Purederm Daily Moisturising Oatmeal Hand Mask Review

Purederm Daily Moisturising Oatmeal Hand Mask

Hello sweethearts,

I posted a DIY called the intensive hand and nail spa at home and that was pretty time consuming and you had to put in a lot of efforts as I mentioned but don’t worry guys I have got a perfect and ready-made alternative for you. This is a unique kind of a product that I have tried and this was the first time. Neither have I used anything like or nor have I seen it anywhere. Read further to know more about this unique product.

Purederm Daily Moisturising  Oatmeal Hand Mask

Price: Rs. 196 for a pair.


Purederm botanical choice daily moisturising hand mask “Oatmeal” is an intense moisture treatment that restores suppleness to dry, rough, overworked hands. Enriched with oatmeal, shea butter and other natural antioxidants and emollients, this newly designed “glove-type” hand mask penetrates quickly and deeply to protect, nourish and moisturise the skin. After just one use, you will feel dramatically improved skin tone and texture!

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My experience with Purederm Daily Moisturising Oatmeal Hand Mask:

I was just browsing through the online stores and saw this unique kind of a product. It said newly designed glove-type mask and I hadn’t tried anything like this so was pretty excited to see what it really was and how did it work. The mask comes in a packet and this is big than those purederm masks that we use. The pack of the mask is pretty sleek so you can carry it along wherever you want, not a big deal. The pack has a small area at the top from where you can tear the packet easily, no need of a scissor. It is made up of oatmeal which is actually very good for dull and dry skin. The moment I opened up the packet, a very refreshing flowery smell came out of it. The smell was out of the world. It was a blend of mogras and jasmines which makes us feel that we are doing some very expensive treatment. There were two gloves made up of white plastic and they had written that distinguish between left and right or else the product will not be effective, but both of them looked the same and not difference at all.

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So I was like let it be I’ll wear it wherever I want. There was a small seal from where we put the gloves and we have to cut that seal. Inside it there was a thick moisturising lotion and that was the reason they had given the seal. I wore the gloves and they got stuck to my skin as it had a cream inside but the gloves are a universal size so were like quite huge for me and that caused wrinkles but never mind. The middle portion did not stick to my palms as they were quite big. I relaxed for half an hour and the gloves were still stuck onto my hands and I actually could feel the moisturisation. And the time was up so I removed them and threw them away and the result was just amazing and terrific. I mean I could see a vast difference in my hands. My hands looked pretty dull and dry before and the mask had completely transformed that look. My hands looked like a new born baby’s and were so soft and supple and for an hour I was continuously touching them lol. They looked so clean bright and for the very first time my hands looked brighter than my face skin and I was like wow, that’s great! They mentioned that no need to wash hands after but I had to because the cream did not go away and I wanted to operate my phone. After washing, upto like 3 hours a faint smell of those flowers was left on my skin. And it made my nails also clean and bright as my nails had become dull. Overall it is an excellent alternative for a hand spa and you actually do not have to do anything , just sit back and relax and the gloves will do everything for you.


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Pros of Purederm Daily Moisturising Oatmeal Hand Mask:

-New innovation of gloves as a hand mask
-Made up of oatmeal which is very good for the skin
-Amazing smell of flowers which was a blend of mogras and jasmines
-The smell lasted on my hands for 3 hours after using it
-Hands looked like a new born baby, very soft and supple indeed
-They looked really bright and were extremely moisturised
-The gloves also benefited my nails and made them look clean and healthy
-Perfect treatment for a hand spa

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Cons of Purederm Daily Moisturising Oatmeal Hand Mask:

-Gloves were too big a size for me.
-They said to differentiate between left and right but there was actually no clue or difference.
-They said that no need to wash hands after removing the gloves but I had to, because it was sticky.

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Will I repurchase/recommend Purederm Daily Moisturising Oatmeal Hand Mask?

Yes yes,yesofcourese I am going to and would recommend it to each and every lady out here, go and get it and I am so sure you will love this..!!

IMBB Rating: 5/5

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  1. thanks a ton *blush* for the review *clap* saloni i was looking for something like this but only found a couple in paste form which is a pain to apply,dry and wash off …i would be getting this asap *happy dance*

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    1. Even i was so eager to try this out Rene *happy dance* *happy dance* your most welcome *happy dance* yes the most convenient product for hands sooo far that i have used *happydance*

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