Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils: Dazzle Purple and Dazzle Teal

What Chambor Claims: The transformation from a dark room to a magically lit up one will never fail to charm, attract or DAZZLE you…. Much like Chambor New DAZZLE EYEPENCILS with its new skate formula that allows for smooth application and perfect colour with a one stroke precise application. At a party or even for daily wear this pencil and the colours it is available in will go a long way to Dazzle you.

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils (Top-Bottom): Teal and Purple

Shades Available: 6 (Dazzle Black, Dazzle Silver, Dazzle Gold, Dazzle Grey, Dazzle Teal, Dazzle Purple)
Price and Weight: Rs. 445 for 0.28 gms

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils look (Top-Bottom): Teal and Purple

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils Swatches (Top-Bottom): Teal and Purple

The Good About Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils

● It claims to contain no animal ingredients.
● It is creamy and glides on smoothly without tugging on my skin
●The pigmentation is out-of-this-world! I was lazily walking around at a mall looking for the Lakme Purple Nine to Five Retractable eye pencil when the Chambor Purple Eye Pencil caught my eye. So I, in fact, made the Chambor SA swatch the Chambor Purple along with the Lakme Purple on the back of my hand and the latter looked absolutely pale and cheap next to the former. I know there are many of us out there who would want to wear a retractable Purple eye pencil with silver freckles but because of dark eyelids the Lakme pencil doesn’t work for us (even with concealer). Buy the Chambor Purple because it will give you colour at least 5 times deeper than the Lakme one that too in one swipe flat without concealor.
●Though Teal is a little bright with a glossy finish, I find Purple to be a very versatile shade with shimmer finish. It can easily be used in lieu of black for day wear and can be worn to work.  The purple in the Dazzle Purple liner is visible only in direct daylight or just below a striking white tubelight. Even if someone is standing right next to you he can never exactly make out if you are wearing a blue, black, grey or purple eyeliner :p
● I have never used it on my waterline so cannot stay if it stings there or not but it can definitely be used on the lower lash line without causing any irritation, powdery fallout or stinging.
● The colour never transfers to the area beneath my eyebrows as a result of blinking. This happens very often with my Lakme Nine to Five eye pencils so I have to prime my eyes before I use them. Chambor eye pencils can be applied straightaway.
●It claims to be Non – Comodogenic, Dermatologist Tested, Opthalmologist Tested.
● It has good staying power of about 8-10 hours during which you can easily wash your face with water or splash water into your eyes and this liner still stays put. Only be careful not to rub your eyes when wet else it will smudge.
● One can easily create a smokey eye effect by smudging it within 5-10 seconds of application.
● The longest that I have worn it was for 15 hours on a journey. It did not crease at all! Though beyond 12 hours it did start to fade but that too very evenly thus bringing out the Purple shade even more.
●Easy to carry
● I adore the flowers that adorn the packaging of the pencil :p

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils on eye Purple

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils Purple Purple

The Bad About Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils

● I simply do not understand the concept of a one-way retractable pencil. Those new to retractable pencils it means that even though you can rotate and move the pencil outwards from its case, you absolutely cannot move it back in after use! Chambor believes that this makes their pencils more hygienic compared to other retractable eye pencils from other brands which swivel up and down. They say that you will swivel down and use only that much quantity of the product as is required while the rest of the pencil remains safe inside the case. But actually each time you apply this pencil a tiny bit of the lead will always remain outside.  This tiny bit will get used up in your second application alongwith some fresh lead. Then again a tiny bit will be left outside and the cycle continues!
● A one way swivel pencil also means you will never know when it has got over or reached the verge of extinction! Only one fine morning when you have lined one eye, you will realise that there is nothing left inside the pencil to line your second eye! :p
● I never hear the ‘click’ of the cap while closing. This could either be because a bit of the lead is always left outside and hence it never does close fully or because the encasing is noise proof:p Whatever the case be, I am always left wondering if I closed it properly or not.
Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils on eye Teal

Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils Teal Teal

Rating: 5/5
Verdict: A must-have for anybody and everybody into retractable eye pencils.
Would you purchase again? Definitely Yes ! I intend to purchase these in all available colours soon.

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84 thoughts on “Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencils: Dazzle Purple and Dazzle Teal

  1. Hii NAtasha is Chambor your favourite brand???I mean I had read many reviews of yours on Chambor(lipstick eTC)
    Anyways,are you wearing any other make up than this eye pencil…

    1. no sonam, i am not wearing any other makeup. no primer, foundation or losse powder…nothing. i just have greasy skin :toothygrin:

      1. i use many brands so can’t say which one is my favourite but yes i do like the retractable pencils from chambor a lot 🙂

        1. thank you sonam. yes i never wear mascara or kajal/kohl on a regular basis for a casual look. just line my upper lash and wear a matte lipstick with some blush, powder :toothygrin:

          1. and till date this is only my 2nd chambor review. i guess the first one on chambor lipsticks was so long :yawn: that it seems i ave writen 10-20 reviews on chambor :tongue: :tongue: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. superlike the liners and gr8 post!! I am planning to buy this very liner .. but in two minds on choosing Chambor or revlon..almost same price they have 🙁

    1. if stuck between both revlon and chambor buy the style u like best. retractable or sharpen ones? better still buy one from chambor an one from revlon-problem solved :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. The colours are really intense and gorgeous..I dont buys chambor because I have had bad exp in past but i do want to pick these pencils for sure.

    Dazzle purple is super pretty and unique..

