of style hun 🙂 Love your red flats adds the much needed pop of color 😀 Keep more OOTDs coming miss beautiful…do share some skincare tips 🙂


  18. I completely agree with Aparajitha’s comments, definitely a super model, Loved the look especially your neck piece! 🙂

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