Palmers Aloe Vera Formula Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E Review

Palmers Aloe Vera Formula Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E

Hello Beauties!

Now since summers have started and it is already getting really hot these days whereas this is just the beginning 😛 I do not like summers much because of the hot and humid climate of course, but it cannot be avoided as well! And with the change in climate skincare essentials also need to be changed and I have also shifted to a lightweight aloe vera based body lotion from Palmers 😛


Product Description:

Palmer’s Aloe Vera Formula lotion with aloe vera, vitamin E and special emollients nourishes skin with the essential moisture it needs. Leaves skin soft and smooth, absorbs instantly. Receommend for all skin types. Made with 100% pure aloe vera gel plus vitamin E, herbal extracts, skin softeners and stabilizers for purity and efficacy that softens and protects skin.


Rs 280 for 250ml

My Experience with Palmers Aloe Vera Formula Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E:

I have always wondered that palmers products are more geared towards cold winters as majority of their products are very moisturizing and perfect for dry skin, but this one is completely opposite and hence perfect for summers. I am not very particular about using a moisturizer for body except for winters ofcourse, I use it whenever I can but most of the times I always forget about it especially during the day time as a sunscreen cannot be skipped 😀 But ever since I have started using this one I look forward to using it regularly 😛
The lotion comes in a unique curvy white elongated bottle with press open cap. The bottle is slightly long and certainly not the best for travelling but the packaging otherwise is travel friendly. I would have loved a pump packaging even more, but this is completely functional.


The lotion inside is milky white colored and has a very thin and light consistency, it smells very much like aloe vera quite refreshing , but the fragrance is quite mild and vanishes almost instantly. I love the cooling sensation it gives upon application, it feels so soothing but it vanishes soon within a minute. Just like the description it gets absorbed instantly, no sticky feeling or residue afterwards and provides an instant boost of hydration to skin. And hence it works very well for layering after a sunscreen. I have normal skin on body and have no dry or rough patches and this one worksvery well for me by providing just the right amount of hydration for extreme summers during day time without being heavy at all, as I hate using body lotions that are ever so slightly greasy or heavy during summers.

But if you have normal to dry skin or rough patches then this is not for u as it is very light to moisturize dry skin. It keeps my skin moisturized for 4- 5 hours after which I reapply sometimes 😀 It has no SPF which may be a con for some, but I depend on a sunscreen only for SPF and also it does contain parabens, but that is really hard to avoid them.

In all this is a good day time body lotion for normal skin during the scorching summers.


Pros of Palmers Aloe Vera Formula Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E:

• Sturdy Packaging
• Has a cooling sensation upon application
• Very lightweight, absorbs instantly
• Has a mild fragrance which vanishes soon
• No greasy or sticky feeling
• Perfect for summers for normal skin
• Claims to contain pure aloe vera and vitamin e

Cons of Palmers Aloe Vera Formula Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E:

• Not very moisturizing and hence not suitable for normal to dry skin at all
• No SPF
• Contains parabens
• Has to be reapplied after 4-5 hours
• Not all palmers products are easily available in India yet


Do I recommend Palmers Aloe Vera Formula Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E?

I only recommend if you are looking for a very lightweight lotion for summers,it works well for me and I might repurchase it only for summers. And for those who have dry skin can totally skip it.

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