Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Overnight Treatment Review

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Overnight Treatment
Hello everyone,
Let me explain my hair type first. I’ve dry and curly hair. They have undergone rebonding thrice (sad…but could not help it then). After much abuse finally I am getting back my natural curls (and frizzes too). So I am always on the lookout for new hair treatment products to smoothen out my frizzy hair.

Now a days everybody is talking about the variety of night creams available at the market and their benefit to the skin. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to find a night treatment for hair. And like any other girl obsessed with beauty products I jumped at this.

dove overnight treatment

Over to the review
Price: 250.00 for 120 ml.
Expiry: use before 30 months from date of manufacture.
What it claims
Discover the beauty of overnight care and wake up to dramatically transformed hair that is completely revitalized and easy to style like never before.


How does it work?
Dove with fiber actives deeply penetrates damaged hair throughout the night to actively replenish vital proteins and restore strength*
Micro moisture serum nourishes and seals each hair strand from root to tip.
*Based on reduction of breakage.
Directions for use
As written on the cover-
Apply 2-4 pumps of product onto damp or towel dried hair concentrating from the middle to the ends. Leave it on throughout the night. Its non greasy, soft texture melts instantly into your hair leaving no marks on your pillow. Wash or style as usual the next morning. Use at least once a week for optimum results.
But it does leave a film on your hair (my experience!!!)



As you can see it contains methyparaben.
My experience:
Seriously, after using this for a month I am not exactly sure how to rate this. It’s very creamy in texture. Just like its conditioners. The packaging is good. The first time I used this with dove shampoo and conditioner, I could feel the softness in my hair (you know how it feels when you use a good masque or conditioner). But nothing great like that dramatically transformed hair as claimed. With time I changed my shampoo and guess what. It’s of no use since then. It has started working just ulta. Whenever I apply this I feel there is a film on top of my hair strands. They are a bit sticky and tend to gather a lot of dirt and dust. I’ve to wash my hair to get rid of that feeling. Now you can understand why I was confused.

Pros of Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Overnight Treatment
1. smells good.
2. Works well if used along with its own range of shampoos and conditioners. (This is my own conclusion. Why else should it suddenly stop working?)
3. Thank god it’s only for 250 rupees. (Saved me the heart break:P)

Cons of Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Overnight Treatment
1. Contains paraben.
2. I did not live up to the dramatically transformed hair it promised. I would rather use any hair masque to moisturize my hair.

So that’s it. Cannot think of anything else to write about. When I think of it now, the softness might have been because of the dove conditioner only. So basically it never worked on my hair…. :’(

My rating 2.5 out of 5
The final verdict:

Well for me it’s wastage of money. A big NO. In case you want something new and are not bothered by the price then maybe you can try it out. (With dove products you never know!!!! For some people they work wonders and the rest fall back in my category I guess)

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30 thoughts on “Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Overnight Treatment Review

  1. :nababana: Dove product tht does not work !! 😯 Dove works wonderfully on hair .. same view frm everyone tht i knw who used dove . . .

  2. You know Jyo, when I first used dove conditioner I loved it sooo much but after 1 month that started working ulta like yours ! Even I couldnt explain why it happned so !Nice review !Bit costly I would say comparative to conditioner.

    1. It made my hair so oily na, cant tell you, very chipkoo and after 1 month, my hair started falling too!! I like its creamy texture but after a while really stops working ! :((

  3. Good review Jyo 🙂
    That’s the thing with Dove products – they are not consistent. Even for the SAME person, some of them work well, and the others are awful. :((

  4. :thanks: cali may be. but i toh hv totally surrendered nw :jaiho: :jaiho: only dove ppl know how their products work :stars:

  5. Am not too fond of the dove stuff either…but husband buys ONLY dove…used the soap for years and when they launched their deos and hair stuff he stopped buying other brands! Dovobsession!

  6. Nice review jyo…
    I am using this product for a month or so… and i do love it… probably because i use it with the shampoo and conditioner and hair mask and the serum of the same range… i love this product…
    the only problem i have with this product, which is deficately a “con” is that, people rarely wet their hair at night… so Dove should have made this product usable on dry hair, that would have made its usage more convenient….
    apart from that i love this product and it did not leave a film in my hair… it smells awesome :pigtail:

  7. sadddddd.i love their conditioner but i think that too has started to weigh down my hair!sheh!

  8. @ shai : he he. i think u should start replacing the product when he’s sleeping wid smthing u like. and whenever he appreciates it, just reveal the secret :toothygrin:
    lucky u Gini. i do luv d smell but its too sticky n makes my hair so chipkoo chipkoo :yikes:
    @ fly girl : well come to the gang 😛 i totally understand d luv-hate relationship :methinks:

  9. The thing about Dove is that its results are so weirdly inconsistent. They work for sometime and then cause problems straight out of hell. I’ve tried the Damage Repair as well as Daily Shine range and they worked very well for the first 6 months or so. Then, they gave me dandruff – something that I hadn’t had since I was 11. And what’s with the overly creamy consistency of the conditioner? It looks like whipped cream sometimes.

    I’ve tried Schwarzkopf’s serums for dry as well as colour treated hair and they work wonderfully to restore moisture and softness. And they smell divine! 😀

  10. Good review Jyo…and same pinch….my hair is curly and dry too :wilt: :wilt: …..I had tried many products to treat my hair and the dove intense therapy conditioner and loreal repair conditioner worked for me……and matrix serum too………bad that this didn’t work for you after you changed the shampoo…..and you are right about dove products……….if both the shampoo and conditioner are used together, it shows results, if not…then no use

  11. @nav : yeah!!! even i’ve tried schwarzkopf’s shampoo and conditioner.They are highly effective but a hell lot of chemicals are there. dint want my already chemically treated hair to use so much chemicals again :nababana: thts y discontinued. :((

    @jomol: :thanks:

  12. Hey all…I’m using Dove intense repair shampoo with conditioner…I feel its grt!, hair fall reduced and hair is silky smooth…I loved the product….But I also wanted to try overnight treatment…Sad thing is..after reading the review, scared to buy it 🙁

  13. hey i m thinking to use to dove intense reapir shampoo as my hairs are damaged with rebonding n all,, kya karu, mai :shame: :preen:

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