Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File Review

Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File

I am pretty sure that the first thing we try to look for in any of the beauty stores or even online portals is  lipstick  and eye makeup stuff closely following. I have been doing the same too and in the process, have been neglecting my feet so much that now it nowhere looks like it’s a part of me. Totally tanned and pretty over- dry. Of course those monthly pedicures don’t help me much. But partly I too was at fault skipping the moisturizer almost every day. Before someone could point out and ask, if I have been working as a construction labor or something (I mean it’s not that bad, but I was fearing it would become to look like that!  ) I thought I should take care and pamper it at least a little bit. So I decided I would indulge more in mini pedicures at home every weekend and obviously was looking to buy some decent pedicure stuff and set. This foot file is one among those.
Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File

Why Scholl foot file

Instantly removes rough, dry skin leaves feet soft and smooth.

What it claims –

Party feet smoothing foot file removes rough dry skin, leaving feet beautifully soft and smooth. If used regularly it can prevent the buildup of hard skin.
Dual Action: The course surface removes rough, dry skin. The finer surface buffs and refines skin for a smooth finish. Washable and hygienic.
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Directions to Use:

Ensure feet are clean and dry. Use file as described to remove rough, dry skin and buff skin silky smooth. For best results finish by using Scholl party feet soothe and smooth spray. Always follow exfoliation with moisturisation to protect the skin on your feet from drying out. After use, wash the file with warm water and leave to dry naturally.
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My take on Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File:

I have used a few foot files ranging from metal to plastics, available in the market in the past. I used to have this mini home pedicure session at home every weekend before and then this practice disappeared once for all after I started travelling because of work. So when I decided that I need to bring that habit back, I did some mini shopping. The first thing that I looked up for purchase was a foot file. I didn’t want to use those metal foot files, as they were pretty hard and harsh on my skin. Not just feet, but I have also hurt my hand during the process because I could never get a good grip to hold them. So this time I made sure, I would buy a really good one. And we all know what SCHOLL is famous for, so naturally my choice was to get something from here. And “Party feet” on this label attracted me more.

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Scholl’s foot file is one of the best I have come across till now. I can safely bet on this. They provide super comfortable grip to hold and is quite effective on my hard dead cell skin. The filing head is actually pretty bigger than other foot files I have used so far. Doesn’t hurt even if you use it every day after shower, because it’s super gentle too  and what more, it comes really cheap.
Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File

Pros of Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File:

  • Easily available and super affordable:-P
  • Does its job effectively, I haven’t faced any sort of issues with it till now (been a month or so). It seems to be working just like I used it for the first time.
  • Has a comfortable handle to hold (It hasn’t been bent or broken even after I have been using it so many times with lots of pressure:-P)

Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File (2)
Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File (7)
I honestly don’t find any cons as such.
IMBB Rating: 5/5

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6 thoughts on “Scholl Party Feet Smoothing Foot File Review

  1. *thankyou* Sushma…..dis is very nice review…it has motivated me to start mini pedicure sessions as well…and this looks like the perfect tool…..

  2. Aww, Thank you Anuradha *oye balle*
    Scholl’s by far, makes the best foot care products, and they are easily available too 🙂

  3. wow this sounds like a good one… *clap* *hifive* i need to pay more attention to my feet now… motivated by your post *hifive* *happy dance*

  4. nice review sushma ji,

    i m using Oriflame foot file since last 8 years, [only product from oriflame]. thats the best.

    may be tht will cost inr 110/- per pc . everyone, so if the above product is not available nearby you can try oriflame foot file too. you will not repent , i m sure

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