Pears Shower Gel -Soap Free Review

Pears shower gel – a Review

Next on my experimental agenda is “Pear’s shower gel”. I personally am a BIG FAN when it comes to shower gels. It offers gentle cleansing and exfoliation and it’s like having a perfect treat for my body everytime I head for shower. I tend to have long steaming showers when I use shower gels and as we all know besides weekend we don’t have that much time everyday. So weekdays I stick to soap and when its weekend time – it’s time to treat myself with nice shower gel along with hot steaming water. I have very sensitive skin so much so that everytime I bathe using any regular soap, I develop red itching patches on my body!! 🙁 SAD I KNOW!! I have been sticking to PEARS SOAP and DOVE SOAP for ages now. So, on my trip to BEAUTY SHOP 🙂 – the instant I saw “PEARS SHOWER GEL”, I grabbed it to experiment how this product would be . . . Hehehe..

The shower gel is as good as the soap. I remember using this soap since I was a kid which seemed as a nice big brown bar of TOFFEEE !!! 🙂 I inherited a very sensitive skin from my dad and ended up using this soap since long a time now. Recently DOVE soap has come to my rescue. It is very gentle and effective just as PEAR’S soap is. Let’s come to our review then – –


QUANTITY – 250 ml
PRICE – hmm I don’t remember actually BUT it was under 500 bucks !

Pears Shower Gel
Pears Shower Gel

I love the flip-top cap of this bottle and the fact that the bottle looks like a large version of the Pears soap. It has a cute hook which can be used to hang the bottle in your shower. 🙂 🙂 Also the shower gel doesn’t drip out even when the flip cap has been open (MAKES IT GOOD FOR TRAVELLINGGGG :)) you have literally squeeze the bottle hard to take the gel on your loofah.

Pears Shower Gel
Pears Shower Gel

What does the term “soap-free” mean???

Soaps can be very harsh cleansers and one does not always need soap to be clean. There are many things that can act as cleansers. Citrus acid (lemon juice), pumice and alcohol are few examples that act as cleansers. The term “soap- free” is used by many products to imply that the product will not dry out your skin (which is typically opposite of what soap does). This is because soaps have higher pH than that of our skin which causes damage to our epidermal layer of cells. Soap-free products are usually pH balanced products i.e. they have same pH as that of our skin (which is around 5
). The term also implies that product does not contain any salt of a fatty acid (sodium laurate etc) which normally soaps contain. However it may contain any “sulphate“based surfactants like sodium laureth sulphate.

My take on the product:
If you love this soap, you will definitely love this shower gel. Pears is a much known brand name and it surely is one of the best soaps in India with no harsh chemicals in it. Gentle and effective are the two best words that can describe this product. The shower gel is pure as milk and does not damage your skin or cause irritation of any kind. The gel lathers very well and creates luxurious bubbles, effectively cleanses and moisturizes your skin while making you feel refreshed with the help of its subtle fragrance. Its fragrance is pleasant and even lingers on after you come out of the shower. Also you don’t need dollops of gel to lather up. Pear’s soap is recommended by many skin specialists. My dad and I started using this soap after my dad’s doctor recommended it to us. Since it is branded as glycerine bar, it nourishes your skin like nothing else. I had minor problems using this particular soap because we had to be very careful while storing the soap. The soap melted very easily and care had to be taken so that much water does not accumulate around the soap bar. However, there are no such issues with the shower gel at all so I was quite happy with that. All in all, this product is definitely worth every penny.


  • 100% soap- free.
  • Skin pH balanced 🙂
  • Glycerine based gel moisturizes and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft.
  • Packaging makes this product good for travelling.
  • This product is one of the best ones for sensitive skin.
  • It is hypoallergenic and non- comedogenic. 🙂
  • I love the fact that the subtle fragrance still lingers on after you step out of shower.
  • Small amount of gel is required. It’s quite foamy (OHHHH I LUV BUBBLES). 🙂

What can I say? This product is CLASSIC!! Worth every penny.

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34 thoughts on “Pears Shower Gel -Soap Free Review

  1. nice review rids.. n of a product worth giving a try… 🙂
    i dont hav sensitive skin bt yes dry skin.. n i think this is a best substitute for a soap
    for the i am purchasing it.. :-))

  2. thnks nids… kya rhyming hai ..rids and nids… HAHAHAHA … i hv sensitive skin to i hav no other options than to stick to this one .. hehehe 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. hi rids liked the review, i often use the pear soap n ilove it a lot esp its long lingering fragnance. never knew about the shower gel, its high time to try it out… 😉

    1. thnks cali … dove is also excellent for sensitive and dry skin … i keep switchin between these two soaps frequently… since i luv body washes i make it a point to experiment other brands as well … : )

  4. Hey Rids….I am allergic to Pears…actually, I am allergic to so many normal things and its very odd…. :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((. Actually, there was this friend of mine who had psoriasis (not Rads although she may have a more severe version of Psoriasis)…and the doctor had prescribed him to use Pears soap…so doctors are even voucing for Pears, but me n…………….nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :pain:

  5. Me too..I dont like Pears Soap( the brown one.. :no: yuck it stinks and everybody and their aunty uses it..)..but i like the Green one..Oil Clear..It works for my face…I have the shower gel..Must be good for people with sensitive skin..Does not later much and washes off fast..But loaded with most shower gels..Jomol..are u from Kerala by the way? :-))

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