Shopping: Top 5 Online Makeup Shops

5 Best Online Makeup Shops

Shopping makeup products online has become easier because of many beauty shops which provide detailed reviews & swatches, thus eliminating the hassle of going to real shops and purchasing. I have compiled a list of few online shops which ship makeup products worldwide.



Apothica is a favorite amongst online makeup shops because of their professionalism and great service. Their shop carries a fine selection of skin care, body care, aromatherapy, and makeup products, including the most natural, organic products available from brands like Stila, bareMinerals, Nars etc. You can also shop at their sister shops & which have the same policies.

Apothica Shipping & Payment Policies
Costs vary per country, however the shipping rate will be provided upon checkout. They have recently started accepting payment through PayPal as well. Apothica accepts returns within 60 days of purchase.

All Cosmetics Wholesale


ACW online shop sells authentic high end products at below retail and wholesale pricing. Their online makeup shop also carries a wide variety of rare and hard-to-find discontinued makeup products from brands like Kiehl’s, Dior, MAC, Sigma and other high end brands. The shop also carries regular clearance sales which make it a great online shopping destination.

AllCosmeticsWholesale Shipping & Payment Policies

ACW accepts PayPal secure payments and all major credit cards. Their international shipping rates are based on weight, not total value of purchase. They also provide an option of securing your package with insurance for an insurance fee separately in case of loss or damage.



ASOS is an online UK based makeup shop which ships not only beauty products but also men’s, women’s & kid’s clothing and accessories. They ship a great range of beauty products like O.P.I, Illamasqua, Korres etc.

ASOS Shipping & Payment policies

Asos accepts payment from 9 major credit cards and PayPal as well. Their makeup shop has a detailed list of prices & days to ship to each country using standard and express delivery system. They have a great online customer assistance system where they guarantee response within 1 hour.


Cherry Culture

Cherryculture is a great online shop for people wanting to buy makeup on a budget. They ship a handful number of brands like Nyx, Milani and Sinful Colors but all of their products are below $30.You can see Rati’s shopping experience with Cherry Culture here.

CherryCulture Shipping & Payment policies

All shipping charges are displayed in the shopping bag before purchasing. International shipping is done through USPS or Fedex express. Check out their complete list of international shipping policies here. online makeup shop has been featured numerous times in various fashion & beauty magazines. The shop sells various brands like philosophy, Orly, H2O+, Origins etc. Along with selling coveted women’s beauty brands, they also sell men’s beauty brands like The Art of Shaving, eshave etc. Shipping & Payment policies with help from Access USA, ships internationally to over 160 countries worldwide. The shop also accept PayPal, Bill Me Later & Google Checkout services.

Note: – These online makeup shops are not in any particular order. All shops mentioned above sell authentic products.


50 thoughts on “Shopping: Top 5 Online Makeup Shops

  1. I am new to this blog but thank you for this useful post!! 🙂 🙂 Nothin like gettin stuff at home. Just bookmarked this page for future makeup shopping 😉 🙂

  2. Cool post!
    I’d never heard of Apothica until now…can’t believe I was missing out!
    I’m in love with ASOS. They have a US site now and we get free shipping :D:D
    I’d add Sephora to this list, it’s the most amazing online store, plus they have great sales and offers. :))

    1. you US people are damn lucky!! free shipping on most of the sites 😛

      I would have added Sephora to the list but unfortunately it does not ship internationally 🙁

    1. I have heard mixed reviews about them. Some people have had really bad experiences. I even contacted them regarding their shipping. I haven’t received any reply yet 🙁

  3. I dont have a credit card..and I donno where me dad keeps his 😥 😥 😥 …can someone tell me if there is any option of shopping with debit cards???? ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) Puleeezzzzz :starving:

      1. Hi Anuradha. I havn’t shopped from these sites but I think you can open a Paypal account using your bank account details. You don’t need a card. That might work coz it seems they accept money via paypal.

        1. Great article…however, just one thing…All Cosmetics Wholesale seems to sell MAC products which are very dated…in some cases, they are selling stuff which came out in collections more than a year ago!

          I don’t know if it’s a good thing to be buying cosmetics which has probably been sitting in a warehouse or something, given their short shelf life :-((

  4. Oh and also, you forgot to mention Sephora….Sephora is a huge huge huge online makeup store which houses lots of different brands like NARS, Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, etc. etc. Not MAC though!

    As you can tell, I am a huge MAC fan :cute:

  5. has anyone ever tried
    have seen grt discounts on it and it offers free shipping too. i wanted to buy a few things but ws a bit aprehensive abt the authenticity f thr stuff.

  6. hey do u’all rilly think dis site does provide best deals n i wouldnt get the same prdt at cheaper rates frm some other site??? ?:) i jst loved the blue gel liner frm MAC…tis awesome!!!!!

  7. hey,can neone tell me how is for makeup shopping?? i ve selected a few lip glosses but , just scared of their authenticity so m a lil skeptical..neone has ne inputs?

  8. hey….i loveee your blog…hav been reading it 4 a mnth nw…thnk u 4 ur reviews…really saves m frm spending my pocket money on bad products….i jus wanted 2 ask dat do dese sites really deliver in india???

  9. i have tried and the MAC products with them are fakes !..i took them to the mac store at Citywalk Saket and they confirmed that they were very good fakes.i got suspicious when one of the mac lipsticks i bought didn’t have the typical vanilla scent that mac lippies have and also the tube had a subtle shine which mac does not have.when u compare the orig and fake side by side u’ll spot the diffrences. wats more laura merciers blush in rose bloom was spewing powder all over the room and laura mercier products esp blushes are very silky so the strawberry one was a fake or very old/expired.i hv learnt my no for me.

  10. Hi Gals
    Thanxx alot for the useful info. thats a gr8 gesture frm u all. Ma qs is which eye shadows colors palette will suit a wheatish complexion. n r these site really v v safe to purchase online?? I knw i’m 2 late to ask!! as i’n a nw member. :smirk:

  11. Hey gurlies….
    I don’t have credit card nor debit card! N I want urban decay Naked palette. Which site u would suggest me for Indian online site? Where can I get all these amazing cosmetics??? Plzzzzz helpp :waaa:

  12. hey!
    i keep ordering from asos all the time but let me tell you their standard delivery(its free) is pretty much unreliable. i have received so far only 2 of my orders on time and rest have taken a really long time, asos has a 9 day grace period until it is delivered to you after which they send the order via express delivery which is brilliant and trackable ( delivers in like 2days!) but if you have to pay for express its 20pounds(alot for me!). oh and once i was even charged around 700rs customs, yes CUSTOMS on a pair of 15pound shoes(via standard delivery)…apparently they charge it randomly :s .
    i would suggest you order your items seperately rather than one massive order with alot of items together. :toothygrin:

  13. I loved to mumbai last year from miami. I use a service called to get all my make-up and beauty products straight from the U.S. – so I know they’re 100% genuine + it’s what my skin is used to. They are really fast and reasonably priced you just send them the link for what you want to buy and they buy it for you 🙂 (after you pay of course) I get some clothes from sometimes too.

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