Shahnaz Husain Herbal Kajal Review

Ask any Indian girl if she has kohl/kajal. Chances are that almost everybody has at least some type or the other. Kohl is known by various names in South Asian languages, like surma in Punjabi, kajal in Hindi and Urdu, kaatuka in Telugu, kan mai in Tamil and kaadige in Kannada. Ancient ayurveda describes kajal as something that would act as a coolant for the eyes especially with the presence of camphor. Tradition also considers applying Kajal to infants to ward of evil eye and protect them. I have been wearing kajal ever since I was a kid in school days. Back then when I was kid, we were not allowed to wear any kind of makeup. Kajal was the only thing that I would wear. Since then it is a constant feature in my makeup routine. Well, I cannot even call it makeup routine. It’s an everyday thing like brushing your teeth! I started experimenting with kajal sticks in college and the first one I tried was boutique’s almond kajal. That wasn’t too bad. It was OK. But then I have always wanted an intense black in my lower lash line and waterline. In my quest to find that intense black kajal I stumbled across shahnaz husian’s kajal. I know not many people like this one. But to me it works like a charm. Sure it smudges and all that , but it really does give me this beautiful kohl rimmed eyes . 🙂 For days I want my makeup to last longer I would definitely prefer to use liners like MAC PowerPoint or urban decay’s 24X7. But otherwise when I am just running errands etc I prefer to use this. I have had SO many people ask me what I am wearing on my eyes. I have also recommended this many people .So, without further ado…

What does the product claim? A very special combination of precious herbs and pure almond oil to pamper your eyes. The flower extracts help to relax the eyes while the pure almond oil encourages the growth of luxuriant eyelashes. Triphala was used in ancient Ayurvedic system of medicine for maintaining and improving vision.

Ingredients: Triphala Oil, Kapoor Bhimseni (Camphor), Badam Tel, Arandi Tel, Beeswax.

Price: Rs 200 INR One of my favorite actors is Nandita Das. I am sure people who know her can never miss her heavily kajal rimmed eyes. I think it only adds to her natural dusky beauty. What I love about Shahnaz Husain’s herbal kohl?

  • The whole kajal on a stick form is a nice idea. Ease to apply and mess free.
  • The kajal is a rich intense black. Perfectly fits my bill.
  • The product really lasts a long time for me. The first one I bought has come through a whole 2 years and I still have some left. But I got a new one as I didn’t want to take any chances.
  • It claims to promote the growth of luxurious lashes. Honestly, I did notice a difference in the length and density of lashes in my lower lash line ever since I started using it. YAY for that . :yes:
  • It smells like the real deal. The one our moms and grandmas have been making for years with lantern-soot method. It smells exactly like that.
  • I love the packaging with the little mirror on the lid. Makes for good travel product.

What I don’t like about Shahnaz Husain’s herbal kohl?

  • This one does smudge. I cannot deny that. But to me it’s not too much. It’s easily manageable. Especially for a daily routine I couldn’t care less. One swipe on both eyes I am all set to look fresh and awake.
  • The sharpness of kohl stick does go away after repeated use. But since I use it mainly for my water line and my lower lash line, it doesn’t really matter.
  • The price is quite steep. At Rs 200 INR a pop, it is definitely a splurge for a simple kajal.

Tips for application and removal:

  • Apply a thick line on your waterline/lower lash line for a sharp defined eye look. This is not suitable for use as an eyeliner for your upper lash line.
  • One thing you have to make sure is to use a good makeup remover to remove this. My Holy Grail eye makeup remover is coconut oil. It’s the best. It removes even the most stubborn mascaras. It also softens the skin and conditions my lashes. I don’t think I will ever use any other makeup remover.

Rating: :star: :star: :star:

Having said this, I really want to try the Lotus Herbal Kajal ever since I have read so many rave reviews on IMBB. But I guess I’ll have to wait till my next trip to India . 🙁 Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this review. Try this if you are in the market for good herbal kohl that’s rich black in color!

IMPORTANT: Someone wants to do a huge sale on the blog but she does not have an online banking option. If you buy from her sale, would you guys be comfortable making payments via cheques or dd? Also, please think about it and then answer. Her’s is a HUGE sale and it would take me almost a whole day to put it up. It would really cost me time and energy. Do let me know what you think.- Rati


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83 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Herbal Kajal Review

  1. The packaging is really cute 😉 btw who has written this post? I dont think its you Rati and can see ur name below the header….

