Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes Review

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Getting high on some particular makeup/beauty product is so me. Recently, it was all about wet wipes and so here is one more pick from my trip to Bali. Read on to know how it fared for me.

Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes

Product Description:
To face always clean and shine-free, do not forget to always carry a facial wipes effectively remove dirt and excess oil and make up the rest of the face instantly.  Get a clean face no gloss anytime and anywhere. Simple!

I do not remember the exact price, but it was not more than Rs 300/-.

My Experience with Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes:

The packaging is very much like the regular wet wipes packaging. The body is vibrant blue with a stick-on to protect the tissues. As it is a 25-wipe pack, it is slightly bulky to carry around. For the makeup pouch, a pack of 10 always comes handy.  Anyway, I am not complaining as these can be carried along to small trips to minimize the hassle of carrying makeup remover/cleanser.

Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes

The tissues have a mild soapy feel to it. On rubbing for a while, there is a light foamy texture that you can feel on the skin. No doubt it gives the feel of a squeaky clean face, but some might not feel very comfortable with that. It cleans every bit of dirt and grime from the face leaving behind a mild fresh smell that lingers for a while.

It is slightly difficult to term it as an oil control wipe, as essentially I have not noticed any oil control, but definitely does not leave back any excess oil on the face. Due to the soapy texture on the face, the skin is left oil-free for a while, so you can give it the benefit of doubt.

Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes

Coming to the negative aspect of the product, it does not remove makeup that well. I had to vigorously rub off a creamy lipstick, so you can imagine the pain if you are trying to remove a long-wear lip color or waterproof mascara. Honestly, looking at how it failed to remove a simple lip color, I did not even try to remove full makeup with it. Other than the makeup removal issue, there is no problem with the product whatsoever.

Pros of Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes:

  • Affordable.
  • Saturated wipes.
  • Refreshing smell and effect.
  • Cleanses skin of dirt and oil.

Cons of Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes:

  • Does not remove makeup.
  • Minimal oil control.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Pond’s Clear Balance Oil Control Cleansing Wipes?

No to both. I like wet wipes which effectively remove makeup and gives a clean refreshed feeling to the face.

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