Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser

One fine day last year, I came to know that Sephora was just a mile away ( inside a mall) from where I work, I was so thrilled (Yippeeeee!!!). Then I came to know MAC store was just above Sephora’s store (Ooooooh!!!!) and I was like “Wow, Yay!!! I’ll have best makeup and beauty products ever!!!”. The mall has also lots of other beauty shops which I have yet to explore! (i.e. if I can ever get away from Sephora and MAC.)

To tell long story short, I just happened to stumble over the fact that I wanted to look “very nice”. That means using good beauty products, good makeup products, wearing good clothes and working towards having a good body. Up till recently, I was more of simple black eyeliner-lipstick kind of person with love for any clothes that would aid in hiding my not- so-eye-friendly curves. Believe me I did not invest in single eye shadow until last year. What I had was either free gifts with perfume purchase or simply gifts from cosmetic-friendly cousin or friend.
philosophy purity cleanser
My first purchase at Sephora was just one popular eye-liner, its sharpener and eye shadow primer, so that it would stay put all day. I love to research, so I hardly buy anything on impulse or on spur of moment. I had done a good research to find one of the best eye liners on market, and had proceeded to buy the one that fit my budget at the time. Sephora was so generous in return that they gave free samples of different products depending upon total purchase! And in one of my samples, was a sample for a cleanser. PURITY made Simple cleanser from Philosophy. I tried the purity cleanser that night. It was a small square white packet that had about 1 or 2 uses of cleanser in it. And I just LOVED it. First thing I was attracted to, was the scent. It was kind of sweet, fresh, clean and unique scent almost like minty after-shave……and Second thing I loved about it was that it was creamy and non-drying after rinsing off with water. I went back to Sephora and got myself a 8 oz bottle of Philosophy purity cleanser for $20, despite having Cetaphil and Aveeno facial cleansers on my shelf at home. It was just so good. And then I went to check online, if I am okay with wanting this so bad and to my amazement and happiness, this product was one of the best products in Cleanser market!

Ok. My story above has clear review on my part but lets dive into details…

Name: ‘purity made simple’ by Philosophy

Punch line: One-Step Facial Cleanser

Claims of Philosophy Purity Cleanser:

1. Deep cleans pores and eliminates makeup build up.
2. Hydrates as it melts away makeup.
3. Contains Deep-cleansing agents.
4. Natural oil extracts help condition skin.
5. Fragrance-free formula
6. Contains a proprietary blend of extracts for a unique fresh scent.

To Use

Take a small amount and a little water and massage onto the face for 30-60 seconds. Rinse.

philosophy purity cleanser
The bottle also touts that cleanliness is a new beginning. When you feel clean, you can begin being who you really are. I can definitely say this liquid formula totally lives up to the expectations.

PROs of Philosophy PurityCleanser

1. Wonderful Scent
2. Non-hydrating
3. Creamy, but not greasy
4. A small drop is good for entire face area.

CONs of Philosophy Purity Cleanser

1. Its expensive, but if you buy a bigger bottle, cost drops quite a bit by oz.
2. I think it’s only available at Sephora and Philosophy website.

Rating: 5/5

philosophy purity cleanser

Would buy it again? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Thanks for reading this review!!!!

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28 thoughts on “Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser Review

  1. i also agree to noopur……but my list also includes…bobby brown and nars and stila…… :yelo:
    and yes i have also heard some rave reviews about philosophy….

  2. really wish Philosophy was available here…pataa nahin desh kab azaad hoga!!! :yawn: :yawn: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  3. Yes, I use it three times a week….other times I use my Cetaphil and Aveeno….I love it so much…that I am scared it will finish faster……and this product is on expensive side…but the scent is the best ever found in cleanser……and I think in winter, I do need a moisturizer afterwards, but in summer I can be without one…..its very creamy and non-drying……but you have massage this cream for 30 to 60 seconds to get the best cleansing…it says on the product and I do it humbly! :haanji:

  4. LOL i need to be more quick hehehehe
    I was almost done writng a review about this but … never mind- I got teh 1 litre wala big bottle and been using this since 6 months now- excellent product for the sensitive skin types.
    most recommended. 😀

    1. Actually I was thinking to do a review since a long time, in fact everytime I used the cleanser, I was reminded……its so nice na?

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