      1. and yes i remember u telling me about your chambor experience last time but till now i have used only their matte lipsticks and these liners. neither has given me a reason to complain thankfully else i usually go back and tear down the SA’s who sell me “bad experience stuff” :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. monika i have avon glimmersticks diamonds in blue and a a khaki green…have even forgotten their names :yawn: but chambor dazzle liner pencils are at least 5 times better than those i swear! i find the shimmer n glitter in their navy blue a bit tacky wheras the shimmer in the forst green spreads all across my eyes in half an hour :(( :lol2: now i wear the forst green only on my lower lash to the gym 😆

  4. hey some one pls answer my query,
    These eye pencils are very nice on bare eyes, but I tried applying these on my lids after applying eye shadow(powder based), I found it very difficult to apply.
    Can the eye pencils be used above eye shadow. :waiting:

    1. rachna, i always use liquid liner after applying eyeshadows. besides i think the rule of the game if u want to use pencil liners instead of liquid ones then u must use eyeshadow very carefully on top of the liner. besides i barely ever use eyeshadows so maybe rati would be a better person to guide u about the dos and don’ts.

  5. @ natasha:he he he Thanks natasha, it ws not confusing… I understood……
    but I feel like laughing very much dunno y…. may be coz i imagined u getting confused.. lolz… so here goes smileys for u…. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  6. wow natasha u look extremely gorgeous !

    i want purple so badly ! these days m liking purple so much 😉 !!!!!!!!going to purchase this purple shade ! :woot:

  7. do puchase it ashna. chambor often has very good schemes every second month. since the alst scheme was in november u can usher in the new year with chambor pencils in january :toothygrin:

  8. these are just awwwwwesome. im drooling drooling and drooling. both of the colors are awwwwwesome. i wanttttt them sooooooo much. :drool: :drool: :drool:

  9. Nice review Natasha! I really like Chambor products. I have these pencils in purple,grey and golden. I had such a good experience with the purple one that I went ahead an purchased 2 more shades. The grey one isnt ‘pure’ neautral grey but has a tinge of blue in it which doesnt make it look dull and the golden one is so smooth, almost like a fluid!

    1. ankita i intend to buy the grey one, howz grey for the lower las line? but the gold always leaves me confused. is it a bright or a dull gold? can’t make out in the bright light of maLLs. and does it look invisible on the eyelids as most gold/brwon pencils do?

      1. I haven’t tried the grey one on my lower lash line till now. Will try it out and tell you. The gold one is a vibrant golden with a good shimmer- not the chunky glittery kind that will be harsh on the eye. Its very visible whichever way you put it- smudged within few seconds of application or a thin line(looks good when paired with brown/black liner). My mum has the golden one too and she pairs with a brown liner on her eyelids and it looks great!

        1. The glittery lights of malls are confusing especially while buying lipsticks, the yellow lighting is very misleading. Chambor always has a small section with white lighting also to see how the products look in white light.

    1. The best way would be above it I think. The black/brown liner should be closest to the lash line to give a dense look and a thin line of golden above it. I like wearing it this way though you could experiment with both ways, you already have such thick dense lashes!

    1. Silver paired with a blue liner will look awesome!! You should try one on each eye when you go the store and see which suits you best.

  10. Natashaaaaaaa…..the teal blue colour is so beautifulllllllllllll :heart: :heart: but only one-way retractable….then in my hands, it would hardly last one day………I always pull the entire thing out 😯 😯

    1. u r wicked :toothygrin: :toothygrin: but just pull a tiny wee bit. it took me a while too to adjust. i pulled up the purple one quite a bit but since there was no way i could use up such a long pulled out lead, i broke it deliberately first with my fingers and then used it :lol2: me wicked too :toothygrin:

    1. both are very pretty jomol. i am planning to stock up these pencils whenever chambor has a scheme next :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2:

  11. yes that’s true :toothygrin: but i also have many other corners reserved for revlon, colorbar , maybelline etc :tongue: no corner for lakme though 😛

  12. loove both the colours…. i also want … no chambor in my city … m pickin up both the shades whenever and wherever i spot chambor next :yelo: :yelo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. i live in ancient land … easily available here means revlon , lakme and streetwear .. :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

  13. u can find chambor at lifestyle, shopper’s stop and even big bazaar sometimes. try chotu motu counters in local narrow lane type markets :yelo: u still havent told me wher u live :yelo: :waiting:

        1. dilli … i louuuu delhii.. my bitch best friend got stuff from sarojini only for herself … and i ‘choro’fied all of it …. dyin to visit dilli soon…. i mite go to pune in feb for my convocation , will pick up these chambor beauties der … hoping to find a good deal… :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo:

          1. sure do naina. buy 2-2 each since u won’t get them in your city 😛 i am now planning to visit faces for their eyeshdows and amtte lipsticks in january :yahoo:

            1. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: lol.. that is what i do wherever i go … i have two of almost everything that i buy from outstations .. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  14. I have all the colours in these…am loving them better than the Revlon Colorstay eye pencils, they are much smoother and easier to apply. Both the colours are looking very nice on you.

  15. thanks sabrina. i saw your swatches after i purchased these then asked rati if i could do a review on only 2 pencils as u had already :)) swatched all. i plan to buy silver next. howz the grey for the lower lash line sabrina?

  16. I bought teal, green and black today!! Didn’t see the purple one but I’ll also buy that soon! 😀 I’m in love with it! I compared it to the eyeconic one and frankly, lakme appeared pale to Chambor. Also, it’s so perfect for my watery eyes!! Found the Holy Grail! 😀

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