Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel Review

Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel Review

palmolive thermal spa

There are two variants of the product available in India.
• Massage body wash
• Firming body wash

Click here for Palmolive’s hence Colgate’s India website:

Price: rs 105
Shelf life: 36 months
Manufactured by: colgate-palmolive (INDIA)
Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Crème … shower massage can be a first step to firm skin. Palmolive Firming Shower Crème with thermal minerals and seaweed extract is enriched with a skin identical lipid, which helps to enhance the skin’s smoothness
palmolive thermal spa
As written on its label, it contains thermal minerals, white clay and massaging micro-spheres which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Indeed, this shower gel contains small blue crystals that really rubs on my skin and makes it feeling clean and soft. After taking a shower, I feel so refreshed and clean. And the blue crystals felt like I just had a massage. What’s more, it smells nice too. It’s a lovely translucent pearly turquoise colour. The crème is slightly thick without being too thick, in my opinion it is optimum consistency for a shower gel. The body wash is unisex, can be used both by a man or a woman but as it says firming do not expect yourself to turn into a supermodel overnight. Rarely any one of these products has a firming effect. The lid is the perfect way to open its.i find just the right amount comes out though being a shower product I would have definitely preferred a pump. It is very creamy to touch. Feels good. For the price it is there is not a better product.
palmolive thermal spa


the product says it contains thermal minerals but doesn’t really go into what these are or what they are supposed to do. In Roman times thermal waters were first thought to be beneficial and spas built up around these areas that had hot springs. Using this product I was not aware of any thermal properties of the product. Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals but can also be rather smelly, thankfully the extract in this shower cream does not smell! The bottle doesn’t say what the seaweed is supposed to do for the skin.
palmolive thermal spa
The product says it helps to firm skin, now I was slightly sceptical about this. How can washing with a shower gel really make your skin firmer? It was pleasant enough to use, smelt nice, foamed up well and did make my skin feel soft. After drying there was a faint pleasant fresh smell on my skin. But my skin did not feel firmer. I think the firming properties claim is somewhat dubious.
palmolive thermal spa

Good Points of Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel

• Smells pleasant
• Good price for a bottle that would last you at least a month
• Love the colour
• Widely available
• Makes skin smooth and does not over dry
palmolive thermal spa

Bad Points of Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel

• No firming results. I anyways did not buy because of that claim

Rating of 3.9/5

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15 thoughts on “Palmolive Thermal Spa Firming Shower Gel Review

  1. i used to love palmolive body washes during college days. I wonder why i stopped using them. I’ll pick them up again now. :)) thanks FG. 🙂

  2. i have used this one ….2-3 bottles of it. but i still prefer the purple one over this blue one as i like the fragrance better and it stays too. but for some odd reason it’s the blue one that’s more easily availale and in stock everywhere :((

  3. I tried the purple and pink shower gels.. I lovvvved the fragrance.. Yet to try this.. Will try this soon!!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: for the review :plane: !!!

  4. ratiii.. me going out .. jus came to say .. i am also getting diamondstwo two ….. loved black ice now me will also apply n preeeennnnn :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. Hey..I use this body wash..the fragrance is amazing and it lathers soo well…I too wish it actually lived up to its claim of Firming up…But I guess one cant get everything :whistle: :whistle:

  6. Hi..i found your review very much like I feel about this body wash….but after using it i just stick to it…and now i don’t use soap anymore and i tried all of three palmolive body wash,my fav one is palmolive aroma body wash.

  7. thanku ladies i guyess ill try the purple one text coz its got some essential oil whose fragnc i am in love with
    :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: all!
    so much love

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