How To Treat An Oily Scalp

How To Treat An Oily Scalp

An oily scalp is very problematic. More so, if you have dry or normal hair type while your scalp still feels oily and greasy! It is very difficult to deal with such a condition because you don’t know whether you should go for a shampoo formulated for oily hair or dry hair. If you choose a shampoo meant for oily hair, your scalp feels clean but your hair gets a parched feeling, sans shine, sans smoothness, sans softness! On the other hand, if you choose a shampoo meant for normal to dry hair, you do justice to your hair while you neglect the demands of your scalp! Moreover, oily scalp exposes you to an extremely stubborn kind of yellowish and sticky dandruff which forms because of your over-active sebaceous glands! Scalp feels dirty, smelly, itchy and so unclean; to the extent that you are ready to go to any extent to get rid of the oil and dirt! As you must have understood by now, I am myself a poor girl suffering from this horribly bad condition and this article is the product of my years of research, experiments and the consequent experience that I have gathered. Want to know how to treat an oily scalp? Read on!

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How to treat an oily scalp: quick tips

• Clean: Choose a shampoo that is designed for oily hair. This will help to clean the dirt and oil effectively. If you have oily and limp hair, you would do justice to both scalp and hair. If you have normal to dry hair, use olive oil through the hair strands two hours before using the shampoo. It is better to avoid the hair roots. After shampooing, you would get a clean scalp and soft hair! I have myself used the Aroma Magic Triphla shampoo (see review HERE), Lotus Herbals Kera Veda Amlapura Shikakai Amla Herbal Shampoo (see review HERE) and VLCC Natural Sciences Rosemary Anti Dandruff Shampoo (see Review HERE ) among many others alike. Your hair needs to be washed frequently. It also helps if you leave on the shampoo for a couple of minutes or more before you wash it off.

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• Condition: Conditioning is very important for your hair. But how to get the conditioning effect sans the greasy feel? The best way is to use natural conditioners. If you don’t have time, use lemon water, apple cidar vinegar or tea liquor as the last rinse. This will condition your hair and yet your scalp remains free from oil.

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• Nourish: As you can understand, oils can be detrimental to oily scalp. There isn’t much you can do about this though it is a proven fact that oils play a vital role in nourishing hair and promoting hair growth. From my personal experience, I can tell you that using oil intensifies your hair fall and dandruff problem, while making your hair look limp! So, the best way is to go for non-oily hair tonics especially meant for this purpose. For instance, you can use the Lotus Herbals Kera Veda Hair tonic for taking care of your scalp and providing it the nourishment it needs.

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• Comb: Use wooden comb and comb your hair after it is dry. You tend to lose hair when you comb wet hair. Moreover, avoid combing too often as it stimulates oil secretion on your scalp.

How to treat an oily scalp : Product tips

• Go for cleansers which are mild, oil-free and gentle enough for frequent use.
• You may look for zinc pyrithione, coal tar, salicylic acid or selenium sulfide as ingredients in shampoos (I am not talking of whether they are otherwise harmful for hair or not; the advice is restricted only to as far as their effectiveness in removing scalp oil is concerned).
• Avoid two-in-one products and products which leave a residue behind.
• Do not use styling products too often. Let your scalp breathe free.

How to treat an oily scalp: A few easy home remedies
• Henna: Applying henna to your hair once every week or once every two weeks helps a lot. Henna conditions your hair and since it has a drying effect, it is beneficial to oily scalp.

• Coconut milk: Massage your scalp with fresh coconut milk. It is extremely good for scalp; it helps treat oily condition while nourishing your scalp and hair.
• Tea-tree oil: Use may use tea-tree oil in your regular scalp-care regimen. If not in hair packs, try adding a few drop of tea tree oil in your shampoo while you wash your hair.
• Aloe Vera gel: Use fresh aloe vera gel on your scalp. This helps to nourish your hair roots and control oil.

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Oily scalp is indeed a problem scalp. So, you need to be careful while treating it. It just demands a bit more care and concern from your part. Hence, it is important that you take regular care and at the same time, drink lots of water, avoid oily food and have a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to tackle the problem to a good extent! 🙂

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45 thoughts on “How To Treat An Oily Scalp

  1. I have a question here,
    I have dry,curly,frizzy hair. and I suffer with oily dandruff at times.
    sometimes after 3-4 days of hair wash my hail feel oily at the roots and dry at ends, and sometiems that does not happen at all.

