Shaface Shableach and Shafresh Face Mask

Shaface Shableach and Shafresh Face Mask


Hi beautiful IMBBians,

Today, I am reviewing three Shahnaz Husain products which are to be combined together to form one face mask. Honestly, I got this tip from Madam Shahnaz Husain herself when I met her in a Delhi mall recently. *happy dance*

So, the three products are:

I am giving an individual review also along with the product, so that there is no confusion:

1. Shableach:  This formulation promotes a visible improvement in the clarity, texture and tone of the skin. Helps to brighten blemish-prone and freckled skin.  This is an orange color liquid. I applied on my skin directly also, but there was no itching. Comes in a tall bottle, a rather difficult to close cap.


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Ingredients of Shableach:

Margosa Leaves extract, Soap nut. Bael and Indian Madder.

2. Shaface:  A rich formula which makes the skin look brighter, revitalized and more refined. Improves skin texture and tone. Clears away the dead surface cells gently and effectively, purifying the skin by removing pore-blocking impurities.  This is in a powder form which forms the paste to make the face mask. The powder is grainy and reminds me of chalk powder. *hihi* It comes in a nicely packed jar.


Ingredients of Shaface:

Kaolin, Ash of zincum, Talc, Prunus dulcis powder, Lawsonia alba, Citrus aurantium dulcis, Mentha sylvestris, Oil of Santalum album.

3. Shafresh: The formulation helps to hydrate all skin types and brings about a visible improvement in the texture of the skin. Helps to soften the skin and reduce the appearance of ageing signs.  This is a green color liquid, which has to be mixed in the face pack. It comes in a tall bottle. It can be used directly on the skin before putting makeup or any cream. It acts like a toner.


Ingredients of Shafresh: Triphala Ext 2.0%, Amal Ext 1.0%, Honey 1.0%, Chinai Ghas Ext 0.25%, Sandalwood Ext 2.0%, Base q.s. to make it 100%


Mix 5 drops of Shableach, 4 tsp. Shaface, 2 tsp. Shafresh, 1 tsp. Honey, 1 egg (use egg white for oily skin and egg yolk for dry skin), 1 tsp. Yoghurt. Apply the paste all over face and neck, avoiding the eyes. When it dries, wash off, preferably with milk and then water. Refrigerate the remaining product.  Later, add milk or yoghurt to soften. Can be used daily for oily and dry skin.

Shaface Shableach and Shafresh

My Take on Shaface Shableach and Shafresh Face Mask:

I diligently followed this procedure, I used to make the mask for one week, but I found it a bit too messy, considering how we get no-nonsense face masks these days. Hence, I made this mask only when I found the time. Sometimes, the mask was too drippy and I would be cleaning up the running liquid, but maybe this happened because I used Shaface considerably less. So, I used to add more.

The mask is nice, it dries well and the egg does not leave any smell. The honey acts as a moisturizer. Honestly, I did not find much difference in the skin tone as promised, may be because I did not use it regularly. However, there is an instant glow of course.

The three products cost Rs. 1500/-, the problem is that you will run out of Shaface rather quickly and then Shableach and Shaface will be lying around.

Pros of Shaface Shableach and Shafresh Face Mask:

  • Provides instant glow.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Can add own variations.
  • Can store the mask for a week in the refrigerator.

Cons of Shaface Shableach and Shafresh Face Mask:

  • Very messy.
  • Time consuming.
  • Adding egg maybe a problem for some, if you don’t like the smell.

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18 thoughts on “Shaface Shableach and Shafresh Face Mask

  1. Whoa, I guess Madam Shahnaz was tying to sell you all her products in one go *hihi* Jokes apart, I loved the review. It’s very derailed and provides each bit of info. I like Shahnaz facials, btw:-)

    1. Hi Tanvi. She usually comes to the mall. So i thought of speaking to her. She said, you can try this. I got swindled away *jai ho*
      There is a signature salon of Shahnaz where I stay, the pearl facials are really good. My mom got it done. I am still in the clean up era *shy*

          1. I am in Hyderabad Vrinda. I love getting Shahnaz facials at salons. I always get a nice glow with them, which stays on atleast for 4-5 days *happy dance*

              1. Oh! If possible, you come visit it. It’s a nice place 🙂 I promise you will love shopping at Shilparamam and Charminar *haan ji*

  2. Vrinda…..since she said it, I think there might be something to it, haven’t tried any of these products yet, but sounds good 🙂

    1. I know, I got so intimidated when she spoke to me. Whatever people may say about her, she has a personality *jai ho*

  3. Quite frankly Shahnaz Husain products suit me well. I’m using her pearl range at the moment and sharose toner and I’m more than happy. For my skin type (combination-oily with dry cheeks) I prefer her pearl range over Forest essentials and Kama (which is shocking for most people I know) *whistle* Maybe I’ll try these products next. 😀 Great review….and yeah—I keep seeing Shahnaz Husain in the mall too 😉

    1. Yes Riti I remember using sharose toner quite sometime back, I think I will go back to it now, that you have reminded me.

      IF you see her around the store, you can start a conversation. She guides well. In short its straight from the Horse’s mouth *hihi*

  4. Nice detailed review Vrinda *jai ho* *jai ho* *jalwa* you know i get really confused with shahnaz product names *hihi* *hihi* they are sooo confusing… i would pick up something instead of the one i want lol *happydance* yes a very time consuming one but wouuld love to try if someone gave me a ready paste lol rofl rofl

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