Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips Review

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips Review

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips Review

Product Description:

For face, bikini and sensitive areas.  Say bye bye to stubble and hello to softness and sparkling wax strips enriched with chamomile extract and a delicious apple fragrance.  Soft skin for weeks longer than shaving.  Contents:10* 2 wax strips, 2 aftercare wipes.  Dermatologically tested.  Nair pretty wax strips are dermatologically tested and are enriched with chamomile extract and a delicious apple fragrance to leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful.  Suitable for face, bikini and sensitive areas.

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips

How To Use:

3 Easy Steps:

  • Warm strip between palms and slowly peel apart.
  • Smooth onto skin.
  • Firmly zip back strip.

To remove any wax residue, use the after-care wipes to leave skin feeling soft, silky, and smooth.  Nair Pretty Wax Strips are also available in large wax strips which are ideal for removing hair from legs and larger areas of your body.


Approximately $10 AUD.

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips

These strips very much remind me of Veet strips that are available in India and I am not going to mention the horrendous ones I have used from some online purchases.  The main difference is that these are smaller for more precise areas of hair removal and come in such a pretty glittery green translucent wax which is a delight to use. I used to be a regular at parlors for getting upper lip done, but since I discovered wax strips, I have started waxing upper lips because it is difficult for me to visit parlors often plus it’s very convenient to wax upper lips as and when I want, when I am going out.

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips

I have also noticed that waxing upper lips reduces pain and watery eyes that I used to get during threading. The hair are softer and no ingrown hair trouble. The growth has reduced and the waxing effect lasts me a long time, like 10 to 15 days.

The only catch with waxing is that the strip has to be really good to get a good grip of tiny upper lip hair which will be a pain to remove in case the grip isn’t good. Also, you may want to wait for some growth to be absolutely neat instead of doing any patchy hair removal.

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips

My experience with these strips, that even my sister uses, has been fantastic! Simply perfect! I am a fan of waxing upper lip as such and now with this, it takes me a total of 30 seconds to warm the strip, apply and peel back. Only one strip is used, that is when I peel one off.  I fold the other back with the wax sticking together and I make use of this one side of the strip.

Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips

The wax in the strip is fragranced and I really enjoy the pretty glitter which doesn’t really do anything, but still, I would keep it. The wax is not thick, but a little thinner than the Veet ones and the grip for tiny hair is fantastic as well.  I am sorted in one minute total, if I apply one strip on both sides of the upper lip, in the direction of hair growth.

The only problem might be that if the hair growth is not in an uniform direction, you might want to apply the strip again for various patches.  Apart from that, I think I face no other problem. My skin was softer and the hair growth was not fast like in threading, no trouble with ingrown hair whatsoever.

The wipes are nice as well. Soaked in oil, they do a good job. Use them sparingly and try to re-use them as you need less for upper lip and such areas.  I haven’t tried the strip for bikini line or face, but I am very happy with the result for upper lip, where tiny hair growth can be stubborn.

Last Word on Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips:

I wish and pray we get this soon in India, I love these strips!!!!  The glitter is just to add fun. The wipes are awesome and I try to use a section of the huge wipe which can be re-used for sure.  The entire process left my skin brighter and softer too. The wax grips tiny hair very well too. Try wax instead of threading some time  O:)

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24 thoughts on “Nair Pretty Mini Wax Strips Review

  1. Hi Neha,…
    Nice review ,…I also use this if I cant visit my parlour for some reason,….Nair has a whole variety of such wax strips

  2. Good idea Neha…and thanks for reviewing these strips….it would help many who want to get rid of upper lip hair but are scared of threading…. :yikes: I am on laser treatment, so my facial hair is almost gone :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Jomol u r on laser treatment.. Which clinic? Even I am from hyd.. Pls suggest me ur clinic.. If possible pls also do a post on ur experience. It would be really helpful.. Waiting for ur reply dear

  4. Neha thanks for reviewing this product.. Even I am scared of threading :yikes: hopefully this should be available in India soon

  5. sad that they are not available here..i am using sleek wala katori wax since years now to get rid of my facial hair..i am very comfortable using that..ohh and this after 5 sessions of laser treatment 🙁

  6. i cant control my laugh, because i belong to a community Nair in kerala..
    I just wana show this to mom 😆 😆

    1. You didn’t know abt Nair? 😀 😀 it’s a very famous hair removal brand abroad, the first time I heard it I was also like LOL…what next Namboodiri nail polish? :lol2: :lol2:

  7. nice review neha…wish these wer available in india….. :methinks:
    btw…i wud also wax my upperlips earlier….bt thn i heard that waxing stretches the skin n u get i shifted to threading…… 🙂

  8. Hey Neha,

    Waxing your face too much can cause broken cappillaries on the face! It happened to one of my friends. And those are permanent.

  9. Wow ! Great product!! 😛 Wish it was there in India!!
    I guess I’m used to threading by now! Its pure torture and I have to go twice a month :'( Still I’ve never tried anything else!

  10. oh!!! i wish i could get my hands on these… sounds soo awesome. :(( I agree sometimes it gets so difficult to go to the parlours. how is your holiday coming along? :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. holiday is jhinchak
      :yahoo: two kids making we two sisters pull our hair out
      missing imbb like anything but these kids 😐

  11. Very nice review 🙂 This is such a must have! I used to wax my upperlip too before I got electrolysis done and bye-bye facial hair :happydance: :happydance:

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