7 Shahnaz Husain Products for Hyperpigmentation

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I am back with another post! Today, we would be talking about Shahnaz Husain products for hyperpigmentation. Shahnaz Husain’s name in the beauty and wellness industry is no more unfamiliar to anyone of us. She is a beauty and skin care expert recognized not only in the country but throughout the globe. Skin pigmentation is one among the common problems most women suffer from. Skin pigmentation can not only make your skin dull but you may also observe other signs of aging on the skin. One of the quickest ways to treat hyperpigmentation is to use products which are specially designed to treat it.

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So, here we have brought some of the best Shahnaz Husain products for hyperpigmentation.

1. Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion


Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion is an effective product which helps to get rid of the blemishes, dark patches and dark spots on the face. Regular usage of the cream can help to remove epithelial cells, thus, promoting even skin tone and giving you fair and healthy skin. Before applying the cream, you should clean the skin and then spread it evenly on the face. The cream is not greasy and also does not leave any residue behind.

2. Shahnaz Husain Shagrain Dermabrasive Treatment


Enriched with almond and henna, using this cream from Shahnaz Husain can help to get rid of the hyperpigmented skin easily. It helps to treat the oiliness on the skin, thus, promoting blemish-free and even tone skin. The cream is not only good to treat blackheads but it is equally good to be used on scars or blemishes on the skin. This cream is essentially good to treat the hyperpigmented area on the skin. Do not rub on the acne, pimple or wounds.

3. Shahnaz Husain ShaLife Plus Skin Nourishing Program


This night cream is essentially good to be used on hyperpigmented skin. Using this cream on regular basis can help to slow down the aging of the skin and also improve the skin texture. Enriched with organic ingredients, this skin nourishing program cream works as an effective emollient. It is effective in treating age spots and skin patches easily. Cleanse your face first and massage your face in the upward direction using the cream. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and remove using a cotton ball.

4. Shahnaz Husain Precious Pearl Natural Radiance Mask

Enriched with minerals and amino acids, this pearl mask introduced by Shahnaz Husain is one among the best to treat hyperpigmented skin. Using this mask regularly can help to promote even tone skin and also improve the texture. It not only treats the dark patches and blemishes on the skin but promotes youthful skin. Apply this mask on the face and neck and allow it to dry. Once the mask dries, wash off with milk.

5. Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Skin Beautifying Mask


Containing a high amount of wheat germ oil, sandalwood, honey and rose, this rejuvenating mask is excellent to be used on the hyperpigmented skin. Using this mask can help to slow down the aging signs on the face, thanks to the vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants in the product. This beautifying mask is suitable for all kinds of skin and works well on the dark skin patches and hyperpigmented area. You can use this mask regularly to improve the elasticity of the skin.

6. Shahnaz Husain Ayurvedic Treatment Cream (Egyptian Lotus)

Blended with Khajoor, Chandan, and Khas extracts, this treatment cream is essentially good to treat hyperpigmented skin. The cream is ideal for people with dull or oily skin. It helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation on the skin and also treats the fine lines and wrinkles easily. You should be using this treatment based cream every night in order to wake up with a gorgeous and clear skin. Use this cream regularly for 3 months to enjoy supple skin.

7. Shahnaz Husain Shadew Turmeric Treatment Formula


This cream is especially good to treat hyperpigmentation on the skin. The cream comes with a special blend of turmeric and lemon extracts which proves beneficial in treating all kinds of acne, pimples, blemishes and dark spots on the face. Using this cream regularly can also help to promote younger looking skin. With antiseptic effects, this cream helps to protect your skin from drying or aging.

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