The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel Review

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel Review

I have tried the TBS Aqua Lily body spray and after falling in love with the fragrance I wanted to try their shower gel as well. I was waiting for a sale in TBS and when I found it I had asked my sister to order it and it came to $5 approximately for 200ml. After using the H2O Tango Mango Shower gel I really needed a pleasant smelling bath and thus I chose to use this.

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel

From The Body Shop:

Best if you want to: Enjoy the rich lather of a refreshing, soap-free cleansing gel that leaves your skin subtly scented with a blissful and uplifting, fresh floral scent.

Best for: all skin types

Notes: green apple, watermelon, dewey bamboo, tangerine, pink pepper, muguet, lily, rose, violet, reseda, cedarwood, musk

How it works:

  • Community Trade camomile essential oil soothes skin and calms the senses.
  • Glycerin is an effective moisturizer that improves skin’s softness, maximizes hydration, and enriches foam and lather.
  • Soap-free formulation is less drying to skin than soap.

Source :

The shower gel is pretty flowy like a liquid when compared to other shower gels which is in the form of pure gel. Once I pour this light blue coloured liquid the fragrance could be felt and on lathering it, it lathers really well spreading a fresh aquatic aroma in the bath.

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel

I always had a thought that any product that has floral notes would be dominatingly musky but no, this shower gel proved me wrong. Yes it is completely fresh and floral at the same time. It does a decent cleansing job and also my skin does not feel dry after the bath. So that ensures the product is soap free and contains glycerine. To know about the product in brief I am listing the pros and cons here.

Pros of The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel

  • Calming and soothing fragrance. I don’t smell lily in this shower gel . 🙂
  • It lathers pretty well.
  • Does not make my skin dry.
  • Little amount is enough every time and hence the product might last long.
  • Price is justified for what it does as I got it in a sale.
  • Love the colour that suits the aquatic fragrance.
  • Bottle is simple with lid being intact. So good packaging.

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel

  • Easily available in all The Body Shop stores.
  • Suits all skin types. It is very mild so even people with sensitive skin can use this.

Cons of The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel

  • Nothing much. Might be I can say the price is a bit high [without any sale].
  • Though it does not dry my skin it neither moisturizes. A little moisturising effect would have helped me in this winter.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

Would I Repurchase – Yes but not immediately. I would like to try even their other shower gels available in the market, as they have a huge collection. Once I have tried all I am sure I will again come back to this, even if this is not the best in the lot.

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42 thoughts on “The Body Shop Aqua Lily Shower Gel Review

  1. I have never tried TBS shower gels. I am going to pick one or two during the feb sale. Thanks for the review. It looks so summery and fresh. :))

  2. i have smelt this..!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: i love the fragrance…..supa fresh…

    is that second pic the lather created by this gel ???? 😯 😯 😯

  3. rati r u a member of TBS? how do you knw theres a sale of TBS in feb!
    yesterday i asked for a tbs vitamin c skin boost n their staff handed me the eye reviver instead from tht range
    today i went to return but they refused to take it back whereas it was completely their staff members’ fault!
    can you help? or any tips on how can i get them to take it back!

    1. radhika, I am not a member with TBS since i dont buy too many stuff from them. That’;s a yearly sale that TBS conducts every year during that time. You should have a bill with you, it should be exchanged only in that case.

      1. yes i do have the bill….but they still refuse!!! to return the money!! i wanted two skin boost but she gave me two eye revivers of vit. c range and that costed me about 1300 rs..!!!
        what a waste! :weep:

        1. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :waiting: :suspense: :tremble:
          1300 IS A HUGE WASTE!!!
          N I AM STILL A :pig: BANK KIDDOO!!1 :shame: :headbang:

          1. @radhika…i dont think that they ever return money even if its their fault…you will have to exchange it for sumthing else instead… 🙁

                1. Why don’t you contact the customer care???Actually ,I dont remember who,but some IMBBian had a lot of similar probs with Clinique(I dont remenber her case)…but she happened to write an article about it on IMBB…And Clinique did apologize, even replaced the prod I think..rati might know more….

            1. radhika, request you not to type in capital letters. It is akin to shouting in the online world. don’t worry, we can understand your emotions even in small letters. 🙂

  4. i’ve used white must,strawberry,wild cherry,jcb..

    ive only tried aqua lily mist n body lotion…will get the shower gel ..nice review 🙂

  5. I love all their shower gels…currently am using the wild cherry gel and loving it…will try this post the current one gets over ….. :heart:

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