    So does that mean I have oily scalp?
    Waiting for your reply Somreeta…

    1. i dont think it should be oily as ur hair feels oily 3-4 days of hair wash and if you had oily scalp, u would need wait so much!!! 🙂

      1. oh… coz I get dandruff so I was doubting that I have oily scalp.
        Anyways, your tips were really good, and I am planning to give a try to the VLCC antidandruff shampoo you mentioned.

  2. Useful Tips Somreeta.. 🙂 I have a Oily Scalp & Dry Hair..Worst ever combination..So I have started oiling on the shaft only..avoiding it at roots..!!

    1. true Shilpa! mine too is oily scalp and normal hair which tend to become dry at times these days 🙁 hope the oil tip would help

  3. God Bless you Somreeta for this post!! this summer my hair has become so oily that i dont have a choice but to wash it everyday.. really mice post.. thanks 🙂

    1. thanx Rati!!! 🙂 consider ur self blessed that u dnt hav this prob…truly 😛 its so irritating at times 🙁

  4. Henna helps a lot. And you are right – I skin the siliconey conditioners and try use youghurt and shikakai whenever I can. Helps like a boon. Not sure about the oiling part though – my scalp`s oily but the ends are rather dry , so I do use some Coconut/olive oil on the ends of my hair atleast twice a week. Leaving the scalp free of oil is a good idea if you dandruff. Keeping the hair clean is the solution 😀 It`s a great post – we all benefitted from it here – thank you ^_^

  5. Hey somreeta great article 🙂 same pinch …. I too have oily scalp..

    I also follow your tips:
    key is cleansing or washing your scalp/hair well. Keep it clean , no dandruff will build up. Always condition well , in case u still feel hair are dry apply serum or hair mask to hair strands (not to scalp).
    As for frizzy hair – i use anti frizz shampoo /conditioner range . I prefer waves, so no rebounding in my case. Thanks for bringing to notice side effects of keratin treatment am saved .thx 🙂

    As for nourishment – go for Hot oil treatment works wonders, wash your hair in hours time .
    Have recently started Hair protein masks .. seems good 🙂 try that one out 🙂

    henna don’t suit me makes my hair dry …. i am trying surbhi’s tip her a combi of amla + reetha+ tsp of henna hopefully hair wont be as so dry

    too have heard lot abt aloe vera ..donno y never tried maybe its a gel lets see..lemme know if u know good produc/shampoo for that.

    1. thnx nidhi! great 2 kno ur tips…. 🙂 wl try d protein pck 4 sure………..! olive oil+coconut oil for hot oil trtmnt??

      1. oops dint realize i wrote so much …wanted to say am trying ur tips currently and it does help 🙂 and thanks for posting that keratin treatment wala article was seriously thinking of doing that…but wont now after seeing side effects uv mentioned and also duration effect will stay is too short…

        I must say the way u write the article makes it so much interesting to read… love to see ur articles here 🙂 🙂

        Nourishment/hot oil treatment- I use almond oil + seseme oil + olive oil + mustard oil + brahmi amla oil ( 5 oils) and keep it in some bottle . Apply this oil combo ( one of my friend used this combo and her hair looked sooo good , she has looog hair and quite heavy and thick 🙂 …she told each has a quality in them and as we have busy days .. so she mixes them together to get all the benefits in one go , found her suggestion useful so tried… plus musturd oil and olive oil are quite thick so adding almond and sesme oil helps. Have recently added amla and brahmi to list as it is considered good hair tonic.

  6. I have a realllly oily scalp 🙁 thanks for the tips, Somreeta! A very helpful article as usual 🙂 but my hair’s dry and frizzy so maybe I’ll try either olive oil or those other brands you mentioned. TBS sells tea tree oil as well too, right?

  7. I have a realllly oily scalp 🙁 thanks for the tips, Somreeta! A very helpful article as usual 🙂 but my hair’s dry and frizzy so maybe I’ll try either olive oil or those other brands you mentioned. TBS sells tea tree oil as well too, right?

  8. Thanks thanks thanks a lot for this article. 🙂 i suffer from oily scalp and i will definitely keep these tips handy! 🙂 love reading your articles ..

  9. thanks for such an informative article. i too suffer from this prblm bt will now keep ur tips in mind 🙂

  10. Awesome post! Thank u thank u thank u! Even i have oily scalp, but normal hair.. I was planning to buy Aroma magic Triphla shampoo, as u suggested.. Hope it helps!

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