Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils – Which Works Best?

Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils – Which Works Best?

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There are three staple products in our vanity, which we can quickly use for a simple “no makeup look,” even on days that we feel too lazy – BB cream, kajal and colored lip balm. In fact, add a mascara here too. These are the products which are of daily use, and which can make or break any makeup look, whether light or heavy, day or night. A kajal, is the oldest and the most favorite of all the makeup products, of all times. Right from the “surma” used by our grandmothers, to the now smudge proof and water proof ones that we have, this is one form of makeup, that has seen many days, and many forms. The “dibiya” kajals, then the herbals ones, then came the sharpenable ones, the retractable ones, then more improvement in the form of additional features of smudge proof and water proof, because all of us Indian gals love to play with our dark eyes.

Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils

Sharpenable or Retractable?

One question that we all have faced while purchasing kajal/eye pencils, is this – should we go for a retractable eye pencil, or a sharpenable one? While there are varying prices in the both the categories, we usually go for the retractable ones, because of ease of use, and also because, some of the most popular and affordable kajals (eyeconic, colossal, magique etc.), come in retractable forms. The sharpenable ones like Lakme absolute, Colorbar Just Smoky, Colorbar I Glides, Faces Long Wear, are higher on the price side, and come with an additional expense of sharpener. So, what exactly should we look for while taking this decision? That, is what I am going to tell you in this post.

Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils

Sharpenable Kajals:

The biggest point that comes in favor of sharpenable pencils, is hygiene. Every time you sharp it, the used layer wears off, and the new and fresh tip comes, which is applied. Since most of us apply kohl on waterline, which is more prone to all kind of sensitivity, watering issues, infections etc. In case of sensitive eyes, sharpenable pencils are the best options due to this factor.

Most of the sharpenable eye pencils, have a gel like finish. Also, they are more long wearing, and have a darker and richer finish. You can go through the reviews of Lakme Absolute Kohl, Colorbar Just Smoky in Just Black, Colorbar I Glide in Blackout, Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Solid Black. All these are sharpenable eye pencils, and give a superb dark and gel-like finish to the eyes. Also, the fine sharpened tip gives you more control, when you have to draw precision lines.

On the other hand, most of the sharpenable eye pencils and kohls are priced on the higher side. I don’t know the logic for this, but this might be a general trend as the retractable ones are considered more of the budget types. Though, we may find expensive ones there too. Also, sharpenable eye pencils tend to get over fast due to regular sharpening, and sometimes product wastage too, when you do not get that perfect tip in the first time.

The main points that are in favor of sharpenable pencils are : hygienic, gel like finish, darker.
The main points that are against sharpenable pencils are : price, wastage

Retractable Kajals/Eye Pencils:

Now, comes the most beloved version of kohls. Ever since the launch of Maybelline Colossal, the market has seen more retractable variants from other brands too, on the affordable side, targeting daily use. The USP of retractable kajals, is the ease of use. No sharpening and no delay. You just have to twist up, apply, twist down, cap it, and keep it in your bag for any touch up that you might need.

Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils

Most of the popular retractable pencils, are very affordable, mostly in the range of INR 200-250. Some of these are Maybelline colossal, Lakme eyeconic, L’oreal Magique, and the latest Lotus Colorkick. These pencils have a twist up mechanism, and thus are very easy to use.

Retractable pencils, mostly, are not very dark. They have a matte, creamy or semi-matte finish, but not the gel-like finish that most of the sharpenable pencils can boast of. Also, they are not as dark. In the hygiene factor too, retractable pencils are not too good, as you use the same tip again and again. You cannot wipe it even, as it is of no use, and obviously you do not sharpen these, so the used layer doesn’t come off. Sensitive eyes, be very careful while choosing your retractable kajal.

Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils

The main points that are in favor of retractable pencils : ease of use, affordable, easily available
The main points that are against retractable pencils : hygiene, sensitive eyes issues

Which should you pick?

If you are a sensitive eye gal, or you wear specs, you should mostly go for sharpenable eye pencils and kohls. These may be pricier, but are more hygienic than their retractable counterparts. Then again, for the ever fast life, retractable versions are best, for those quick morning application, and touch ups, because you do not need to worry about the blunt tip.

Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils

On the ending note, I think that we should all have at least one sharpenable kajal, for those perfect lines and finish, and one retractable one, for those quick stroke, soft daily applications. Then again, if you have a retractable pencil which is dark and rich enough, it takes the brownie points too.

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14 thoughts on “Sharpenable or Retractable Eye Pencils – Which Works Best?

  1. I love sharpenable ones, but out of laziness I prefer retractable pencils 😐 . However for a date or party I wear my Lakme absolute kohl 😀

    1. i got the lotus colorkick jomo 😀 😀 Gonna try it soon…I fell in love with its gel like dark black wen i saw the review here 🙂

  2. Wow kadambari… This is such a nice and informative post… I love both kinds of pencils… Only dont like the ones which cannot be retracted back…

    1. Yes..faced that in case of lakme absolute liners 🙁 but I have so many kohls right now..both sharpenable and retractable ones 😛

  3. Hey… A very informative post .. I wanna have a kajal which has the darkness of sharpen able pencils n ease of use of retractable ones.. Btw how’s the lotus colorkick kajal??

    1. Thanks 🙂 I haven’t opened the colorkick one yet..but judging from the review on is sure going to b an awesome pick 😀

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