Shahnaz Forever Rejuvenating Hair Conditioner Review

Hello Beauties,

How are you all doing? As the topic says I’ll review the conditioner I got from Shahnaz forever range.

A quick intro to my hair type. I have thick and dry hair. Without proper conditioning it would be frizzy :struggle: I was using the Dove intense therapy shampoo and conditioner for ages 🙂 . It was working well for me, just that I had little consistent hairfall.

I didn’t have an idea of trying a different shampoo until I read the review of Shahnaz forever Shampoo for Dry/Damaged hair by Uzma. I so wanted to try that shampoo. I was so happy when I got to know about
their online store :jiggy1: They do free shipping too :yahoo: :yahoo: So I ordered the Dry/damaged hair shampoo and the Rejuvenating Hair Conditioner.

I received the package within a week in a very good condition. It was very neatly and safely packed. It had 4 layers of packaging. I had a good first impression with their service :waytogo:


On the bottle:

Shahnaz Conditioner
Shahnaz Conditioner

Specially created for dry, damaged hair and hairloss, it contains valuable natural extracts of Green Tea and Rosemary. Provides nourishment and conditions the hair. Helps to check hairloss and
strengthen the hair, making it healthy and lustrous.



A whole bunch of chemicals with all possible parabens :(( .

Price: Rs.90 for 100ml

My Experience with Shahnaz Forever Rejuvenating Conditioner

It’s a light green conditioner with a mild fruity smell. The consistency is pretty thick. It’s not at all runny. It comes in a white bottle with a flip cap (Same as their shampoo bottle). This works better on my frizz and dryness. I have wavy hair and I like it to be straight (I always feel jealous when I see gals with straight hair :smug: ). It does help tame the waves. I still see a little bit of hair fall when I apply the conditioner, though I try to be as gentle as possible. It also makes
detangling easy.

Conditioner swatch
Conditioner swatch

Plus Points of Shahnaz Forever Rejuvenating Conditioner

1. The Creamy consistency makes it easy to spread over the hair and it covers each strand very well.
2. I like how it smells on my hair on the day I use it. It’s mild and nothing cosmetic.
3. It tames my wavy hair.
4. Controls frizz to a good extend

Minus Points of shahnaz forever rejuvenating hair conditioner:

1. I used to wash my hair twice a week. When I use this conditioner, my hair smells good for first 2 days. The third day it gives an oily smell to my hair (Like I haven’t washed it for a week :idk: ). So I had to wash my hair a day earlier than I used to. Nothing big to complain here.
2. When its thick consistency is a “+” point, the packaging is a “-” point for this kind of consistency. As the product gets to almost end of the bottle, it becomes difficult to get it out. I would have loved if it was an inverted tube design (Like dove)
3. It does not give any great shine to my hair as claimed.
4. When I run my hands through my hair, it feels soft near the root and not that soft near the tip (Though I had my haircut recently). I use a leave on conditioner for this purpose.
5. Contains Paraben.
Overall Verdict:
It’s a pretty decent conditioner for dry hair which does not do wonders. May work even better for Normal hair. May not be suitable for oily hair as it might leave the hair smelling oily even earlier :nono:

Rating: 3/5 (-2 for the minus points mentioned above)

Will I buy I again: I have already placed my second order for it
:pompom: :pompom:

See you all in the next post :-* :-*

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31 thoughts on “Shahnaz Forever Rejuvenating Hair Conditioner Review

  1. it’s kidna nice that indian stores are shifting towards online shopping. It really helps people who live in places where there is less access to their stores.

    I am personally not into shahnaz husaain stuff . you ahve tried something else from her range?

          1. shai, could you please send me a test mail with your name. I get confused with your name and shaili’s 🙁 lats time i sent her mail about the payment instead of you. 😐

    1. Nothing apart from kajal and sunscreen Rati. SPF 50 sunscreen was like a think tooth paste with raw sunflower smell :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. Good review Karpagam…..I want all the stores to go online now rati…….. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. good morning jomol.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i know jomol. it would so so much fun if all brands open their stores. ghar baithe baithe shopping. :manicure:

  3. Yet to try anything Shehnaz, the names used to put me off – sha this, sha that.. like the sound of the conditioner.

  4. i like the Everyuth Walnut scrub and if you want a scrub for a more targeted reason like blackheads, try the Body shop tea tree blackheads remover. I have been using both these products for the past 1 month and have seen a visible difference.

    good luck

  5. Nice review… :cute:
    I have used it too,it was just like you mentioned,good near the roots and not doing its job well when it came to the ends :-/

    decent but not wonderfool 😛

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