Pantene Pro-V Repair and Care Hair Potion Review

Hi beautiful ladies,

Today I am going to review a product by Pantene. When I was young I used to change my shampoos quite often and Pantene was one of my favourites that time. I have severe hair fall these days 😥   😥  and I’m constantly looking out for hair products which can stop this hair fall. Though I don’t know the reason behind it and I keep guessing it to be from pollution to dust to travel and what not. I know it’s wrong to apply livon’s and serums and potions at this time because the hair roots are very weak and might react abnormally to any cosmetic preparation. Still when I went to shop a week back, I couldn’t control myself from buying PANTENE PRO-V, Repair and Care Hair Potion as it claimed to protect the hair from dust and grime.

Product being Reviewed: PANTENE PRO-V REPAIR and CARE HAIR POTION, a leave-in hair conditioner.


What the product claims?
Pantene Repair and Care potion not just help nourish your damaged hair, it coats your hair with the layer of Pro-VTM formula forming a protective shield around your hair to provide protection against signs of damage that can be caused by dust, grime, pollution and the sun.

Directions for use (as given on the outer carton)
1. Pour 3-4 drops of Repair and Hair Potion onto your palm for shoulder length hair. Adjust as per the length of the hair.
2. Spread potion onto both your palms.
3. Apply into your hair starting from the middle of the hair to the tips- do not apply to your scalp.
4. Do not rinse off.

Shelf Life / Price:
3yrs from the pate of manufacturing. INR 50 for 45 ml (I got the smallest packing)

pantene hair
pantene hair

My Take on the product:
Pantene hair potion is a kind of leave in conditioner. It comes in a shiny opaque white tube with a navy blue flip cap top. It is white cream like potion whose consistency is thicker than shampoos but not as thick as creams, somewhere in between. It exudes a mild fragrance which I quite like. Once you rub it onto the palms and into the hair, you palms feel a little sticky for 4-5 minutes after that may be it gets absorbed into the skin and just leaves fragrance on your palms.

Coming to what it claims that it protects the hair from dust, pollution etc, I dint find anything of that sort, in fact my hair became oilier and I felt the need to wash them the very next day. The hair for an hour or so does feel softer but apart from that this potion doesn’t do anything.

pantene swatch
pantene swatch

The quantity shown in the above picture is enough for shoulder length hair.

Pros of Pantene Pro-V Repair and Care Hair Potion:
1. Comes in a sturdy travel friendly tube, you can carry it in your purse and it won’t take much space.
2. Flip cap is a better option as you don’t need to insert your fingers which I find very unhygienic.
3. Exudes a mild fragrance.
4. Hair becomes softer though for a little while only.

Cons of Pantene Pro-V Repair and Care Hair Potion:
1. Does not do anything to the texture of the hair nor the split ends (as these occur as a result of pollution and dust)
2. Comes in opaque white tube, you cannot know how much is left behind after the usage.
3. Makes the hair oilier.
4. Doesn’t do what it claims.

Will I buy again?
No, I will not, I want a leave in conditioner which helps to control the frizz and the split ends which are caused to due to dust and grime, this product did not fare well.

IMBB Rating:
2 out of 5 (+2 given for the fragrance and making the hair softer)

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44 thoughts on “Pantene Pro-V Repair and Care Hair Potion Review

  1. I am so sorry that this product didnt work for you but I quite liked the product and it suited my dry hair. I havent experienced the oily feeling anyhow. I feel it controls frizz quite well.

  2. Sad this dint work for you. But a good review… :thanks:
    I use L’oreal smooth intense serum. i just apply it on the hair tips…just 2-3 drop are enough.
    Works for me….

    1. ur welcome aditi, i dont know whether i shud try serums at this point in time when i have excessive hair fall :methinks: :methinks:

  3. pantene suits me just for some time and in the long run makes my hair frizzier and frizzier.. try profeesional ranges from wella, loreal or shwarzkopf shivani..they realy work well. :makeup: :makeup: :makeup: :makeup:

  4. Shivani…….thanks for the review….I wanted to buy this…but I wont 😥 :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail: :pigtail:

  5. same here tarry 🙁
    Even i felt that my hairs are falling more than the normal after using this.. In fact all the serums like livon or any other causes drastic hairfall 🙁

  6. good review. when i started to read the article i thought this would be good to buy but now i wont be after reading the enstire article 😉 . i would also love something that helps with the split ends..besisdes the periodical trimming

  7. I have used pantene when I was studying in class 6 and 7, it made my haie so coarse like a rope ,ohhh I had severe sclp itching after using the shampoo, I have seen this potion earlier,but never had courage to pick it up, never will !

  8. shivani..I have 3-4 of this smaller tubes..use a little less wont make ur hair oily..I use it only when my hair is frizzy…and it does help me tame d frizz 🙂

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