Rimmel London Whitener Nail Brightening Complex Review

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How many times has your favourite bold paint left your nails stained yellow! And imagine if you immediately want to move to a non-opaque/n*de effect nails. It’s an impossible feat to carry out without feeling conscious! I myself got into a vicious cycle of alternating between favourite dark shades and multiple coats of opaque n*de shades. It started to build dissatisfaction, I was never able to see the whites and pinks of my nails! Buffing also didn’t help much to remove the yellow tinge. So, I decided to test out the Rimmel Whitener to check if there is a hope to elope from the vicious cycle! I experienced a mixed bag from it. Read on to know more.

Rimmel whitener

Product Description:

  • Protects nails from discoloring, and helps make them look brighter.
  • Contains our instant nail brightening complex and anti-yellowing action!
  • Use as a base coat before applying your favoriteRimmel nail color, or wear on its own for a natural bright nail.

INR 265 for 12 ml. Online sites usually provide discount on this during sale time.



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My Experience with Rimmel London Whitener Nail Brightening Complex:

Though the appearance may suggest so, but it is not a white nail paint. It has a specific purpose of acting as a base coat which is supposed to hide the yellow effects from your nails. Further, it is not to be used as a top coat either. It will actually end up altering the color of your nail paint. It is a large enough bottle which has a good brush which will cover the nails in two swipes. It gives a pearly white sheen to the nails, not a white paste kind of coating. Evenly cut out nails will appear bearing a polished and groomed manicure. It has infinite dose of infinitesimal blue glitter which will only be visible on very close inspection, so you need not bother about getting glittery nails. The blue glitter is actually quite useful since it is the one which cancels out the yellow effect of the nails (remember physics fundas- why we are advised to use “Neel” for our yellowed clothes) 😛 It is quite a viscous product, so one should be careful about the bottom layer being dried up before applying the next coat.

Nail whitener

The good thing about this is that it helps you hide the yellow effect. One coat of this will cancel out the yellow partially, yet clearly show the pinks and the whites of your nail. With two coats of this, and I am good for the whole week. I need not bother about fade out from the tips or anything. As a base coat, it would not adversely alter the colour of your nail paint. Another thing that I have noticed is, and this is typical to Indian food eaters- with just this on your nails, they don’t turn yellow due to the oil or spice despite indulging in eating with hands.

Rimmel nail whitener bottle

What this product doesn’t do is- whiten! Yup, you got yellow nails, you live with them. This one can only hide it and you wouldn’t find any “Tide safedi” getting unleashed once you take it off. So, basically it’s to camouflage yellowness and give a manicured effect to your nails. Don’t expect it to bleach your nails.

clear nail paint


It’s a good product, but not great. It did cover up the existing yellow, and provided a nice white pearly sheen to my nails, but if I just have to use it as a base coat to avoid future yellowing of my nails, then any other good base coat will do. If you like wearing nothing on your nails, and just want to keep the yellow away, then this may be the product for you.

Nail whitener

Pros of Rimmel London Whitener Nail Brightening Complex:

  • Hides the yellow and definitely protects the nails from further discoloration.
  • The tiny blue glitters impart a brightening effect to nails, but nothing over the top.
  • Viscous base coat, will not alter the colour of nail paint applied on top.
  • Double coat will last you a full week.
  • Brush is good and convenient to use.

Cons of Rimmel London Whitener Nail Brightening Complex:

  • Not available across drug stores.
  • Will not whiten/bleach existing yellow nails.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Rimmel London Whitener Nail Brightening Complex?

I intend to keep trying similar whitening products before I plan for its repurchase. Regarding recommendation- if you like your nails painted all the time, skip this. If you like to keep your nails sheer and want to hide the existing yellow, buy this. If you don’t have yellow nails at all, lucky you!

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