Shimmery Eye Makeup + Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review+ Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Review

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Here’s a very long post for you. A review of Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation. I have used both the products in the look below.

For the eyes, I literally pressed last 3 textured eyeshadow colors with my finger tips on my eyelids, a bit of kohl and mascara. Honestly, it was like a 2-minute eye makeup look. I would tell more if I did more, but that’s all I did. 😀 Hope you like it! 🙂
shimmery rose gold eye makeup 3

shimmery rose gold eye makeup
shimmery rose gold eye makeup 2
shimmery rose gold eye makeup 6

A glossy eye makeup look using the palette.

glossy smokey eyeReviews :huda beauty rose gold palette review

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation Review:

Price: $67.00 / INR4,300 approx
My Skin Type : Normal to Dry
Skin Tone:  Medium fair/Olive / neutral undertones
Shade Reference : MAC NC 35/ I use the shade 5.5 in this foundation.

This is strictly a foundation for people with normal to dry skin. This is my first Giorgio Armani foundation. It has a thin, creamy texture that glides on the skin like a dream. It has light to medium coverage and no matter how much you build it up, it never looks cakey. I have tried this foundation using Beauty Blender, finger tips and foundation brush. I always find that it blends most beautifully when you use it with the brush. It comes packed in this frosted glass bottle with pump dispenser and black cap. It’s a gorgeous and a functional packaging.

This is a glowing foundation, so people with combination or oily skin should stay away from this one. Since it is a lightweight foundation, it can easily be worn everyday and even for the evenings. It has SPF 20 in it, but worry not, it does not have any flash back, I took so many photos with it just to check that. I always notice that this foundation looks better once it settles down a bit, let’s say for good 30-40 minutes than freshly applied. It looks more like “skin” as the time passes by.

The only and the only problem with this foundation is that it would oxidize if you use any radiant primer underneath it. And it would oxidise bad. I have some greyness around my mouth area and it’s a very common thing I find in most Indian women. This only emphasises the greyness around the mouth, but when I have worn with regular smoothing primer, this works like a charm and looks fresh even after 6-7 hours. It does not settle in fine lines. Also, I love mixing this foundation with regular foundations because the ‘healthy glow’ of the foundation combined with another foundations works like a charm, so absolutely love it in that area.
I have used this foundation HERE, HERE and HERE

So, to sum it up – glowing, looks natural, can be used every day, does not have a flash, never cakes up and has an excellent staying power, looks fresh even after 7 hours of wear. The cons would be it can oxidize, and in really hot weather it may look really shiny rather than just ‘glowy’.

It is not my favourite foundation on its own, but it has definitely become my favourite mixing foundation for everything else that I want to use. It adds that little lift and glow to every foundation and love it. Would I repurchase it? Maybe not. I would love to give Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation a try for sure. Rating : 3.8/5

giorgio armani designer lift foundation review 2

giorgio armani designer lift foundation review1

Swatch of 5.5

giorgio armani designer lift foundation review1

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review, Swatches


USD 65/ INR 4200 approx : 

I recently got my hands on Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. They say that it is a limited edition palette, but it just always keeps coming back. It comes packaged in an outer thin cardboard covering and the palette is actually a cardboard base with a transparent plastic case. I think the packaging is practical and easy to carry around. Especially a palette with 18 colors can really turn out to be a heavy one. This one makes for a great travel option. Just slip it in and you are good to go.

When I first saw the colors, I felt it was a very “well thought of” palette. The colors are not random in the palette. They are multi-use, they are well coordinated and you can create a lot of eye makeup with just one palette. Also, you can go day to night with this one. I also noticed that she did pick the colors keeping arabic/Indian skin tones in mind. I think it is an absolutely gorgeous selection of colors and textures in one palette. If you are a makeup lover, you’d probably have a lot of these colors in your kit already. If not, Huda has used her experience of years to put all the colors in one palette and make life easier for you. If you are an Indian makeup artist, the textured eyeshadows are literally your dream colors.

All of the colors on top row are textured eyeshadows. You have to use them with fingertips to get the real pay off. With brush, honestly forget about it, but if you are someone with long nails, or small eye lids, you would find them difficult to use. You’d get the color payoff with finger tips but it would go all over the place and then you’d have to fix it. The best way I found was that you do your eye makeup and literally just press the colors on the centre of the lids as a highlight. These eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. They are creamy, pigmented, and with a little effort, you can make your look from basic to va-va -voom with these. They don’t have any fall out. If you want an effect that you get from using pigments, but find it a hassle to use them, these are your best friends. These are literally pressed metallic pigments. I personally always use an eye primer underneath my eyeshadows because I have the oiliest eyelids. So, I have worn these for good 7-8 hours and there has been little fading of eyeshadows and pretty much no creasing. The only word of caution I’d say is that if you use too much product, these might make your eyelids look quite wrinkly. Because the texture has the ability to literally highlight every single flaw on your lid. So that’s your word of caution.

