Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye Review

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This review will be on the Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye

Product Description:
A richly emollient cream-serum that absorbs quickly to hydrate, minimize the appearance of puffiness, and brighten around the eyes—and doubles as an excellent eyeshadow base. This multi-functional eye cream offers deep hydration thanks to a patented phospholipid delivery system that releases actives directly into skin’s cells. This advanced formulation provides the skin with a “nutrient buffet” to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles, redness and provide instant as well as long term antiaging benefits. Layer this below your favorite eye treatment to amplify the results or use it as a superb eye concealer base that can be re-applied throughout the day.  Cold Plasma, a breakthrough, revolutionary treatment from Dr. Perricone formulated to address the 10 most visible signs of aging and impart gorgeous, supple, healthy looking skin. Layer it under your favorite treatment product for ultimate amplified results!  It is formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, and Phthalates.


My Experience with Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye:

Packaging:  Comes in a tub packaging which is tiny and feels very unhygienic to dip fingers in every time. Also, the problem with tub packaging is that due to contact with air, the active ingredients in the cream can lose their potency and effectiveness over time.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye

Texture:  This product has light whipped gel-like consistency. It does spread and absorb into skin within seconds and does not leave a greasy residue behind.

Effects:  This cream does soothe and moisturize my eye area, but apart from that, I did not see any truth to the long list of claims. It did nothing for my dark circles nor did it make my eye area appear brighter as per claims. When I wore it during the day time, underneath my eye makeup, I did not find that it felt heavy or affected the longevity of my eye makeup in any way.  I do have oily eye area and using this product did make my eye area get shinier much faster.  I have noticed that I have started developing hints of crow’s feet around my eyes, which this product did not help in reversing.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye

Fragrance:  The biggest thing I hate about this product which is true for all the Perricone MD products that I have used in the past is that they have a very foul and fishy strong scent. It is frankly very nauseating and can feel overpowering at times. This is the sole reason I dread even reaching out to use this product and have thought about dumping it in the trash so many times.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye

Also, I must mention that this product does not come cheap. It has a very hefty price tag of $95 and for that price I felt that product was a huge failure. I did not experience any remarkable results using this cream and I just can’t get past the very unpleasant scent of it which lingers for a long time. This is one of those products which I highly regret getting and will not recommend or repurchase.

Pros of Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye:

  • Lightweight and absorbs quickly.
  • Does moisturize my eye area.

Cons of Perricone MD Cold Plasma Eye:

  • So very expensive.
  • Did not do anything to help diminish my dark circles nor did it brighten my eyes.
  • Did make my eye area get oilier quickly during day time.
  • Tub packaging is very unhygienic and quantity is very small.
  • Absolutely disgusting smell.

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