Pond’s Clear Pimples Facial Foam Review

Pond’s Clear Pimples Facial Foam

Pond's Clear Pimples Facial Foam

I had initially dismissed the new Pond’s face washes at the first glance assuming that it was old wine in new bottle. Only when I took a closer look, did I realize that there were a couple of new face washes that Pond’s had launched. The wonderfully fresh green packaging which the Clear Pimples Facial Foam had, attracted me instantly. What surprised me is the lack of promotional activity for the face washes, since Dove is aggressively marketing their newly-packaged range.  That’s when I noticed the advertisement on the web that has a girl with a pimple alert when she is trying to get talking to a new guy. The product claims to get rid of 99% of the pimple causing germs. She just washes her face with the product and Whoosh! The pimples vanish! If only that did happen in real life!

Coming to the face wash itself, it comes packed in a handy tube of 50 g. Finding a 50 g tube turned out to be a chore for me, since most supermarkets stocked this variant in the bigger tube. The tube has an attractive green and white color and makes you want to pick it up.

Facial foam

The main ingredients are Herbal clay and Neem. Having grown up in a household that extols the value of natural ingredients and in a bid to address my breakouts, which the face wash claims to do, I bought it.

Apart from the natural ingredients, it also has Salicylic acid, potassium hydroxide, Basil flower and leaf extract and glycerin among other ingredients.


Comes in a conveniently sized 50g tube that fits into the purse. The flip open cap secures the tube and is easy to open and close.

What it Claims:

The text says that the face wash is designed for pimple-prone skin. Since it is highly absorbent, it helps remove dirt, grime and oil from deep within the pores. Also, that it gets rid of pimple causing bacteria, thereby, preventing the recurrence of pimples.

Wallet Factor:

A 50g tube would cost you 65 rupees, which is a decent price. That is almost the minimum that one would shell out for a face wash these days.

Initial Reaction:

The product lives up to the name of being a facial foam and lathers well. It is slightly off white in color with micro granules for exfoliation and deep cleaning.

Face wash

Pros of Pond’s Clear Pimples Facial Foam

• The packaging. It is sleek and handy.
• Flip-open cap is easy to handle.
• The consistency of the face wash is not runny. On the contrary, it is probably the thickest face wash I have used till date, thereby improving the ease of use.
• The face wash smells good. The smell is a lot like their matte effect face.
• It foams well and freshens the skin.
• The beads in the face wash do what they claim to. A wash leaves the face visibly brighter.
• Gives a shine free effect for close to 5 hours.
• Full value for money. A face wash at 65 rupees is actually a steal.

Cons of Pond’s Clear Pimples Facial Foam

• For a facial foam that is meant for pimple-prone (essentially oily) skin, the face wash isn’t gel based. It is creamy and thick.
• There are too many granules. I would be wary of using it when I have a major eruption on the skin.
• The foam is difficult to wash off when you are in a hurry.
• Can tend to leave the skin very dry with a white film if you use too much of it.
• Not very sure about the pimple removal action. A week into using it, I have not seen newer eruptions, but the old ones’ have not vanished like how it did in the advertisement 😉

Final Verdict:

It may not be the best product in the market to address pimple-ridden skin, but no stopping from giving it a shot since it does not have any adverse effect on the skin and it is cost effective. It’s great if it works, else, you have a sweet-smelling face wash that gives you oil-free skin. However, being the eternal optimist, I am hoping that a month or two later, combined with a healthy diet and some exercise, I could see my pimples vanish.

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