Philips Essential Care 5-in-1 Multistyler HP 8695/00 Review, Demo

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Hope everyone is doing good! For me, it’s going to be tough days ahead, exams duh! So before my never-ending exams begin, I thought I would write a post, because resisting IMBB is impossible!

Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (3)

Since a long time, I was looking for a good hair curler. First off, my hair are straight and reach my waist. Curling or styling long hair is a really tough job. If I try to curl my hair without heat, the curls don’t stay for a long time, so I was desperately looking for a great hair curler. I spent a lot of time online searching for the right product, finally I was amazed by this Hair Styler from Philips, let’s see what wonders it can do!

Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (9)
Price– Rs. 2441

Product details:

5-IN-1 styler
Ceramic coating
Temperature – 190 Degree Celsius


As the name says, it is not just a hair curler, but a styler. It comes with 3 different attachments which help you create 5 different hair looks. The attachments provided are:

Curling barrel
Straightener/ Crimp
Spiral for waves
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My Experience with Philips HP 8695/00 Hair Styler:

First thing first, when you see a product, you surely see its brand. Philips is one brand which can be easily trusted and always does an excellent job at making its products.


The product comes in a sturdy purple cardboard box. It has the basic instructions written on it. On opening the box, the tools are kept in a black heat-resistant case, which makes it really convenient for travelling. It also comes with an instruction card, which explains the working of the product really well. The warranty card is also kept inside the case, and the product comes with an amazing 2 year warranty.
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Coming to the body. Seriously , the colour of the handle is perfect to deceive a girl! It’s purple and the attachments are white/ black. The handle is really sturdy and the quality is great. It is one of those products that can be with you for the longest time!

Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (4)

Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (1)

Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (6)

Some quick features:

Metal body
Locking/unlocking ring
Power on indicator
Power on/off switch
Hangling loop
Slip on spiral
Heat resistant pouch

One thing that really makes me happy about this product is its long cable (1.8m) ! It makes life so much easier, seriously its just perfect if you want to sit in front of your mirror and peacefully style your hair!

Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (2)

As soon as you turn on the product on, a blue light is turned on. It also has a turn-on and turn-off switch. However, this product doesn’t have a temperature control. However for me, this is not an issue at all. I just turn the product off for a little while when it has become very hot and continue styling. In this way, my hair are not exposed to excess heat and they are styled as I want them to!

Changing the barrels is a very easy task. It has two locks at the base, just attach the barrel of your choice and lock it by twisting, in this way the product remains intact.Along with this, it has got a swivel cord (means the power cord rotates at the point which it is attached to the wand), which cuts down the chances of wire entanglement.

It takes up to 180 seconds to heat. While making curls you just have to wait for 7-10 seconds. The same goes for the rest of the styles. The size of the barrel makes it convenient for people with long hair to curl them. The best thing is that there is an option to choose between curls and waves!Even crimping is possible, along with loose waves, and tight curls as well as straight hair.


Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (7)


Philips HP 869500 Hair Styler Review, Demo (8)

You can make curls depending on your mood, tight, messy or loose. Even the waves look very beautiful and effortless. When I first curled my hair, the curls stayed the entire night, until in the morning I washed my hair. I was really impressed by the result!

You don’t have to worry about your fingers getting burned, it has a cool tip at the end, which doesn’t let heat conduct. This is one product that doesn’t make my hair look damaged and dry after using, I am quite happy with the results. You get everything you are looking for in this product and it’s totally worth every penny!

However, the straightener is quite small in size. Personally, I won’t even use the straightener as my hair are already straight, but if you want to occasionally straighten your hair, this can be an option.


Don’t use the product on damp/wet hair.
Don’t keep it close to water.

Pros of Philips HP 8695/00 Hair Styler:

  • Ceramic
  • Affordable
  • Travel-friendly
  • Allows 5 different styles
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy to handle
  • Nice product design
  • Really durable
  • 1.8m swivel cord

Cons of Philips HP 8695/00 Hair Styler:

  • Could have had a temperature control (though that doesn’t bother me)
  • Straightener is small.

Would I buy Philips HP 8695/00 Hair Styler again or recommend Philips HP 8695/00 Hair Styler?

Well, I don’t think I will have the need to buy this again, this is one ever-lasting product!

If you are looking for a product that does what it promises and is affordable, then this is what you are looking for 🙂

IMBB Rating:


Thank you for reading, hope you have a lovely day! 😀

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