Sleek Cold Wax Review

Sleek Cold Wax Review

Even though I get waxing done at parlours, I do keep a tub of hot wax at home for emergency situations.  This time, I mistakenly picked up cold wax instead of hot wax.  Until that time, I thought all waxes should be heated before being used.  I bought Sleek Cold Wax and the description at the back did not specify the need of heating the wax.  Read on to find out how similar and how different it is from hot wax.


How To Use:

Clean the skin and dry it.  Apply a thin film of the wax with a spatula in the direction of the hair growth.  Work on a small area in the beginning to get familiar with the procedure.  Place a strip of cloth over this area and press down firmly over the wax.  Hold skin taut and pull the strip swiftly in the opposite direction of hair growth.  Hair will come off by the roots almost painlessly leaving arms and legs fair and satin smooth.  Finally, wash the skin with plain water.

Cold Wax


Rs. 40 for 150 gm.

Cold Wax 1

My Take on Sleek Cold Wax:

This is a small tub that I got and since it shouldn’t be heated, I think the amount would be enough only for one arm or one leg.  If it could be heated, it would have been enough for both arms or both legs.  However, I think for those who do facial waxing, there’s a good amount of product in the tub.  I have used the Sleek Facial Wax Pack, and though the hardened wax comes in a small “katori,” it can be used many times.

Cold Wax 2

This cold wax by Sleek is very thick and sticky.  Taking it out of the tub is a pain and its a big messy process. With hot wax, one can just melt the hard and sticky wax into a more mobile and less viscous liquid and then application is quite easy, but with this wax, it gets stuck all around the place before it is applied on the area where the hair is to be removed.

Cold Wax 3

The description says to apply a thin layer of wax, but with this, its not that easy.  I struggled and finally could apply a layer that was not so thick on my arm.  I have wax strips with me and I used that.  Though hair comes off with this wax, its not as quick and easy as with hot wax.  I had to apply wax more than once to get clear.  I would say I would have so preferred getting hot wax which is less messy.

Cold Wax Review

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Sleek Cold Wax:

  • No need of heating the wax to melt it.
  • Comes at dirt cheap price.

Cons of Sleek Cold Wax:

  • Hair removal is a much messier process with cold wax than with hot wax.
  • Hair does not come off that easily as with hot wax.
  • The application process is tedious.

Would I Repurchase Sleek Cold Wax?

No, its only hot wax for me.

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31 thoughts on “Sleek Cold Wax Review

  1. ouch! this sounds very painful! heat also kinda numbs the area but cold i dont think i’ll be ever trying on myself…loved th pics 😀

  2. hey jomol, i got this tub a year back for the same reason as you mentioned( no need to heat before application), but the process is SO messy that i finished the tub by warming it everytime just like hot wax. i place the tub in hot water and then use it 🙂 works fine that way

  3. I have used it over and over again but I always heat it… refuses to do the job otherwise….. Good review jomo n beautiful pics 🙂

  4. i once used cold wax on my legs, during my schooldays and i never tried it..infact i stopped waxing myself..i din’t know how to pull the strip and finally i ended up bleeding..

  5. jomol 😀 whatte picturessss 🙂 I have used this wax too, v nice it is 🙂
    but no me no wax ghar pe, for emergency situations I uje my epilator ya fir woh veet wax strips i have, woh bhi achi hain 🙂

    1. Nupuriz….woh veet ke strips….I have tried, those strips that need to be warmed up a bit na, that don;t work for me 🙁

  6. i had also tried in the past n was so messy i threw it away….
    i didnt even know wth was katori wax…just read now…. wow… seems great… jo where did u buy it from online?

  7. loved picccys.. we can even see the actual cold wax texture.. 🙂 tooo gud!! Loved reading ur review… I was expecting positive result and abt to try it, but it Seems i need to go for as usual hot wax only.. 🙁 eeuuuuuu

  8. I quite like it Jomol.. I stock up the tin. And comes handy during emergency. Ofcourse sensitive areas like underarms have to be dealt by professionals only..

  9. I have very bad bumps and rashes with hot wax , so I was recommended this , you are supposed to heat this tin like in a double boiler and take off the gas keep it in the boiling water ka utensil when you use it .

    Works perfectly and I don’t have any more rashes or burns 🙂

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