How to Save Money on Makeup

How to Save Money on Makeup

Today’s post does not apply to me 😛 as editor of IMBB I love to buy new things and try them out to review them for our thousands of readers, my lipstick storage is always overflowing, tons of new products to review, so I will take this with a pinch of salt 😛 but in my heart I know these tips need to be followed well to save money, I am homemaker, mother of a toddler, some tips are awesome to save money and then may be buy something coveted out of it later 😛


Use what you own:

I know all of us have face washes we keep in our cabinets, I for one might be tempted to use another one before I finish the first one, I suggest force yourself to finish one thing before you buy another, goes for lipsticks in one shade, mascaras, nail colors of the same shade, pretty much everything.

Look before you buy:

Always look at your storehouse of goodies before you buy something, you might have the same shade or product kept sealed away and you might end up buying it again due to your love for that product. Check what you have inside the cabinets thoroughly before buying a new one..

Switch the quality to something little affordable:

You might be fond of high end brands, but if you seriously think a mascara from a drugstore brand is doing much better for your lashes, buy it for less than half..think hard whether you really need that high end product in place of a good drugstore one.

Beauty with Makeup

Buy in family packs:

This goes for a shampoo or a soap you know has some offer and will be used up pretty much before expiry, buy it that moment even if you know that means spending a little extra.

Find out the reason you shop:

Do you shop only for fun, to lift your mood or to really need some makeup for the weekend date or  office party? If you really need a new mascara, your old one has dried up, go for it, just don’t shop because you are feeling low, have nothing else to do or have a little cash handy, or you saw some new release and bought everything possible(happens to me). Think why you are buying before you do.


Always read reviews:

Read IMBB before you buy that lipstick, you would know how it looks almost as close as in person. Reviews are the best thing around to save your money.

Try before you buy:

The store lighting may be bad, try the color on, move around the mall, check you face in another mirror, daylight, car vanity mirror and then if you think its working for you, go buy it, don’t just buy it on an impulse of the swatch looking good on the back of your hand!

Buy what you really need:

Gel liners, mascara, lip liners these finish up all the time, you might use them daily and hence no harm in buying them, but another shade of the same pink lipstick now that needs to stop because you have not even reached half way of your fav pink lipstick..

Check the expiry

Check the expiry dates of products already lying with you make sure to use them and then buy something, also check the expiry on products you buy so that you can be in tune with when to use them till..this really helps if your target finishing that nail color before it gets bad or reaches expiry.


Ask for gifts:

If you really need something for a long time, ask them as a gift from your dear and near ones, ask your relatives coming down from abroad to pick it up for your birthday or Diwali,or any occasion..this way you might stop yourself from buying something else in place of that piece you really wanted since long.

Swap and share:

Your bestie might like your lipstick which you don’t really fancy any more, ask her to take it and give some other shade of nail color, shadow or anything you fancy, this will satisfy your urge for something new and different at the same time save you money.


This works best for me, when I organize at least something once a week, I see how much material I own, I love to discard somethings as well as find some new unused things which again make me feel I bought something new 😛 organize to see what you own and need to discard, you wont feel like buying something new.


This helps me to see how much money I have wasted overtime, it helps me stop myself from buying more and helps me to understand that somethings are best never bought because you wont use them and ultimately throw them away.(Bronzers for Indian skin for example)

Re-access your regimen:

See what things you actually need as part of your daily regime, you would soon know you don’t need that extra highlighter because you wont use it daily to hit the pan, see what you use daily and buy only essentials.

rouge-coco-shine (1)

Dont pick up things at the billing counter:

When I used to go to Health and Glow they had a ton of Nivea lip balms at the billing counter which made me pick up a couple more things adding at least Rs. 400 more to my cart, stop right there, say to yourself “I am smarter than this marketing gimmick, I don’t need another balm and I will not put in a single rupee more into the cart” 😛

Baby oil to remove makeup:

Oil breaks down oil, use a regular baby oil half your cost of makeup remover, sometimes it is okay to be not so perfect.

Lip scrub made of sugar:

Check out how you don’t need to buy a lip scrub, see the best way to scrub your lips HERE.


Use the last drop of perfume:

Use the perfume till the very last drop before you buy or open your new one, this is extremely satisfying considering perfumes don’t come in cheap you see.


Use bronzers as body illuminators:

If you think you don’t really bronze much, mix it with body cream and use it over your arms and legs for the glow, you will be able to use your product in no time.

Fix Broken Makeup:

If you break an eye shadow kit, or crack the lid of a compact, you don’t have to throw the product away. Instead, scrape the remains of the product into a tiny jar or or stackable like I did here and use it with a brush, melt broken lipstick and fill inside an empty lip balm jar, use with a brush, you will fall in love all over again with your fav lippy!

how to fix a broken lipstick

If you think you dont need cream blushes often, buy something which will multitask a cream blush, lip stain or eye shadow according to your mood.

Less Is More:

Don’t overdo it when you apply makeup. You only need one coat of mascara and one coat of blush to last the entire day.

Invest in long lasting makeup

This will help you avoid touch ups and help your products last longer without hitting the pan soon.
Online shopping:

This is tricky, dont really buy something you dont need to reach that free delivery, or else jot down something essential you can add when you shop and need to reach say 700 for free shipping, lip liners are a good product you might need always.

