Saree Blouse Design Ideas

The Indian choli is a short midriff-baring top worn with either sari or lehenga also called a blouse. Since the front is often covered with the saree, the back of the blouse remains the most interesting part.


Saris are often woven with an extra length of material meant to be cut off and fashioned into a matching choli. The choli may be sewn so that the elaborately woven borders of the sari material form the bottom edges of the choli sleeves. However, cholis need not match the sari. There is a growing trend towards stretchy, comfortable cholis made from knit materials. Expensive designer cholis are sewn with padding and reinforcements so that a bra is not needed and backless or off-the-shoulder cholis can be worn with ease. (wikipedia)

Here are some saree blouse design ideas
U shape–this is a classic. It shows off skin yet its conservative.
spaghetti strap
Spaghetti strap- the back strap can be simple or shaped. It is supported by thin spaghetti like shoulder straps. These can be made out of fabric or beads.

halter neck
Halter neck- A halter neck blouse has a back strap and a tie up at the neck. The back strap can simply be a broad strap.

blouse design 1

Corset- this is a strapless blouse. The back strap is replaced by corset like strings that can be adjusted according to the body. It is a figure hugging style of blouse and doesn’t suit everyone. This is a good blouse to show off toned shoulders and collar bone.

one shoulder
One shoulder- this is a very elegant type of blouse and oes extremely well with netted sarees.

tie up
Tie up- this is a traditional Indian style of blouse. The back is made only of two straps that can be tied to fasten the blouse.

Asymmetrical- this is a very modern and bold type of blouse. the asymmetry of the blouse makes it more dramatic.

back strap
Back strap- this is where the back of the blouse is only a strap. This is strictly for people with toned backs.

spider web
Spider web- this type of blouse features a back made of a weave of strings attached to the center. These strings can also be jewelled for more dramatic look.

What are your favourite styles? let us know below..

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31 thoughts on “Saree Blouse Design Ideas

  1. Kerala is very conservative when it comes to dressing, but it is changing now… tried to get a corset style blouse done the other day but it didnt come out right. Will definitely bookmark some ideas from this.

  2. who will let us wear these kinds of blouses :nonono: :nonono: .. I have the U shaped blouses for 3 sarees but not tht deep.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. What a compilation man!!!! aashi I louuu uuu
    Ive always liked the deep U with dori and cap sleeves design 😉
    baaki sab bhi kinne mast hain na 😀

  4. I was looking for some good & latest blouse design. I have recently purchased a designer saree from need a design for this. You really sorted out my biggest problem..thanks for bringing such a good design collection 🙂

  5. I can wear NONE of them!! :shame: :shame: well…deep ‘u’ one maybe. :struggle:
    How I wish I could wear these blouses in functions 🙁

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  7. Hi
    I ardently follow your blog as I find many useful tips about beauty and fashion.
    I have one question to ask.can u please suggest ,if i need to wear any with padded blouse or not.I am confused coz i am on little bit heavier side.please help

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