Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review

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In this mundane routine of life, we all have come across those ventures wherein we feel jaded, exhausted or lazy. Be it those nasty office deadlines, a hectic travel schedule, those day-to-day chores or even shopping! Everyone would be in need of a relaxing therapy wherein one takes a break, calms one’s mind and relaxes one’s body. There are many avenues to unwind like vacationing, enjoying your hobbies or even a nice comfy sleep. Well, every person has its own take on the definition of relaxing, but how about a nice and simple bath soak? Let your muscles loosen up, let your mind settle down and let your routine halt for a while.

Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review

Well, one of the easiest, cheapest and effortless options is a nice stress relieving bath soak. Yes, for more of an indulging activity one can hit a spa for unwinding, but a bath soak in the comfort of your own home hits the ball. No preparations, no prior scheduling, and no extra notice. Just a little extra time and the mood is set. I enjoy bath soaks, and though I usually vouch for floral shower gels, perfumes, lotions etc, I prefer bath soaks to be mild, soothing and gentle. And I picked Radox Bath Soak which met my preferences to indulge in a peaceful, calming and rejuvenating experience. Read on to know more about the product!

Price: £1.00 or Rs.82 for 500 ml during offers
Product Description:
Whenever you want to wind down, add a little Stress Relief bath soak to your bath.
Benefits – Feel good fragrance
Experts in blending. With rosemary to relax you and eucalyptus to help clear your head a bath with Radox Stress Relief will leave you feeling calm and revitalized.

Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review Ingredients

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My Experience with Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak:

Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review Packaging Front

It comes in an elongated plastic rectangular bottle; it is bright nice green in color and has a typical gummy consistency of a bath soak. A little goes a long way with this bath, especially when you pour it under the running water rather than adding after the bathtub is filled. It doesn’t produce plenty of froth and bubbles, but it is infused with herbs and minerals to soothe your aching muscles without making your skin greasy. The bubbles will disappear soon and you might feel that the smell is quite masculine but it is refreshing, herby and mild.

Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review Bottle straight

It is typically designed to soothe aching muscles using a nice blend of eucalyptus and rosemary. The combination is just too good; the subtle smell of rosemary relaxes your mind and eucalyptus helps one to unwind. It smells pleasant; its clean, fresh and lovely. It is so comforting to the senses that you can easily spend an hour and wouldn’t want to leave it unless the cold water asks you to do so. After a nice, long bath soak, my skin felt soft and the smell lingered for a quite long time. Though it didn’t moisturize my skin, my skin was not dry either.

Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review Bottle straight back

It will certainly charm you with its calming effect; don’t expect an overnight magic to heal your muscles. This is great to try before hitting the bed. However, all said and done, bath soaks consist of many strong detergents, synthetic perfumes, and sadly, has the potential to cause skin irritation, skin reactions and headaches especially for those who have sensitive skin. Regular indulgence in bubble bath/soaks could also lead to the cause of UTI, so I would request and suggest all those bubble bath lovers to choose your product carefully and don’t over indulge in these activities.

Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak Review Hand Swatch

Pros of Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak:

• Quite reasonable
• Subtle smell
• Nice combination of rosemary and eucalyptus
• Soothes muscles
• Easily available
• Mild yet pleasant

Cons of Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak:

• Not very effective
• Has strong detergents and chemicals
• Not very suitable for sensitive skin

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Radox Feel Good Fragrance Stress Relief Bath Soak?
It is a big bottle, so it would last for long. So, I might pick up another fragrance next time (However, I would not prefer using these soaks frequently)

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