How to Smooth Tangled Hair?

Tangled hair is a common problem faced by many women who have long, dry, curly, chemically treated hair.

Not only dry, frizzy hair are extremely unattractive to look at they are super unmanageable as well. In an attempt to get lustrous, glossy locks people load their hair with countless number of products, which results in further tangled, dry and lifeless hair.

Tips to treat and prevent tangles:

Mentioned below are few tried and tested tips that may help you in getting rid of that ugly tangled mess over your head.

• Take a wide-tooth comb and detangle your hair under the shower head. Applying a detangling hair conditioner always helps.
• If your hair is already dry and tangled then take a tiny drop of the silicone-based hair smoother and apply it to your hair. Then gently detangle with a wide-tooth comb section by section. Always remove tangles section by section. You can try using a bit of mineral, olive or jojoba oil in case you don’t have any hair-smoother handy.
• If your hair is tangly due to hair sprays or other styling products, wet your hair first and detangle under the shower head.
• Condition your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and egg at least once a weak. Apply this mixture half an hour before washing the hairs.
• Combing is important; comb your hairs gently every day. Try to detangle your hair with your fingers first and then use a comb.
• Keep your hair clean and well moisturized. Dirty and dry hair is more prone to tangles.

What do you do to keep your hair beautiful and manageable?

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8 thoughts on “How to Smooth Tangled Hair?

  1. im trying hard to find a hand made wooden comb…… it does not cause those “sparks” or static in ur hair i guess…

  2. May I suggest wide teeth wooden comb for tangled hair! These days wooden combs made of Neem Tree Wood are gaining popularity and it is believed that because of its hair healthy properties, these combs also control hair fall and dandruff!

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