7 Emergency Beauty Tricks

7 Emergency Beauty Tricks

So you woke up hungover with puffy eyes and an ugly zit on your face. What’s more, you’ve got to be somewhere important or special today, but you’re just not looking good. Bad hair days, patchy skin, unmanicured nails happen to everyone. These are situations where emergency options must be explored to deliver you from the misery of a less-than-perfect appearance.


1. Puffy Eyes
Tired puffy eyes can ruin your radiant makeup and gorgeous attire. Whip out a fresh cucumber from your fridge, cut two slices and puree the rest of it. Use the paste as a mask, and the slices to cover your eyes as you relax. Viola! The puffiness is gone and you look more refreshed!

What with so much health awareness, most kitchen cupboards have green tea stocked up. Dip two green tea bags into hot water for 20 seconds to get the tea leaves wet. Take them out of the water, place in a clean bowl and pop it into the your freezer for 15 mins. When they are nice and cold, place them over your eyes for about 5 minutes. The antioxidant properties of the green tea and the cool temperature will reduce puffiness.

If your eyes just look tired due to lack of sleep or ill-health, a touch of gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye or a white pencil liner on the lower lash line can achieve a wide-awake bright look.

2. Oily/Shiny Skin
Some women experience more than usually oily skin during periods. For such times, keep some loose mineral powder handy in your purse to brush on a shiny forehead or nose. Along with this you may find blotting paper useful to pick up excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

Blotting Paper

3. Toothpaste for Pimples
Pimples have a knack for turning up when least desired. If it appears at least 12 hours prior to your event, apply a tiny bit of toothpaste on it with a q-tip. Best results are obtained overnight. Toothpaste dries out the pimple and makes the redness fade. Don’t apply too much of it, or you can end up irritating the skin. Also be careful to apply only on the spot.

If you notice pimples only a few hours from your party or night out, purchase an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream from any medical shop and apply with a q-tip. This has vasoconstrictive properties which will shrink the pimple.

Second Pic

4. Concealer – Your Best Friend
A concealer is essential to hide blemishes, spots and pimples before applying makeup. Use a shade lighter than your foundation. Be sparing with it as too much looks caked on.


5. Dull Nails
You’re still only halfway through your makeup and the husband is standing at the door with the car keys and his famous scowl. You realize that this is not the best time for a nail spa. For a simple quick fix to give dull-looking nails a shiny, salon-fresh look, spray a little hairspray onto them.


6. Eyelash Curling
As always, you’re short of time for a complete makeup ritual. As you dress in a jiffy, you find there’s just no time for curling eyelashes. Pick up a steel spoon and heat for a few seconds under a blowdryer. Check temperature against your skin and then bring it close to your eye. Place the convex side against your lashes as shown in the picture. Bend your lashes and roll them over the rim of the spoon with your forefinger, holding for a few seconds. Doing this in 2-3 sections or parts allow maximum curling of all lashes.



7. Limp Hair
So many times you have been plunged into depression with a bad hair day. We’ve all heard about the baby powder trick. When your bottle of volume spray is over, all you need to do is to put some baby powder on your palms and dust on your hair. Comb through and brush away excess.

Baby Powder

If you don’t have baby powder at home, another option is hand sanitizer spray. A tiny spritz on the roots will dry up oil and refresh your hair. Santizer in gel form is also okay. Just take a tiny bit and disperse evenly through hair roots.

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  1. Nice tips bhumyca.. even i have tried that toothapste trick.. and it does dry out the pimple.. but i think that i think i takes a lott of time to remove that swollen part(pimple place)from your face if u use toothpase….. it just irritates me.. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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  4. Super tips Bhumycka.
    I have tried the toothpaste tip earlier…and it does work…
    really – our kitchens are filled with so many things that can be used in beauty regimes

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