Become a distributor:

Becoming an Avon, oriflame,Marykay etc seller will help you save, receive samples, test products and know what people actually need,this will help curb the urge to buy useless stuff as well as buy your essentials from the sale products.

Would love hear more from you … 🙂

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  1. Hi Neha,

    This was very useful tip. I have plenty of shades and sometimes I end up buying similar shade again. I also have a bad habit of buying similar twice at the same time thinking that this is my fav shade, If incase the stock gets over or they discontinue to have them in stock. But this blog was ment to me. Thanks Neha for very useful tip.

  2. I so agree though i am guilty of not following it. *headbang* i love hoarding and just the other day i have 2 of the same eyeliners and 2 lipsticks exactly same to same. i do this with my clothes too. identical black tshirts etc. 😀

  3. Wow Neha a very useful post and that too coming from you is commendable. I do so many of the things you mentioned not to and end up spending much more than I expected.

    will keep them in mind next time I go shopping

  4. Omgggg this is the best post of the day *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* awesome tips put in Neha di *hifive* *hifive* sooo many tips that i never followed but will for sure from now on *happy dance* that face wash wala tip i am going to use… i have 7 face washes lined up in the washroom *hihi* and few more in the cupboard… now will keep only 2 and finish them *hihi* *hihi*

  5. Neha I love the point of reading reviews esp on IMBB it has help me a lot, in saving some money 😀 and also I go for buying a single product but end up buying 10 products *silence* I will definitely have to work on that.

  6. Tips are awesome.. but I go deaf and dumb while reading these things… *hihi* don’t know when will I be able to control myself 😛 😛

  7. Greatest tips everrrrrr *woot* *woot* u saved me from bcuming the ultimate shopper while growing up…. Lol my dad ia woreiwd now . Ittu si age me itna makeup….!!! *cry* *hihi* *hihi* how to control mselff

  8. My dad is worried abhi se…..Greatest tips everrr *woot* *woot* … I agree with sahiba di .. Ittu si age me ita makeup *hihi* *hihi* *smug*

  9. Honestly, it seemed less like a article and more like a scolding directed SOLELY TO ME!!! *waaa* *waaa* *waaa* *waaa* But I agree to the points…Guilty as charged! But kya karein, control nahi hota ya! I do a haul and then say, ok, enough now. And then I shop some more! Its an addiction!!! I need counselling.

    I got these plastic drawers from Thailand – ideal for segregating stuff. Thought I’ll do my blushes that way but realized it was not working coz the blushes are all different brands and sizes so dont fit together. So I thought I’ll put my lippies in…i decided to colour sort them – Red? Pink? Orange? Plum? NO!! Bright Red, Bright pink, Corals, nudes, Fuchsias, Deep reds, Maroons, Deep Plummy vampy plums, bright plums, oranges, Liquid lippies….need I go on!!! *spank* *spank* *spank* *spank*

    1. omgggggggggggggg u can do this
      i have been looking for drawers like forever
      but now i will buy a huge chest of drawers for makeup sicne im back to pune *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  10. Much needed post… I end up wasting so much money *headbang* …but this tips will not come to my mind once I enter shop 😛 may will realize after I come out of the shop *hihi*

  11. Haha, i hope this post of yours helps me cut down on my shopping. BTW i got a new shampoo, conditioner and serum today 😛 😀 Will be reviewing them soon 😀 *pompom* *pompom*

  12. Very very very good post.but I do read reviews from IMBB then only go for cosmetic shopping.that would stop me buying wrong things many times.but still I have to think before hoarding.i experience the same at health and glow stores and globus shops.thanks for the postttttttttttttt *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  13. Your pictures made me to go for some shopping .wat to do??..?.?.the nail paints and rouge coco shines *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

  14. can i choose not to comment on this post rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl And all the pics you have used in the post ‘find out reason to shop’ *ghost* *ghost* *ghost* brilliant post neha. But i cant stop feeling *blush* *blush* *blush* *blush*

    😀 😀 😀

  15. I so much agree with all that you have mentioned..i used to shop when ever i felt low..not anymore..:)
    and organizing stuffs really helps.. *jai ho*
    and the picking things at the billing counter is another trap for us.. 😉 *ghost*
    i wud say make a note of what you need..if u really need a stuff, you will immediately add it to ur bag..but if its something not so important,you will have a thought..stop der..don think..don’t pick..this is wat i do..I have been able to control a lot now.. *jai ho* *jai ho*

    and u moved to Pune..?not in Chennai uhhh?

  16. Great tips Neha!!And I liked the lipstick storage tip the most…kudos to the post!!
    But need one more post on how to melt the lipstick and store it…In my imagination it became quite messy ya!! 🙂

  17. Hi neha.. Loved your post… i always chk for imbb reviews before i buy any products.. it really helps.. it makes me think whether a particular shade of lipstick will look good on me.. whether a particular kajal is as black as the ad says.. tht thing really helps..

  18. Excellent post and what awesome timing! I have invested in real estate and the dreaded EMIs will start soon. All these tips are gonna come extremely handy! Thank you so much!! *jai ho*

  19. This post needs me, or I need this post…..LOL……my husband says I need counselling….. *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

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