    You shud definately try the Lotus Kajal

    1. hi Jane
      beautiful Indian eye
      i loved the tip on coconut oil

      please suggest a brand safe for the eye…

  2. Ive been using Biotique’s kajal and I feel its good [though it smudges] and lasts long for the reasonable pricing.

  3. Hey Jane, nice eye…all of the ladies have lovel eyes….coming back to the Kajal, I dont like smudgers, they make me look awful….I have used Rati’s tip of applying Kajal…welcome back HD…and also I want to comment on Neha’s last post here…Neha and all you ladies, please display your entire collection. I too wanna show it to my mom, who says that with the money that I spend on cosmetics, she can add another floor to our building………… 😥 :-(( :-(( 🙁

      1. Thanks Jomol!!

        Another floor 😀 😀

        Neha Common…show us ur collection…..theres nothing to be ashamed…we are all makeup lovers here and u never know how u might inspire someone

    1. you bet, he will…my husband says he can buy a new car with the money…..whats happening to these people..clothes and cosmetics are priceless in a woman’s life….they cannot be compared to anything…who agrees with me?

      1. ah ha ha
        my hubby says he will take me to a shrink soon :pissedoff:
        :yawn: :yawn: i am bugged of this line
        he should try something else :reallypissed:

  4. hey Jane i m really confussed i was all set to buy the Lotus Kajal, & here comes your review. :hypnotized:

    Ok d solntion wil b i try both 1 aft another. :lashes:

    Jomol well said :yes: my mom’s comment is invest in gold rather then makeup. :talktothehand:

    1. my mom says first finish the existing make up then buy new
      but she know i will never be able to finish it in this life time… :rotfl:
      so clever

      1. Hey Lydia – I am not sure if its the cocomut oil..coz i use them only to remove the kajal. but the kajal stays on my lower lashline almost every other i think this might the reason 🙂

    2. Haha..I am sorry..:) If the lotus one is cheaper you should try that first. If you like it then you could just stick with that , right ?

  5. Hi Jane, nice post, this kajal was the first I ever bought, it is a very ‘black’, after which I used the Biotique one for at least 3 years I think, and I still have a little left.. but now Ive bought the lotus one and am really loving it.. but I must confess Im rather tardy about kajal removal but from now onwards Im gonna use coconut oil to remove it faithfully 🙂

    Jomol, after discovering Rati’s blog I must confess that my medicine cabinet has got fuller and my husband’s wallet way Surprisingly he has’nt said anything till date (or maybe its just a question of time) 😀 , but I agree we have simple wants in life, and those include clothes, makeup and ah! shoessss 😛

      1. For me its makeup, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and being the foodie that I am…i cant be compromise on food :-)) but I am lucky that I hvnt heard anything from mom on makeup until now….

  6. :rotfl: :rotfl: well what with they do if we were lusting after the latest mobile, car or someother fancy electronic toy.. all relative 😉 thats what i say

    1. Oh wow..thanks rati..I have always thought eyes were my least favourite feauture..they are really small 🙂

  7. My mum and me used this kajal but both of us are allergic to it..!!!

    Now we use this VOV kajal pencil for our water line and its a nice black not the blackest black but it snudges very less on me.. and i can really compromise on blackness but not on the smudging factor, since i have oily eyelids.

      1. and this time i should get to know atleast 3 days in advance..!!! and if i dont get to buy anything im gonna kill u sexy..!!!

  8. Nice review Jane. 🙂 I’m using Biotique (100/-) now and it smudges a little bit. I can’t get it off completely.. I’m going to try coconut oil. 🙂

  9. Wow… I love Lotus kajal… :inlove:

    And I am proud to say that i was the first to coin the iconic term for IMBB ladies… “The Crazy ladies Club”!!! 😀 😀

    Anybody who reads these 50+ comments will agree!!! :rotfl:
    But i am proud to belong to this club…

    Husbands, bfs, moms and mom-in-laws… We ain’t gonna change!!! :rotfl: 😉 :rotfl: 😉

  10. Yes M, I agree

    Hubby is fine..hehe..He is an epitome of patience and calmness..but then again, even earth has a limit for patience right??

    Even after all these years I hide my makeup from my dad 😎

  11. Hi Jane, you must try the VLCC kajal priced at Rs.135
    Its really good..doesnt smudge at creates a smokey effect tooo
    Btw u have very cute eyes 🙂

  12. hi
    i have also used sahnaz kajal quite smudgy
    bt nw i have changed to chambor kajal it stays for long without smudging on my water line and it does nt harm me or spreads bz i wear lenses too.
    chambor kajal is for 480 quite expensive bt still worth it
    i wear in the mrng n it z on my eyes till evening and my frnds do ask abt it and i feel glad
    :yahoo: :toothygrin:

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