Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel Review

Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel

Product description:
Purederm Clean & Fresh Peeling Gel formulated with Apple, Lemon & Orange Extract deeply cleans pores, gently exfoliates, removes dead skin cells and refines skin surface. Skin is healthy looking and refreshed.


How to use:
Thoroughly cleanse and dry face. Apply the product to face and massage evenly (except for eyes and mouth). Rinse with water after 1 minute.


Rs. 120 for 50 ml.

My Experience with Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel:

I love peel off masks in general, because of the tightening effect they give to my skin. This particular product quite similar at first, but it is a totally different product. As it is not a mask but a peeling scrub. It comes in a very unique reusable packaging, with a nozzle along with a twist up cap, it is very handy and great for travelling, but at the same time contains 50 ml of product, so will last for long. The packaging ensures there is no product wastage, and also there is no dripping or anything. One can easily control the amount of gel dispensed.

The gel inside, is medium thick in consistency and is of transparent white color. It has very minute particles in it, which you feel while spreading it. I have never used a peeling gel before, so cannot compare it to anything. But these kind of peeling gels are very popular in Korea and other Asian countries, they are said to be better and gentle on skin compared to the regular scrubs. I personally am not a huge fan of face scrubs, as I have sensitive skin, and if gone slightly overboard they leave my skin red. The consistency is very light, but not at all runny, so it is not messy, and spreading it is very easy. It contains many plant extracts as well.

The fragrance is very refreshing yet mild, it has a fragrance similar to that of green apples, and is quite mild to bother sensitive noses. To use it you have to just spread on skin first, even with slight massaging movements it starts peeling immediately. So first make sure to spread it evenly covering entire face and then lightly massage it. It comes off very easily with water. This gel basically exfoliates the skin by peeling away the dead skin cells. The concept is similar to that of a scrub, but the effect on skin is very different. It is very mild, and people with sensitive skin can easily use it. It does not moisturize the skin, but also does not dry it out at all, but makes it very soft, smooth and clean looking. I have been using it twice every week from the past two weeks, and it has taken the place of my regular scrub. It is not at all harsh on skin and very gentle, so if you like very granular or are used to slightly harsh scrubs then, you might not get the same satisfaction and results you are expecting. But if you feel that scrubs are too harsh for you, then this product is to consider.


Pros of Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel:

• Very simple and travel friendly packaging
• Has a very light refreshing green apple fragrance
• The gel is suitable for all skin types
• Does not dry out skin, or make it more oily
• Leaves skin feeling very smooth , clean and soft
• Lightly exfoliates skin
• A very unique product in itself


Con of Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel:

• It is not very granular like regular scrubs
• Some may find it very mild
• There is no visible difference in skin texture
• Availability

Do I recommend Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel?

I highly recommend to try this unique product at least once, this is now going to be a staple in my skincare, and I am going to try other variants as well.

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11 thoughts on “Purederm Clean and Fresh Apple Peeling Gel Review

  1. ohh great.. *woot* I nvr tried purederm wud love to try all those reviewed here.. *happydance* bt hw come there is no visible diff in skin texture.. *shock*

  2. I saw a product like this in Mustafa at Singapore but unable to recall the brand name now *blush*
    I would definitely try it once. But availability is an issue for me. Where do you purchase your purederm products from Dhara?

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