Pigmentation: Causes and Cures

How will you describe beauty?

Ask this question to any beautiful women in the world and 99% the answer would be, “Beauty is skin deep, you have to be beautiful inside to look gorgeous from outside.”

Yeah right!… Aaaggghhh…. Why cant they just tell the truth we all know. Problems are skin deep beauty isn’t, it has and will always be on your face.

skin pigmentation

The list of skin problems seems endless to me wrinkles, acne, dark circles, uneven skin tone and blah blah blah…

Skin pigmentation or uneven skin tone as it is normally called is caused due to the increased production of melanin in our skin. Although it does not pose any threat to our physical health yet the mental health of some people suffering from it may get affected.

Causes of Skin Pigmentation:

Both external factors and internal factors contribute to the cause of uneven skin tone.

External factors include:

• Sun exposure
• Laser skin treatments
• Skin whitening creams

skin pigmentationInternal factors include:

• Pregnancy
• Age
• Birthmarks
• Some medications
• Birth control pills
• Moles and warts

To have pigmentation anywhere on the body is sad but it becomes most unattractive when it is visible on face. From a distance pigmentation around mouth and chin gives an appearance of beard on a face of women.

Skin pigmentation at an early stage can be cured by following some home remedies but for severe cases of pigmentation cosmetic treatments prove beneficial.

Cosmetic Treatments:

Chemical Peel: As the name suggest this procedure requires a chemical solution to remove the upper layer of the skin through gentle exfoliation which in turn improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

Laser treatment: In this treatment the damaged skin is removed layer by layer using a carbondioxide laser resulting in lesser problems with hypopigmentation i.e. lightening of the skin. It is also called as laser peel or laser vaporization.

Some natural remedies:

• Boil some cumin seeds in water and wash your face with it afterwards. It is a great remedy for getting rid of pigmentation and even dark circles.

• Grind guava and banana together and apply the paste on face for sometime and then wash face with cold water.

• Soak lentil dal in water and then while grinding it add milk. Apply this paste to remove pigmentation.

• Allow orange peels to dry in shade for some days and then make there paste by grinding them with water. Apply this paste on face for 15 minutes and then wash face with cold water.

• Apply lemon juice on your face daily. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash your face with cold water. Avoid overdoing as it may dry out the skin.

• Cucumber juice when applied on face helps to remove pigmentation marks and pimples.

• Mix radish juice and curd. Apply it on face to get rid of pimples, acne and pigmentation marks.

• Mix honey and onion juice in equal parts and apply on face to cure pigmentation problems. skin pigmentation

To save yourself from the problem of pigmentation always remember to:

• Use a sunscreen before going out.
• Use a primer before applying makeup as certain cosmetic products also lead to pigmentation.
• Use a good foundation and concealer.

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  3. I have pigmentation on my face which have reduced consiiderably now. :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:
    But I like the natural methods and will definitely try them.
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  4. woww….i have horrible pigmentation mainly bec of thyroid prob…boiling cumin seeds sounds so so easy peaasy…will try …thks era…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  5. NIce artical Era !!!! :yes:

    I too suffer from this problem n tried every possible way to get rid of it..These tips really works but it took time to work…. :waiting:

    One tip from my side as told by my dermtalogist : while washing ur face dont rub it and dont use any scrubs on ur face…and just dab the towel on ur face to dry it or if possible let it dry by self.. 🙂
    And try to use sunscreen haviing spf 50+ coz the ozon layer is drastically reduced !!!

  6. Girls which one is the best and sure method to remove pigmentations.. i have tried many creams…but it doesnt goes. Pls suggest.

  7. Girls which one is the best and sure method to remove pigmentations.. i have tried many creams…but it doesnt goes. Pls suggest.

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