Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara is Worth it!

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara

Hey Ladies,

I am back again with another mascara review. 😀 Can’t help it!, you already know mascaras are my big obsession. Well this review is about Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara, which as claimed by Rimmel, is designed to give you the perfect scandalized and volumized eye lashes! To find out how true are these claims, keep reading!

Price – Rs. 465 for 12 ml

My Experience with Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara:

I was introduced to Rimmel London Volume Flash Mascara by my sister who happens to be a consistent user of this mascara. I guess she likes it all the more, because it is one budget friendly, volumizing mascara. When I first applied the mascara, honestly I found it a bit more wet than the ones I have been using. Wet mascaras tend to be runnier than the paste ones and that is why I am not very fond of wet mascaras. However, that was not a problem since the mascara did not turn out to be runny. What I love about Scandal Eyes Volume Flash is that it is does not flake. It is good for everyday use and you probably would not feel the need to keep reapplying this mascara. This is however, not a waterproof mascara, so don’t step out wearing it during monsoon! 😀


In terms of it’s volumizing capacity, I would say that this is one of the best, less expensive, volumizing mascaras available in the market. It adds a good deal of volume and length to my lashes -as you can probably make out from the picture posted (See the last one). Yeah, so If it can do a great job with my lashes, this mascara will really give your lashes the illusion of wearing false lashes, especially if you already have bigger/thicker lashes. Rimmel claims that Scandal Eyes Volume Flash mascara consist of Triple Collagen + Keratin formula – which shapes and plumps even the thinnest lashes – I have to say, I agree with this claim made! It really pumps up even the thinnest lashes! <3

Pros of Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara:

 Triple Collagen + Keratin formula shapes and plumps even the thinnest lashes.
 MaxDensity Trademark Rimmel London Brush – It is nearly 30% wider and denser.
 Thick bristles – The bristles are closely packed – This helps volumizing the lashes.
 Adds Volume and length to the lashes.
 Easily to remove.
 Does not flake.
 Expiration – 12 months.
 Price – Value for money.


Cons of Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara:

 Ordinary Bristles – Though the bristles are densely packed the bristle quality is pretty ordinary.
 Have to be careful while applying mascara specially in the inner and outer corners as the brush is lengthier than the normal brushes.
 Does not help separate the lashes.
 Clump up lashes after a couple of coats.

Tip :

Before you go coats after coats with this mascara. I would strongly recommend you to wait for a couple of seconds and let the earlier ones dry off. When you apply Rimmel London Volume Flash Mascara this way, you would notice that it not only does a better job at volumizing your lashes, but it will also add length and would clump less.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara?


Would I recommend Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara?

Yes, considering the price of the mascara and compared to many other mascaras in this range, I would say it offers value for money.

Hope you find this review helpful! Comment below and let me know!

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14 thoughts on “Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Volume Flash Mascara is Worth it!

  1. This is superb for people who have decent lashes. On me it just clumps too badly and I find the formula a little too wet 🙁 My favorite is the good ole maybelline colossal!

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