Philips HP4671 Hair Styler

Philips HP4671 Hair Styler

Hi Everyone,

I have been a passive reader of this blog for many months and finally today, I have decided to take the plunge 😛 .  I stumbled on this blog while googling for a review on a sleepy afternoon post-lunch on a particularly boring day at work. Needless to say, from then on, I have been hooked.

Philips HP4671 Hair Styler

Now, a little intro is in the offing, for those in a hurry, scroll down till the stars 😛

I am one of those girls who breezed through teenage without facing any of the “earth shattering” kind of skin or hair issues. In fact, the only major self-image related issue I had was my big bottom.  I was tall and slim with a huge butt, totally skewing my centre of gravity.  This led to a lot of disastrous trial room sessions wrestling with jeans trying to pull them past my thighs and those worst super-awkward occasions where I had to call my mom to pull the half stuck ones off me.  If only Jlo or Beyonce were around back then, but towards the late teens, I shed my puppy fat (that’s what my mom called it) and today thanks to Levis Curve Id, I no longer have to endure banging my head against the door knob, table corner or any other piece of furniture while undressing.  Thankfully, all those head bumps did not reverse my problem. A big tush is any day better than a big head. Anyway to cut the long story short which I have to do a lot because I digress a lot.  Okay, now I promise, I will not start another story here :toothygrin:

But you know I can’t help it, I absolutely have to embark on this story in order to properly impress upon you the reason for this post.  Here we go, I promise to keep it short.  So I have been in Bangalore since three years. First job, big bucks and the new city totally made me go berserk, but in the process, my skin and my precious hair suffered a lot. Long drives on bikes a la bollywood heroines wrecked a  havoc with both and the frequent ironing and Bangalore water (I have no conclusive proof but I want to blame it nevertheless :shy: ) did not help matters and soon, I was battling pimples, pigmentation, freckles, hairfall, and limp hair.

Now somehow with a great deal of effort and money, I have been able to regain the lost glory, but the “charm” has somehow vanished apparently. Hell I am 25, looking good should not take so much effort! Anyway, my skin is somewhat stable now and the previously snubbed sunscreen is my new best friend. I have accepted the fact that my hair won’t be the same again (I had super nice silky, wavy hair and that too with zero maintenance and no conditioner!).  So now, I am back to basics and oil my hair like a good girl before every wash and use a good shampoo and conditioner and always air dry it.  I have been avoiding hair dryers or any other electric appliances like plague now.  My hair has responded well to this regime, but the only hitch now is my boyfriend and soon to be, err, would-be (fingers crossed because my dad has decided to be the melodramatic typical Indian Dad but that’s another story).

Ya so my boyfriend loves smooth, silky, and well-groomed hair, so to please him, I used to blow dry my hair once in a while, but shelling out Rs. 400 to 500 every time started pinching (you see with freckles, I got some wisdom too).  So, in order to save my hard-earned money, I decided to give it a try at home, but my hands refused to be dexterous enough to handle a brush and a hair dryer while simultaneously trying to hold the hair in sections, etc.  So, I totally gave up the idea and went back to my salon to face the grim reality, but through some divine intervention, I stumbled upon this brilliant product (yeah I know, I am plain lucky in stumbling department).

Now, this is where you should sit up and actually pay attention because now I am finally going to tell you something really useful. Please forgive the rather long buildup to it, but really as I said, I can’t help it 😛

Phillips Hair Styler

So,this brilliant product called “Philips HP4671 Hair Styler” is a genius of an invention and a boon to people with zero dexterity or limited time or simply those inflicted by the ailment called “laziness” (I guess this covers almost the entire sample space). Anyway, this awesome product is a hair brush fused at the end of a blow dryer. So, while you are working with the equipment with one hand, the other one is free to hold your hair in place, make sections, gulp that last minute coffee or grab a bite before you have to rush to office, damn neat idea I thought.  The best part is that I ordered it online and got 20% discount on it and I couldn’t thank my stars more :stars:


After discount, Rs. 1599/-

Product Description:

If you are a hair gadget novice and you want to experiment with different hairstyles, then Philips HP4671 Hair styler could be suitable for you. This hair styler provides you with professional styling in the comforts of your home. This Philips hair styler comes with three styling attachments to create any look you want.

Comfort Features:

  • The HP4671 Philips hair styler incorporates a 360 degree swivel cord that allows you to rotate the cord to prevent the wire from tangling. The power cord measures 1.8 m in length enabling you to move freely, without the requirement of an extension cord.
  • Body.  Crafted to deliver enhanced portability, the HP 4671 hair styler by Philips is sleek and compact. The hair styler is simple and intuitive to operate, as you can style your hair with just a touch of a button. You just have to simply attach the three different parts on the head of the unit and press the control button to start the styling process.
  • Performance.  The HP4671 hair styler by Philips features Ceramic ultra-gliss technology that provides protective ceramic coating. This assures even heat distribution, resulting to less hair damage. The wrap sections around the ceramic surface of the barrel, lock in the hair’s natural nutrients, restoring the shine and health of your hair while styling. This leads to smooth, stylish and healthy curls with the right amount of shine.
  • The retractable bristle brush delivers the functions of a curler and a styling brush. The Natural bristle brush operates exclusively to add volume and shine in your hair. To enhance the look of your hairstyle, the Shaping brush provides a dual function of brushing and drying your hair leaving your hair smooth and shiny. Featured with 3 heat and speed settings, you can adjust the heat and speed according to your requirement.

