Sephora Collection I’m Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Canister Review

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I am finally happy to be reviewing the cute brush set that I bought from Sephora which is a cuteness-personified makeup product to own. Read on to know more about this brush set!

Sephora Collection I'm Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Canister Review

Price: USD 22

Product Description:
A compact, complete eye makeup brush set designed for travel.

in the box

What it does:
This brush set contains all the brushes you need to create any eye look. Brushes are housed in a very sturdy travel-friendly container that can be thrown into any pocket or bag. These brushes are made of cruelty-free fibers and are not tested on animals.


This set contains:
– Cream shadow brush
– Small shadow brush
– Angled shadow brush
– Smudge brush
– Angled liner brush

My Experience with Sephora Collection I’m Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Canister:

I was tempted to pick this set not only because of the compact, travel-friendly side of it but also because of the way the brushes have sparkles along with a color to them. It is not any boring eye kit; also the name is as interesting and intriguing as the packaging. This set comes in four colors namely black, turquoise, pink and purple but I chose pink although I had a tough time choosing it, having to leaving purple behind. When I had looked it up online, I had planned on picking turquoise but black and turquoise sets were all gone and therefore I told myself that I have enough products and outfits in the above two colors plus I have a cute transparent bag in pink with flowers so I thought why not ‘Pink’.

in case

Packaging: The cylindrical pink-colored metal tube has five brushes. The brush stems are filled with sparking glittery transparent specks of pink which are fun to look at while equally motivating you to get creative even with your basic looks! This affordable set is a ‘must have’ one for college goers and teens which can add color to their vanity. The sleek and portable tube like case where you should be ideally storing the brushes has ‘I’m Not Perfect But My Eyeliner Is’ in bold imprinted; it will look so cute on your dresser. I am more than happy each time I look at it.

bruhes with case

Features and usage: Now let us move onto the details of the individual features and usage of each brush. I am going into the description of each brush from L-R starting with angled shadow brush.


Angled shadow brush: This angled shadow brush makes application of eye shadow simple especially for beginners. The contoured shape of the brush can also help you to work with the brush around the corners neatly with powdered eye shadows. Use this brush ideally to work on your eye socket when blending using two to three shadows for a neat basic eye makeup. This brush comes handy as it also helps in smudging. Incase you are in a hurry, this brush alone can do without the help of a smudge brush.

Angled shadow brush

Cream shadow brush: The cream shadow brush is not too big or small in size. It is mediocre and has densely packed fine bristles that will help you get the desired effect while using this with your cream shadows for the eyes. This easy to handle flat and rounded brush can also be used to apply cheek blushes but you cannot expect it to be perfect as it is designed for the eyes while on the other hand you can use this brush to blend your cream-based products to get a medium and flawless coverage. It has worked fine for me in both ways only that it gave better results on an eye look I created.

Cream shadow brush

Smudge brush: The smudge brush can be used with eye shadows and eyeliners. It all depends on what look you want to create. This brush is neither small nor large. It is just enough to create a smudged look while it also equally easily works with powder eye shadows. So for easy use and maintenance, I would recommend you to use the same brush when using a minimal of two to three colors with a basic black.

Smudge Brush

Angled liner brush: I use this small angled liner brush to gently blend shadow in the corners or all over the crease; else I use it to create simple, neat strokes on the lower lash line. You can expect a decent amount of precision and neatly done strokes with this brush. The bristles are not too soft or fluffy so while working on such a sensitive area like the lash line, be extra careful. This brush can also be used to fill in the brows and the fine angled corner can also used to draw short and swift strokes or fill in when you want to use just your colored liners or cream shadows.

Angled liner brush

Small shadow brush: This small shadow brush can also used with your fine liquid eye liner if you have mastered the art of eye makeup to get neat strokes or precise winged lines. This brush’s fine tip can also used to blend colored pencils especially when you are trying to create simple colored looks using black as a base along with a colored pencil be it in blue, green, jade or anything else. Tap the brush on your powdered eye shadow and dab excess and this can help you add more color.

Small shadow brush

If you are taking your baby steps into the makeup world, buy this kit along with a nice kabuki brush or a basic blush brush; this would suffice to complete your set.

Pros of Sephora Collection I’m Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Canister:

• Packaging – Incredibly cute and colorful capsule bottle that is travel-friendly.
• Has all the eye makeup brushes that you require to create to different looks.
• Value for money.
• The sleek and portable case where the brushes can be stored; an ideal compact set to carry on trips or vacations.
• Brushes are made of cruelty-free fibers.
• Perfect fun-set for eye makeup beginners.
• User friendly – individual brush especially the angled brushes.
• The entire set is easy to clean and maintain.
• Eye-catchy name and this girly and chic pink colored set can be a great pick for teens and college-goers.

Cons of Sephora Collection I’m Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Canister:

• The bristles of the brushes could have been softer.
• Non-availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Collection I’m Not Perfect, But My Eyeliner Is Brush Canister:
I might repurchase in turquoise or may not! 😛 But I definitely recommend it. This cute, compact eye makeup brush set would add beauty to any makeup lover’s vanity!

Verdict: It is perfectly named and customized to your eye makeup needs.

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  1. Omggggg!!!! Ramaaaa; this is such a gorgeous brush set 🙂
    I can’t stop staring 😛 😛
    If I get it, I won’t even use it…it’s that prettyyy 😀

    1. Hahaha very true Monika , I mean I was looking a it too thinking should I use it ? 😛 but you will and you will maintain is like a baby 😀 Trust me 🙂

  2. That’s a gorgeous brush set. I could probably play with it all day. 😛 Does the pink glitters move when you shake the brush? 😀

    1. I used to have a pen whose half portion was filled with glitter and some clear liquid. Whenever I used to shake it, glitters moved and danced. 😀 If not brushes, then I am going to look for that pen lol. 😀

      1. LOL and I remember those pens speaking of which Bath & Body Works had one of their body lotion range containing shimmer and if I am not wrong in ‘Carried Away’ and I just went mad over the glitters. I love shimmers, sparkles and glitters and those pens LOL I used to collect them and used to underline them for studying purposes. Used to be fun 🙂

    2. No Madhur and guess what actually I tried doing it cause I have a solo white cream smudger brush that I flicked from my sis long back. Not sure if she is aware of it 😛 but I obviously could not flick the entire set 😉 so from that day on I have been on hunt for a similar one and then I found this beauty 😀

    1. You must get it Lisha if you can just to pamper yourself 🙂 If not for anything, you can keep looking at them all day long !

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