Matte Eyeshadows : I am not the biggest fan of matte eyeshadows in the palette. Except henna and Sandalwood, all of them end up getting patchy if not blended properly.  They look absolutely gorgeous in the pan but they can be difficult to blend. They feel quite drying as well. It is really hard to get matte eyeshadows right, but when they have a drier texture, they are literally not the nicest products to work with. That said, if you blend them together and especially with the henna and sandalwood, they work just fine. I also like that they have pretty minimal fall out – definitely makes life easier.

Pressed Pearls : Angelic and Moondust. I think both of them are absolutely gorgeous. They apply evenly, look beautiful and are very long lasting. Can be used both with finger tips and brushes. Angelic is literally MAC Rose Pigment in pan form. Moondust is a gorgeous warm champagne color that can be multi tasked and used as a highlighter for both face and eyes.

Let’s talk about the colors.
Top row – left to right
Dubai : A gorgeous shimmery black based olive green with gold shimmers.
Fling  : It is a coppery reddish magenta textured eyeshadow.
24K : A true yellow gold
Rose Gold : A true rose gold. Very intense.
Trust Fund : A gorgeous copper gold.
Angelic : It is a the lighter version of rose gold eyeshadow. This is more gold than pink. and instead of the textured version it has a thinner texture and a pearly finish to it.

Middle Row left to right
huda beauty rose gold palette review makeup

Swatches l-r top row : Black truffle, suede, coco, maneater, henna, sandalwood
#blessed, bossy, flamed, flamingo, shy, bae, moondust
Dubai, fling, 24k, rose gold, trust fund, angelic

huda rose gold palette swatches
#Blessed : A dry henna/olive gold color
Bossy : A warm reddish brown matte
Flamingo : A warm medium pink. It can be used as a blush and eyeshadow both.
Shy : a matte blush rose matte color. Can be used a wash of color all over the lid or as a transition color. On some dusky skintones, it might not even show.
Moondust : It is a pearly finish eyeshadow. the color is warm champagne. It’s a gorgoeus color to be used as a highlight both for eyes and face.

Last row left to right
Black Truffle:  It is a medium black eyeshadow. It swatches all patchy but goes on fine on application. It can be hard to blend, but this was one basic black eyeshadow I was looking forward to and it’s quite a let down. Also, the intensity you have to keep building it up.
Suede:  A matte greyish taupe color. This color can also be used to fill in brows. I quite like this color. It’s very versatile.
Coco:  A dark chocolatey brown color. Very dry and I often find it hard to blend. Could have been such a gorgeous color on its own.
Maneater : Love this shade. It is a magenta burgundy color. I did a makeup look around this one HERE. This has a bit of fall out but nothing insane. It can really be built up to a super intense shade.

Henna:  This is a lovely salmon brown shade. Great transition color or as an overall wash of color. Can be great for smokey eyes as well.

Sandalwood:  A yellow-based brown. Easy to blend and a great transition shade. It might not show up on dusky skin tones on its own.

Overall, I think it is a very thoughtfully made palette, it’s not a random selection of colors thrown in one. There are some cons, especially in terms of dry texture of matte eyeshadows and also how tricky the textured eyeshadows can be. With textured eyeshadows, if you have chubby fingers such as mine, it is quite tricky to get the precise application. And with brush, they are nearly impossible to work with. To me, it came across as a palette that a lot of professional makeup artists or hard ore makeup lovers would be find a lot of use and would be able to work their way around, but it is not a palette for newbies of makeup or people who like an easy go-to product. If you buy it, you would not regret buying it as well because the colors in the palette are bang on esp of Arabic/Indian warm skin tones. I personally would not repurchase it even if I finish using the textured eyeshadows. I got a chance to use Anastasia, Makeupgeek and Zoeva palettes this time around and their matte eyeshadows are dream to blend, especially Zoeva with their price point is insanely good. It is their first palette with absolutely stunning colors. But textures definitley need a lot of work.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you are a professional makeup artist and especially if you do Indian brides, you would be able to find a lot of use out of it. Plus you would know how to work around some of the “hard-to-blend” textures in the palette. If you are just a makeup lover and not really adept at using eyeshadows in general, no. You’d buy it for the charm of it and then it would just be sitting pretty on your dresser.
Rating : 3.5/5

Burgundy Eye Makeup using Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette
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