Hair styler

This hair styler is also equipped with a cool setting where you can set a low level heat that gently dries your hair to minimize damage. This function works with all types of hair, but is especially beneficial for fine, dry or damaged hair. Along with the cool setting, the Philips hair styler also provides you with a 800 W heater that creates an optimum level of airflow leading to gentle drying power with professional results. Operating with a power supply of 220 to 240 V, this hair styler consumes 800 W of electricity.

Key Features:

  • 3 Heat Settings.
  • 3 Attachments.
  • Ceramic Coating.
  • Cool Setting.
  • 360 Deg Swivel Cord.
  • Tangle-free 1.8 m Cord.
  • 800W for professional results.
  • 2 Years Philips India Warranty.

Pros of Philips HP4671 Hair Styler:

  • Very easy to use.
  • Quite powerful, so it takes little time to style.
  • Especially good for styling bangs/fringes.
  • Length of the chord is good enough so you can reach your dresser even if the power socket is not close by (big thumbs up for that actually :P)
  • Available online on several e-shopping sites.
  • Save money on parlour visits.

Cons of Philips HP4671 Hair Styler:

  • The curling attachment with retractable bristles is a bit difficult to use but maybe its difficult for my hair texture. The other two attachments work beautifully.

Final Word on Philips HP4671 Hair Styler:

I find it an extremely useful product for quick styling and occasional use.

Hope you all like my first article, do suggest corrections/enhancements.

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38 thoughts on “Philips HP4671 Hair Styler

  1. Welcome To IMBB Soujanya 🙂
    u have written ur first post really well 🙂 this styler seems great, i ll look for it now , thanks for sharing :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  2. that was a very entertaining post soujanya!! :pigtail: :pigtail: i loved it! now i think i need a hairstyler too O:) O:) 😉

  3. less info on product n more on u… luved ur revu :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. me 2 have a hair styler in a different brand but find it hard to use for my long hair…so its lying in some corner…i had actually forgotten about it till i read ur review now..will find it and try make good use of it 😛 😛 Thanx 🙂

  5. nice… and funny review….. ya good for people (like me 😉 ) very bad at managing blow dryer and brush together and end up with poofy mess…

    1. Yeah totally….its like having two left hands. Suddenly I am all clumsy and scared that my hair will get stuck in the dryer 😛

  6. Plz do share your Hair Pics.,. Am planning to buy the other version yaar.. Do you get proper curls from them.. :yikes: :yikes:

    1. Hey sure I will take pics when I next style my hair. And as I said I have not used the curler attachment much because I found it difficult. But with the other round attachment, I get loose curls well.

  7. Hi Soujanya,
    Welcome to IMBB,..I can totally relate to your post….I also took my skin and hair for granted and had to pay a price for it, 😥 eventhough is everything is undercontrol now…. :yes:
    As Australia has a very high level of chlorine in water it made problems worse, I have got a chlorine filter installed now .. :yahoo:

  8. nice review :jiggy1:
    btw which sunscreen do you use? :silly: :silly: i also have tendency of getting tanned while in sun :headbang: :headbang:

    1. Yeah even I get tanned and it takes at least a month or two to completely go. I use a sunscreen prescribed by doc called Ansolar. It is quite good 🙂

  9. Hi All 🙂
    Sorry for the late response but I usually do not log in on weekends and this weekend I was on a trip. Thank you all for the comments 🙂

  10. Nice review Soujanya.. this ws on my list along wth couple of othr stylers but i guess ill giv tis one a shot nw.. jst 1 quick qn, wt is your hair type normally? straight or slightly wavy?
    also do you have any hair loss issues wth using this?

    1. Hey glad you liked it…My hair is naturally a bit wavy especially the bottom 2 inches or so. And I have not faced any hair fall owing to this product usage because I limit the usage to once in 2 weeks. Here I would like to add one more point that the brushes are of good quality and I have not noticed hair strands getting stuck in them as i have noticed that round brushes tend to break hair. Hope this info helped 🙂

  11. Oh wow! Thanks so much for this review! I just ordered for this…and soo glad I did! Yay…now I can’t wait to get my hands on it… :pompom: :pompom: :pompom:

  12. Hello..I have wavy hair and just bought this salon Airstyler a few days ago but I’m totally clueless about using it 😐 the manual hasn’t helped me either…I can use the retractable brush but can’t use the other two…also the curls aren’t remaining for a long time 🙁 I don’t know why 🙁

  13. hey, i want a perfectly blow dried finish with kind of soft waves towards the u think this styler would help?

  14. hi, please some one rply. which is best philips HP4671 or Airstyler
    Dynamic Volume Brush, Ceramic(philips). I have wavy/curly frizzy hair. which one is useful for both strg, crul and volum? Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. even i have the same product and have also tried using it many times.But to my disappointment my hair was always the same after styling it.Well,i can say i dont know hw to use it.So,any tips for me?by the way my hair is between wavy and straight!:)

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