Post-Shower Rituals

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After a long day of burning em’ calories at the gym, you’re probably sweaty and you feel kinda gross too. You cool down with a cold shower or maybe even a long bath, pamper yourself with bath bombs or bath salts. But the pampering doesn’t end there! Some might end up too lazy or forget that you need to give your skin proper TLC too! Some of these post-shower rituals might give you a few ideas and trust me, it’s pretty therapeutic too.

Post Shower Rituals

Don’t Rub! Try Patting.

When we hop out of the shower, naturally we’d dry off first. I can totally relate to wanting to dry off fast and throw on some clothes because let’s face it, it’s freezing! But the faster and the harder you rub, the more sensitive and dry your skin gets.

Post Shower Rituals

Sensitive and dry skin is like a living nightmare. Your skin gets red and itchy in the warmer months, tight and flakey in the colder months. The worst part, it’s still dry no matter the season.

To avoid that, be a little more gentle on your skin. Pat your skin dry with a towel. It might take a little longer as opposed to rubbing and you might find that to be a turn off but it’s absolutely worth it and your skin will thank you.

Body Butters, Body Lotions, Body Gels? Moisture!

Hot water and steam would equal to an amazingly relaxing bath, sadly it would leave your skin dry in the aftermath. But we still do it anyways, it’s addicting and helps with a tough day too. However don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a hot shower if you care for your skin correctly after!

Post Shower Rituals

Put a little more effort and throw some moisture to keep your skin supple and hydrated with a body butter. It might take a while for your skin to eat it all up, but this post-shower ritual can be pretty therapeutic too! If a body butter is too rich, opt for a body lotion or body gel. They’re a little lighter and absorbs into the skin quicker.

Pampering Session? Pamper Night? Layer It Up!

After a satisfying bath, the pores in your body would open up and that’ll lead to better absorption of any skincare product. When the absorption rate is at its best, layering a few body care products would do well for the skin. Don’t go overboard! But just add a few extra products.

Post Shower Rituals

A recommendation would be serums and oils. Our skin tends to dry up when we sleep and serums and oils help to prevent that. Oils tend to keep your skin moisturised throughout the night because it’s really rich and a rich serum would do the same thing too.

Hair, Hair! Damage Control!

Some wash their hair on alternate days and others may have damaged hair, post-shower hair has got to be the worst! The hair gets wet, tangled and brushing it hurts and it contributes to split ends and breakage too. It’s frustrating and a little stressful.

The best time to for some damage control would be post-shower. Mend your post-shower locks with a few sprits of a leave-in conditioner or a detangler and comb through your hair to spread it evenly. Don’t brush your hair! It’ll just worsen your hair condition. Invest in a wide-toothed comb to comb through your hair.

Post Shower Rituals

Try some of these post-shower rituals if you’ve got a few minutes to spare! Even if you’re super busy, these post-shower rituals are worth a little time on. If you’re having a pampering session or night, hey! These are some ideas to add to the list. Have a good one girls! 🙂

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